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This kickstarter is down under 48 hours and things are heating up. I am glad to see some Earthdawn getting more attention.

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Roberta Yang wrote:
Moose27 wrote:
NO, they cannot. A spell with he target of "you" is the key to this and enlarge person does not count towards that, as it is a creature touched.
Share Spells has two separate abilities: the ability to cast Personal spells on Eidolon, and the ability to cast humanoid-only spells on your Eidolon. The second sentence does not depend on the first.

I am sorry but share spells is not two separate abilities. Separate abilities are denoted by separate entries, not multiple sentences in the same entry. The first sentence is a qualifier for the second sentence. Before the spell can be cast on the eidolon the spell must have a target of 'You", then only if that condition is met you may cast the spell on the eidolon even though it may not affect a creature of the eidolon's type. Enlarge Person states it is "Target one humanoid creature", it does not have a target of "you". Therefore you may not cast it on your eidolon for two reasons, A. the spell did not have Target "you" in the descriptor and B. the eidolon is not a humanoid. I know this goes against the common belief about the ability but I will respectfully counter that just because many people believe something is true, does not make it true. People once believed the world was flat and the Earth was the center of the Solar System, but that was wrong.

Moose27 wrote:

However, there is a loophole that allows to to cast enlarge person on the eidolon normally. Step 1: cast alter self on your Eidolon (alter self is a personal spell and can use the share spells ability), thus turning your eidolon into a humanoid. Step 2: cast Enlarge person on eidolon.

This loophole has issues though, like what your eidolon turns into and what it loses because of that. Another is that you cannot use this on a large (evolution) eidolon, so this only works in lower levels, and even then you are spending 2 slots to gain reach and damage...

Unfortunately, this little loophole would not work either, because even though Alter Self is a Target "you" spell and can certainly be cast on your eidolon, however it only changes the eidolon's physical guise but it does not change his Type and Subtype. A Succubus demon who changes form into a human form still remains an outsider (chaotic, demon, evil, extraplanar), An Oni-spawn tiefling who use the ability may take the form of a half-orc and even gain some of it's abilities, but it is still and outsider (native), and likewise an eidolon remains an outsider as well.

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Ekeebe wrote:

okay I have a party of a skill based Suli bard, 2 half elf witches, a human enchantment wizard, a tiefling rogue and a human Inquisitor. They are all 5th level.

wanting a CR about 7 or 8, and no hags (i dont even know if they fit into this CR category).


How about Shadow mastiffs from the Bonus Beastiary? I love 'em! Definately a pack mentality monster. They are CR5 so 2 or 3 of them should do the trick. Just in case you don't have the BB, here is a link to their stats... f

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Can't wait to see the pic on this one!

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I look at it like this. Hide armor utilizes heavy layers of thick furs/hides to provide its protection. A hide shirt, however, utilizes stronger materials (bone ribbing and lizard scales) that are strategically placed in a way so they protect vital areas without hindering the mobility of the wearer. It is not simply a suit of hide armor with the bottom cut off, it is a superior piece of equipment, that is why it costs six times as much.

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darth_borehd wrote:
Oh I so wish there was a table of contents we could see...


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The new artwork is HAWT! I am going to start a new campaing in August that is based smack dab in Kaer Maga. My players also play in the PFS so I think most of their characters are going to be affiliated with the Society. There should be plenty there to keep them occupied for a long time. I am not sure if the PFS has a very big presence in Kaer Maga, if so, that will be so much the better! This is a big "MUST HAVE"!!! I think it would be fairly easy to tie the PFS into the Seven swords of Sin as well.

