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Yeah, I'm not gonna play something that irritates everyone else. To be honest, I'm probably just going to scrap the idea completely - I mean, I'm inexperienced enough at PF to not really spot the great and awful rules generally. And even I think they look a bit rubbish.

I was hoping maybe someone had found a way to make them work, and preferably before most games are ending. Doesn't look like that's the case!

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Perhaps a Shaman would be the best route, then - I quite like the idea of a more savage character anyway.

It's a shame that you can't even ride the thing until 13th level, though. Even 9th level is a drag, and then you have to be small. Seems weird that the whole point of an archetype doesn't actually kick in until the close to the end of most campaigns.

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So I recently picked up Legacy of Dragons. I've always wanted to do some variation on the classic dragonrider, so this seemed perfect.

But the archetypes - and the drake itself - kinda seem a bit... well, useless. Scanning the forums gives me the same impression, lots of people (with a much better grasp of things than me) seem to think the same.

Is there any way to build a character like this that isn't a total drag on the party, particularly at early levels? I was mostly looking at the Cavalier and the Ranger, but I'm open to suggestions.

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You know, the only reason I haven't picked up that AP is because I really, really want to play it instead. The whole Numeria setting is great.

Main problem I'd have (outside of finding someone to run it) would be picking one of the umpteen character concepts I have...

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Not sure I could bring myself to dump Charisma - half the appeal for me is the idea of a fighter who can pull off some Face tricks.

But you definitely could!

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Just noticed that (aside from generally favouring Dex builds), the only Swashbuckler class ability dictating armour is Nimble.

That's gotta have some potential. Everyone loves plate...

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Spiked shield and axe is rapidly leaping towards my favourite combo here...

Throw in some barbarian levels for additional anti-Errol fun.

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Shortspear's certainly Viking-y. Got a definite Oberyn Martel vibe too.

From memory the Cestus isn't the only gladiator weapon that works either. Keep forgetting about slashing grace too!

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So I was having a discussion the other day about how I like the Swashbuckler as a base for all sorts of lightly armoured melee types, and we spitballed a few concepts - mostly gladiator types.

Then we watched an episode of vikings, and it struck me that Swashbuckler might be a good base for ol' Ragnar - lightly armoured, charismatic, hard as nails. Trouble was the weapon requirements - until I realised that a boarding axe was P/S with a x3 critical. Not optimal, maybe, but it works.

Anybody have any other interesting swashbuckler weapons that aren't straight-up Errol Flynn?

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Tacticslion wrote:
In fact, such a product is free.

Thanks! That looks really useful, just a shame it doesn't come with a transition adventure. Still, I reckon a good read of that is definitely my first stop!

Tacticslion wrote:
Beyond that, also available here on, are the following PDFs for free:

Free is always good! Some of those look great, I'll have to have a browse and see if I can find out the beginner friendly stuff.

rkotitan wrote:
I would also recommend potentially sticking to the core rulebook and trying Crypt of the Everflame. It's one of the first modules and you will probably see the least variation from the core rules there. Its also part of a trilogy (easily played separately) if you want to continue with those characters.

That sounds potentially perfect, actually!

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My group is looking to transition from Beginner Box pathfinder (with me GM-ing) to the regular game. We're all pretty new to the game, but we've got the beginner rules down more or less. There's a bit of apprehension about the full game, though - I'm not even sure how many extra rules there are, for one!

I was wondering, is there an adventure module that'll take us through the transition comfortably? I'm not going to have time to write adventures in the near future, and the full adventure paths are probably a bit much until we've grasped the game itself. Something which covers the additional rules in an easy-to-grasp way (like the adventure included with the beginner box does) would be fantastic.