Skull and Shackles Gunslinger / Swashbuckler Build: Looking for advice


Hey guys! I'm new here, so apologies if I've managed to get this in the wrong forum or something.

I'm completely new to Pathfinder, and I only have a minuscule amount of experience in D&D 3.5, but I've taken the plunge and joined a friend's Skull and Shackles game. It's pirates. I love pirates. I was looking to play a 'proper' pirate, and I was thinking of combining the Gungslinger (Buccaneer) and Swashbuckler (Corsair). Trouble is, I'm not really sure what I'm doing. I don't really know the other players, but they've insinuated the idea might be a bit useless.

Other suggestions were to go gunslinger and swashbuckler for a level each, then Warpriest of Besmara for a TWF build with sawtooth sabres for an Edward Kenway vibe, or to throw some Trench Fighter into the Buccaneer/Corsair. Those are a tad more daunting, though.

Thanks for any help!

Actually, one thing you could consider would be the Picaroon archetype for the Swashbuckler. It gives you proficiency with one-handed firearms on top of the swashbuckler abilities and swaps out a couple of deeds for more gun focused ones. It's intended to use with a 'sword in one hand, pistol in the other' build. Seems fairly pirate-like to me. And it's much less of a pain than trying a complicated multiclass when you're still new to the system.

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I was going to suggest inspired blade swash 1 level and the rest as a Emp. Investigator. Level 1 fencing grace feat and level 4&5 grab mutagen and quick study and by level 5 you will be one narly pirate....also take climb, swim, and profession sailor or chef as level 1 skills. By level 5 you can get +10 to dex, Natural armor, size bonus to AC and to hit. And still have parry ripose to front line like a real Duelist. Not to mention the skills and bonuses you get.

Get knowledge Local.

That's about it.

Cheers guys! I'll definitely have a look at the picaroon archetype. The Investigator build looks really cool too, and it'd certainly solve the skills problem - I'm starting to realise I'll need a lot of them. I'm not sure it's quite what I'm after though. Seems a bit more brain-box, rather than charming pirate captain. No guns, either.

Any reason for Knowledge Local? It wasn't something I'd planned on, though when I was looking for pirate builds I did see a few people talking about how S&S makes hefty use of a lot of skills.

It just helps you know legends pirates and ships. It's a decent skill for this game and is used a lot I've noticed.

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Not that many firearms in the campaign tbh. Unless the DM drops extras.

Skills will be useful in this me on those skills level 1 I mentioned.

Thanks for the skills advice all. Suddenly I'm glad I'll be going human.

Firearms should be more common in this game. Not sure if he's using the rules for commonplace guns or just upping their availability, but they'll be there. Cannons, too. Aim is for it to be a bit more Black Sails or Pirates of the Caribbean.

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