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Str: 16
Dex: 16 (14+2)
Con: 10
Int: 13
Wis: 10
Cha: 12

I would go with a Human fighter. Use the point buy listed above. I would recommend taking the Fighter option available in the Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting. I don't have it in front of me but it is something like the fighter gives up his bonus feat at first level and gets extra class skills and 4 skill points per level. Combine this with the 1 bonus skill point for being human and make fighter you favored class taking the skill point every level and you have 6 skill points per level. Use the Human Bonus feat to take Exotic Weapon (Whip) and you still have a feat to spare - maybe Weapon focus (whip)? If you check the Legacy of Fire Players guide, I think you will also find that The Scorpion Whip will suit your needs every bit as well as the whip dagger did and with a cooler name IMHO. :)This way you have good BAB, no Strength penalty and 30 foot movement. Still good Charisma and you will be +5 to hit with your whip at 1st level.

Hope this helps!

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I am waiting to see the Qlippoth and I hope we start getting some of the many creatures from Pathfinder 3.5 AP's and Modules updated to the new hotness that is PFRPG! I also have a soft spot for Daemons/Demodands. :)

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I have a player in my game that is treading the same path. He sees himself as a Harbinger of Pharasma Helping those who about to die before their time and hastening the death of those whose time has come. He is Neutral and he has the domains of Healing and Death. Now this is by no means a power gaming sort of player but I have been running SDAP for them and now my party is about half way through 6th level. He knowa Pharasma frowns on undead but not being able to use some of your domain spells kinda sucks and I don't want to screw him out of his domain spells. Personally I don't think Phrasma needs the Death domain in the first place, Repose seems a better fit and she already has it anyway. It seems like Pharasma offering you these spells like a rope to hang yourself with.

I was thinking of trying to come up with alternative domain spells other than the create undead spells. I thought of maybe making up a new undead creature like a supplicant of Pharasma whose soul has been weighted and is found wanting and serves out a penance by assisting Pharasma's mortal servants. These would be Nuetral souls willing to inhabit a corpse (not necessarily the dead person's original soul) to assist the Pharasmic priest for a limited time. I also thought of creating a new spell to replace create undead with something like "Recall to Life" which would bring a soul back to life (albiet perhaps at a limited capacity). This would be only for the duration of the spell and the formerly dead creature would not be considered undead but a living craeture for the duration of the spell. Since it was already dead it would be fearless and would not be under the control of the caster but would have an attitude of Helpful for Diplomacy.

The other thought would be to use deathless from BoED/Ebberon.

Please let me know what you guys think as I only have 1 to 2 more sessions until he is high enough to get Create Undead.

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I would like to know about the Qlippoth's. I don't think they have been explored yet.

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The threat range for a keen rapier would be 15-20/x2 - nice!

If you have 8,000 to spend I would buy the mithril shirt +1, the amulet of natural armor and for 2000gp more I would buy a ring of protection +1 as well. Then I would spend the remaining money on the scrolls or wand. If you did not want to buy both the amulet and the ring, I would go for the ring over the amulet because the ring gives you a deflection bonus which helps defend against touch attacks. The amulet's natural armor bonus will not help against them.

Hope that helps!

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JoelF847 wrote:
One alternative could be to have SR and PR both work against the other force, but not as strong. Something along the lines of subtract 2 from SR against psionics and 2 from PR against magic. This would still have them work against the other so it's not like one creature type designed to resist "special effects" isn't completely vulnerable to the other type, but does have some of the flavor of they're different so a defense against one isn't as strong against the other.

In the XPH under the "Psionics are Different" section, creatures with Spell Resistance automatically have Power Resistance eqaul to SR - 10 and vice versa. Thus say a dragon had SR(25) he would automatically also have PR(15), this leaves the dragon less resistant to psionics than magic, but far from defenceless. There is no need to re-invent the wheel, this is current rules as written, if you dont want psionics to be the same as magic. There is also a dispel psionics spell that works against psionic powers just like dispel magic, it's simply 1 level higher. There is a negate magic psionic power that works the same way.

I beleive have had a lot of success with psionics in my homebrew campaigns for several reasons.

1. I have a good understanding of how psionics work.

2. I have a high level of psionic integration in my campaigns. It is definately different than magic but, in my campaigns Psions are about as common as Sorcerers and Psychic warriors about as common as Paladins. Anytime I generate random treasure for encounters there is a 25% chance that any magic item will instead be generated as a psionic item instead.

