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So with everyone talking about the new Final Fantasy, I've gotten to thinking about an old idea of mine - a Golarion chronicle set a good way into the future, with a hefty dose of Final Fantasy inspiration thrown in. there'd obviously be a whole bunch of mechanical changes to the setting (and fun changes to what Golarion looks like now), but the big one is the introduction of modern firearms:

'Course, I've never played a campaign with the regular variety, never mind full-auto variants. Anybody got any experience here? Gut instinct tells me they're probably go to do wacky things to how the entire game plays...

They're not very good, especially full-auto weapons. I'd look into some of the redesigns for firearms that are out there. Like ffd20 for example.

There may or may not be some new rules for firearms in Starfinder when it comes out that you could pilfer.

That's disapointing. I'll have a look out for some alternative rules - I'll definitely be picking up Starfinder anyway (though ironically I was thinking of this to tide us over until then!)

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I suggest you take a run through Iron Gods campaign,. Im running it. The tech aspect combined with magic and gods and barbarians is pretty awesome actually. What slows down much of the wackiness is lack of resources to use such gear. Limited charges, limited ammo, Time Worn condition, lack of general understanding behind why it works.

In my game, the players so far thin it all works as a type of magic item/alchemical device. It just doesn't detect as such. Functionally similar. They call it null devices since it works like magic with no discernable aura.

We've kind of down the track of the 40k universe side of things. Rituals and rights make stuff work, but no one knows why.

Grenades are becoming widely used, but this is offset by the mass of enemies attacking or the toughness of critters being attacked.

Fun times man, fun times.

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You know, the only reason I haven't picked up that AP is because I really, really want to play it instead. The whole Numeria setting is great.

Main problem I'd have (outside of finding someone to run it) would be picking one of the umpteen character concepts I have...

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as the guy DMing my campaign for it, I fully understand. It is everything I like about Paizo adventure paths. Of course, I'm still running my own unique spin on it too.

I was playing fallout 4 when we kicked it off so that really coloured my tone for the game. I'm also adding in stuff to allow for modding weapons.

the big change is I'm running it in 5th ed. However, the stats for weapons work really well as is across both game systems. There's less rules for crafting etc in 5th ed, but that just gives me heaps more freedom to create ones that are thematic and fun for me and the players.

It's a cool change from the standard tunnels and trolls feel to things.

Everything I've read about the setting reminds me of some of my favourite settings; FFVI, Fallout, 40k.

Need to bat my eyelashes at some of the GMs 'round here...

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