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Almost finished reading Skinwalkers. Good book on the whole, but one of the really interesting elements is that the main character is a former worshipper of Besmara, the goddess of piracy.

I've read up on most things about her I think, and I've gone from thinking she was sorta a banal kitchen sink-type goddess to being one of the more interesting ones. Her Antipaladin code is easily one of the better ones, actually managing to make them work (ymmv) in a non-evil party.

But while she's usually associated with Shackles-style pirates... damn, she *really* works with Ulfen raiders of a traditional mindset. There's some mention of Ulfen worshippers here and there in info about her, but never very much about her in info about the Ulfen - which seems a shame to me.

Has anyone ever used her in a way that ups her relevance in Ulfen culture? I think she practical fits in as-is, but I'd be curious to hear if anyone else has done something similar.

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So I recently picked up Legacy of Dragons. I've always wanted to do some variation on the classic dragonrider, so this seemed perfect.

But the archetypes - and the drake itself - kinda seem a bit... well, useless. Scanning the forums gives me the same impression, lots of people (with a much better grasp of things than me) seem to think the same.

Is there any way to build a character like this that isn't a total drag on the party, particularly at early levels? I was mostly looking at the Cavalier and the Ranger, but I'm open to suggestions.

So with everyone talking about the new Final Fantasy, I've gotten to thinking about an old idea of mine - a Golarion chronicle set a good way into the future, with a hefty dose of Final Fantasy inspiration thrown in. there'd obviously be a whole bunch of mechanical changes to the setting (and fun changes to what Golarion looks like now), but the big one is the introduction of modern firearms:

'Course, I've never played a campaign with the regular variety, never mind full-auto variants. Anybody got any experience here? Gut instinct tells me they're probably go to do wacky things to how the entire game plays...

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So I was having a discussion the other day about how I like the Swashbuckler as a base for all sorts of lightly armoured melee types, and we spitballed a few concepts - mostly gladiator types.

Then we watched an episode of vikings, and it struck me that Swashbuckler might be a good base for ol' Ragnar - lightly armoured, charismatic, hard as nails. Trouble was the weapon requirements - until I realised that a boarding axe was P/S with a x3 critical. Not optimal, maybe, but it works.

Anybody have any other interesting swashbuckler weapons that aren't straight-up Errol Flynn?

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My group is looking to transition from Beginner Box pathfinder (with me GM-ing) to the regular game. We're all pretty new to the game, but we've got the beginner rules down more or less. There's a bit of apprehension about the full game, though - I'm not even sure how many extra rules there are, for one!

I was wondering, is there an adventure module that'll take us through the transition comfortably? I'm not going to have time to write adventures in the near future, and the full adventure paths are probably a bit much until we've grasped the game itself. Something which covers the additional rules in an easy-to-grasp way (like the adventure included with the beginner box does) would be fantastic.

Me and my group are looking to start a full Adventure Path in the near future, and the current likely outcome is that I'll be DMing Skull & Shackles.

One of my players has a great idea in mind - a Seascarred island native, casting spells through a stolen gun and taking up piracy to revenge himself on the Chelaxian navy. Plan is to take Spellslinger as a 1-level dip, then focus on a more suitable class for the theme.

At first we figured either Magus (the seascarred fluff seems to like them) or Bloodrager, but the Scarred Witch Doctor archetype also has bags of flavour (and Con as a primary stat just seems like fun for a huge musket-wielding manshark).

None of us are particularly adept at character building however, so we're unsure which would be the best choice. Personally I think I'd lean towards Magus (with Eldritch Archer), but does anybody have any advice?

We were spitballing ideas last night, with an intent to come up with heavily themed characters. One idea that cropped up was the idea of a dhampir bloatmage with the cruoromancer archetype, and maybe even the gluttony specialisation.

As a character concept I think it's pretty cool, but how viable is it? If it is viable, how far can we take the blood theme?

So I was reading an old thread on how to become immortal, and one of the suggested routes was to craft an adamantine golem and transfer your consciousness into it, essentially becoming a sentient magical item. The post didn't go beyond that, though.

I was wondering, how exactly would that work? It seems like a cool life goal for a Numerian wizard, particularly a spellslinger or one with levels in Technomancer.

Character could either be a PC or an NPC big bad. It also wouldn't have to specifically be an Adamantine golem - I just like the image of a big robot mage. Who wouldn't?

Hey folks!

So there's talk of my group looking at the Hell's Vengeance ap, and it looks like we're in need of some muscle. Looking at the player's guide I'm thinking that a hellknight-in-training would be a suitably thematic choice, but I'm also tempted by the noble scion prc.

Is that a sensible option, or am I crippling myself? I've got no idea what's coming up in the adventure, so I've no idea how optimised I'll need to be - GM is totally new to things, so I don't want to make their life difficult.

I'm mostly thinking of a human antipaladin (with the new Tyrant archetype), though Aasimar has crossed my mind - I quite like the idea of a Chelaxian noble family with the blood of a fallen celestial in their line, and I think it might work well with the Kinslayer feat.


Hey folks! Hope I've gotten the right forum for this.

I'm looking to build a character - a tiefling alchemist, specifically. But having a bit of a thing for flintlocks I'm pretty determined to build them in somehow.

My first thought was on trying to make some kind of Vivisectionist Hyde that uses guns, but that seemed a tad on the complicated side - and I'm still new at the game. I'm now thinking that a 1 level dip in Gunslinger and grabbing the Explosive Missile discovery might be a much simpler option.

So with all that in mind - does anybody have any tips or advice? Anything I should grab right away or avoid like the plague? Particularly awesome Archetypes?

Hey guys! I'm new here, so apologies if I've managed to get this in the wrong forum or something.

I'm completely new to Pathfinder, and I only have a minuscule amount of experience in D&D 3.5, but I've taken the plunge and joined a friend's Skull and Shackles game. It's pirates. I love pirates. I was looking to play a 'proper' pirate, and I was thinking of combining the Gungslinger (Buccaneer) and Swashbuckler (Corsair). Trouble is, I'm not really sure what I'm doing. I don't really know the other players, but they've insinuated the idea might be a bit useless.

Other suggestions were to go gunslinger and swashbuckler for a level each, then Warpriest of Besmara for a TWF build with sawtooth sabres for an Edward Kenway vibe, or to throw some Trench Fighter into the Buccaneer/Corsair. Those are a tad more daunting, though.

Thanks for any help!