3. My players get introduced to psionics by me instead of the other way around, and since they run into psionic createures and NPC's on a somewhat regular basis they spend some of their resources on ways to affect or defend against psionic foes. Some even multiclass into psionic classes themselves.

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Asturysk wrote:
I'm dead set against psionics in fantasy games. While much of this is based on the terrible imbalances of psionics in earlier editions of D&D/AD&D, the main bone of contention I have is that it doesn't suit my vision of fantasy adventure.

Then simply don't include them in your game PFRPG is a great game even without the psionics.

Asturysk wrote:

Explain away any of your normally-magical effects and spells as psionics if you really want them that badly. The *ONLY* reason for players to demand a separate set of psionics rules is to get around the existing rules sets, tactics, defenses, and knowledge of "how the world should work", and thereby exploit an advantage, no matter how slim, over the rest of the world and the NPC's/monsters that reside in it.

I could not disagree with you more on this one! Just playing a wizard/sorcerer and saying "oh my spells are actually psionics" is not the same at all. I for one LOVE that psionics has a different and unique flavor and mechanic. Not everyone is just trying to get around existing rules, etc. Some unscrupulous people may have given all psionics a bad name but that is what playtesting is for. Give the system to the powergamers for a while and let them tell you how to break it, and then , Hey! fix the broken stuff!

I really like the way that the current rules from XPH work. They are the best yet IMO, and I have been a fan since 1st edition. I personally like the fact that magic has little effect on psionics, which is something that most people seem to dislike. But even though a mage might not be easily able to stop a psionic power, the psion has an equally difficult time stopping arcana/divine magic which is infinitely more common to run afoul of. It should definately be different from magic.

I really like the versatility of the power points, this may let psionis use more high level powers than a sorcer/wizard couldm however. But as it has been said above in the thread, power points are consumed just scaling powers up to the point a wizrd/ sorcer would get for free. (see fireball example above), in addition Psions have a VERY small arsenal of powers to draw from, even smaller than the sorcerer I might add. I would be open to a somewhat new approach but I think power points should be playtested and fixed, if need be, rather than replaced.

Psionics should be playtested a la Betatest rules. This way perhaps more people would play them and get aquainted with them and help give informed feedback on what works well and what needs to be fixed. I personally feel that if you have never played a psionic character, then you may not really understand psionics as well as you might think.

What would be a dealbreaker?? Just throw another tacked on poorly thought out system my way and you'll not see my hard earned dollars spent on it. Also, please don't just say Take a wizard and call him a "PSION".

I want full immersion of how psionics fit into Golarion and other planets in the system. I want to know where the psionic races live, where they came from and you they interact with everything else in the world. I want psionics to work well beside arcane/divine magic but be DIFFERENT from them. I want to not be the only gamemaster who will allow psionics into the game!

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I would be happy with a good psionics book. I mean lets give psionics the attention and playtesting that it deserves. I have loved psioncs from 1st edition D&D, but I understand that many people do not like them. I think this has been psionics wasn't give proper attention to help it mesh in with the other systems, It has always felt like an after-thought that was hastily put togeather and then tacked on. I would love to see all of the Psionic classes, races and creatures from the SRD and some new stuff too all get Pathfinder-ized, complete with detailed information about how they fit into this great new world.

I would be fine with a Beastiary book per year and I would like to see more options for the base classes, especially some of the open content from the Unearthed Arcana and other 3rd party stuff like Iron Heroes?

Let's see some solid epic rules too! I hate retiring a great character! I like spell and Item compendiums too!

All in all, I think 2-4 books per year is a good goal and you are guaranteed my money. I don't tend to do subscriptions though as I support my FLGS!

Thank you very much for putting this out to your fanbase! You're doing a great job! Keep up the good work!

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I just want to take this time to beg for firearms to be allowed in PF society games! PLEEEEASSE!!! :)

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1st. - I accidentally reported my event more than once and now it is starting to show up like my players tried to play in the scenario more than once. How do I delete the extra sessions?

