Besmara and the Ulfen

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Almost finished reading Skinwalkers. Good book on the whole, but one of the really interesting elements is that the main character is a former worshipper of Besmara, the goddess of piracy.

I've read up on most things about her I think, and I've gone from thinking she was sorta a banal kitchen sink-type goddess to being one of the more interesting ones. Her Antipaladin code is easily one of the better ones, actually managing to make them work (ymmv) in a non-evil party.

But while she's usually associated with Shackles-style pirates... damn, she *really* works with Ulfen raiders of a traditional mindset. There's some mention of Ulfen worshippers here and there in info about her, but never very much about her in info about the Ulfen - which seems a shame to me.

Has anyone ever used her in a way that ups her relevance in Ulfen culture? I think she practical fits in as-is, but I'd be curious to hear if anyone else has done something similar.

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