2nd. - I had my players roll thier craft/profession/perform roll to get extra money between adventures. The PFS guide says this is between adventures, so does this mean that any money gained from a perform check is above and beyond the level cap? (This is what I thought)

3rd. What about story awards of gold that happen in the adventure? Do they get to keep this money in addition to the Adventures GP cap, or is it just added in to thier total and anything over the GP cap get s lost? (Personally I don't think that would make much sense)

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Mistwalker wrote:

I may be missing it, but what are the rules for making Masterwork Ammunition? Where can they be found?

It doesn't seem reasonable to have the cost for each arrow increased by 300gp. Nor does it seem reasonable to charge that 300gp for a quiver full (20 or 40 arrows), as they are usually one shot items, used once and then considered lost or broken.

The cost of Masterwork ammunition be they arrows, bolts, shurikens or sling bullets is 7 gp per unit. This is in the equipment section of the Players Handbook toward the end of the section, under "Masterwork and Special Items" or some heading like that. Sorry I don't have the page number.

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I personally have taken these +2/+2 kinds of feats for my player characters. For my bard I took negotiator and for my Taldan figther PF society character, I took Persuasive. I would like the feats to STAY!

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Jason Beardsley wrote:
Wish i could go, but that's too far for me at the moment. :(

I am trying to get some Pathfinder Society off the ground here in Canton, Ohio. I will be running Frozen Fingers of Midnight as a home game on Christmas eve and a buddy of mine might run a second Scenario that night if we have the time. Otherwise, he will run it on another day. Where in NE Ohio are you?

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I think the Soulknife should have the full BAB progression.

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I am going to be running this scenario in my home on Christmas Eve. This will be the first time that I or any of my players have played in a living campaign type game. I have a question about the Chronicle sheet. Are the items that are on the sheet the only ones I should be concerned with or should I write down every piece of equipment from everyone they encounter? When they finish off an encounter do they just get the listed amount of gold or do they get all of the equipment too? For instance, If the charaters took down the ulfen warriors would they be allowed to upgrade thier armor to chain shirts if they did not already have one from thier fallen foes? Or would they have to buy the chain shirt from the moey they get for defeating the ulfen warriors?

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Daigle wrote:
I’d like to see a city full of drugs, debauchery and lives lost on dirty blackmarket deals. Christiana gone horribly wrong. A place where a monster can be a monster and everyone is far too busy just trying to scrape enough together to get by to not even bat an eye. Maybe even a place where a monster can be a decent being and not face the persecution the outside world might throw at them. I loved the sci-fi hint the place has and would love to see some of that expanded on.

What he said!

Bloatmages as a prestige class would be awesome! I would like to see some completely new things too. These are the type of things that make Golarion come alive as a world in it's own right and not just some generic plop it in anywhere filler!

This book would definately be on my "MUST BUY" list!

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seekerofshadowlight wrote:
well I never dropped them and still allow them. I have updated them for pathfinder and have a player in a pbp that uses them.

I really liked those rules too and I had updated them to 3.5 when I ran Shackled City AP but I don't know what became of them. If those apprentice level rules were tweaked for Pathfinder, they would be a welcome addition to the PFRPG in my opinion. I think they really made sense. They are the only thing from 3.0 that I actually miss!

@ seeker - I would be interested to see how they translate into PF. Do you have them posted anywhere?

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Well, first off, I am a sucker for poster maps! There I said it! :) The hand drawn map in the module is fine but I would like to run my campaign there so I would really like a more detailed map.

Anyway, I was very interested in the bloatmages and while I did find the Bloatmage Initiate? feat in the Campaign setting book I would like them to be expanded a little more like maybe some mechanical rules for what happens if they build up too much blood in thier system? Who invented this exotic form of spellcasting anyway?

Troll seers who read their own entrails = FREAKIN' BRILLIANT!!

I really liked the "wormfolk" in the PF#3 story! I think that was very original, I don't believe I have ever seen anyone use a naga as a crime lord. What kind of naga was that anyway?

What kinds of things are under the city in all those blocked off passages? Are there some that go all the way down to the darklands?

I would really ike a more detailed look at the different districs of the city as well.

I really loved the Science-Fantasy feel of the undercity that was in 7SoS. I am a psionics lover and it really seems like this would be a good place to incorperate some of the psionic stuff as well. I could totally see a population of Xephs below the city in the dark passages. Maybe whatever is affecting the people in the warrens makes some slightly more prone to psionic talent or maybe even some humans are born as Elans. This is just a thought though.

Which of the runelords commanded this place by the way? Who was this mysterous group that disappeared suddenly and left all the scientific artefacts? Who are the movers and shakers in town?

This location certainly requires a higher page count!

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Lathiira wrote:

Instead of using enhancement bonus, give it a bonus based on the AC bonus of the armor. Say, half the AC bonus of the armor itself, doesn't include enhancement bonuses? A +2 for chain shirts (+4 AC bonus) thru a +4 bonus for full plate (+8 AC bonus)? Make it apply to saves vs. spells and spell-like abilities at least, add in supernatural abilities if possible. Maybe let it stack with a shield as well.

I like this idea a lot. I have to see what that other material Noqual (mentioned above) is all about too.

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I know that Varisia has had an awful lot of press in Pathfinder but I would really like to see a Pathfinder Chronicles to better expand on what was started in the 7 swords of Sin. This is a great start mind you but I would love to see, what I consider to be the most intersting site in Varisia, fleshed out complete with a Magnimar/Korvosa/Riddleport quality map to boot! I would also like to know more about the Bloatmages and the Troll seers! :)

Any Chance of this happening?

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Jason Bulmahn wrote:

B - Make it so that the armor counts as one class lighter in all regards, except for proficiency.

I could go with option B. That being said I think that alchemical silver should stay as a less expensive and inferior alternative. Alternatively you could leave the Silver/DR quality out and grant Mithril weapons the ability to be used with Weapon finesse "as if they were light weapons" since they are so light. This would give the mithril weapons some additional benefit to justify thier cost and still avois the greatsword/longsword swashbucklers!

I also wouldn't mind cold iron armor giving some sort of defense bonus against spells or magic since I imagine you would still have to pay 2X the cost of steel, not to mention 2000 gp in addition to enchantment costs. Maybe something like you can add the armor's magical enhancement bonus to saves vs. spells and spell-like abilities?

Fergie wrote:

Yes these things make sense, but do we really need to make it harder for Rogues, Rangers, Barbarians, Bards, etc. to get a slightly better AC?

If you are going to make these changes, the lighter armor builds should get thrown a little bone.

I agree with you on this one. Think about this, you have a 1st level ranger in studded leather with a Dex of 17 and you have a 20th level ranger in mw. studded leather with a dex of 17. Other equipment aside, both characters have an AC of 16. Clearly the 20th level ranger should be much more effective at defending himself from kobolds than a 1st level ranger! I think that there should be some mechanic other than armor to help protect these sorts of characters.Maybe something based on BAB that ties into AC for martial characters? This is just my 2 cents though.

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Abraham spalding wrote:

I quote:

"Arcane Bond (Su): At 1st level, you gain an arcane bond, as a wizard equal to your sorcerer level. Your levels stack with any wizard levels you posses when determining the powers of your familiar or bonded object."

straight from the sorcerer arcane bloodline.

I understand what you are saying and I did read the book but I cannot find anywhere that EXPLICITLY says that you can only have 1 bonded object. He is trying to interpret the above quote as he will gain another arcane bond and his levels will stack for both of them.

I think the passage should be changed to the following...

Arcane Bond (Su): At 1st level, you gain an arcane bond, as
a wizard equal to your sorcerer level. If you already have a familiar or bonded object then your levels stack with any wizard levels you posses when determining the powers of your familiar or bonded object. You may only ever have one familiar of bonded object at any time.

This is my ruling on it and he os still complaining that I am trying to keep him down. I just wanted to put this out there so maybe it can be clarified before the PFRPG Hardbound comes out.

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I just had a question posed to me from one of my players. A character starts out with a wizard and for the Arcane bond cooses an item, Say at second level they multiclass into Sorcerer (Arcane Bloodline) Can he now choose to gain a familiar too? And the levels stack for both? I don't think you should be allowed to do this but I can't find anything that says you may only have 1 arcane bond! Any thoughts?

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In addition to the Dark Elf city poster map will there be a poster map of Riddleport as well?

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I for one would like to see a good deal of the Psionic creatures and races from the SRD of course with the Patfinder spin on them. I would really like to see in the Ecology/Society section how the psionic creatures fit in and where they come from. Like Xeph's and Half-giants and of course Duergar for example. I doubt it will happen because we psion lovers seem to be quite the minority.

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I like the feats you put up there, but I am not sure why a fighter should be able to take Illustrated as a bonus feat though. I will try these feats out in my game and see how they work out!

edit - by the way, I did get some inspiration for the parying feats from the Swashbuckler issue, however there are considerable differences in the mechanics and prerequisites of the feats. For instance the ability to parry more than one blow not only requires a higher base attack bonus and unlike an AoO gets more difficult with each additional parry, tops out at 4 parries per round and requires more feats.

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I have been thinking that I would like to play a lightly armored finesse type fighter and there are not that many defensive feats to help lightly armored fighters. In addition I was thinking that there is no real way for a fighter to be a serious unarmed fighter without multiclassing into Monk. Mind you they should never be as good as a monk of thier level in unarmed combat but they should be able to get more effective in HTH combat IMHO. So here are some feats that I would like to propose. I am in the process of playtesting them in my PFRPG campaign and any constructive critisism is welcome.


Adroit Parry (Combat)
You may use your weapon to turn away an additional attack per round.
Prerequisites: Dex 15, Int 13, Combat Expertise, Parry, base attack bonus +6.
Benefit: You may attempt to turn away a second successful melee attack roll per round. When you try to parry a second attack in a round, make an attack roll using your second highest base attack bonus. If this attack roll exceeds the melee attack roll made against you, the attack misses and does no damage to you.
Normal: Without this feat, you may parry only one successful attack roll made against you each round.

Brutal Unarmed Strike (Combat)
Your unarmed strikes are more powerful than most creatures of your size.
Prerequisites: Improved Unarmed Strike, base attack bonus +1.
Benefit: Your unarmed attack damage is increased by one die. Thus for a medium-sized creature, unarmed damage is increased from 1d3 to 1d4. Monks do not gain any additional benefit from this feat as their unarmed combat class feature overlaps with this feat. Monks are considered to have this feat automatically for purposes of qualifying for other feats.
Normal: Without this feat, you do normal unarmed damage for a creature of you size.

Deadly Unarmed Strike (Combat)
Your unarmed strikes are deadly and your body truly is a weapon.
Prerequisites: Brutal Unarmed Strike, Improved Unarmed Strike, base attack bonus +5 or Monk.
Benefit: For purposes of dealing unarmed combat, you are considered to deal damage as a Monk with a class level equal to four less than your base attack bonus. Monks may choose this feat even if they do not meet the prerequisites Monks that choose this feat deal unarmed damage as if their class level was four levels higher.
Normal: Without this feat, your unarmed damage does not increase.

Masterful Parry (Combat)
You may use your weapon to turn away yet another attack per round.
Prerequisites: Dex 17, Int 13, Adroit Parry, Combat Expertise, Parry, base attack bonus +11.
Benefit: You may attempt to turn away a third successful melee attack roll per round. When you try to parry a third attack in a round, make an attack roll using your third highest base attack bonus. If this attack roll exceeds the melee attack roll made against you, the attack misses and does no damage to you.
Normal: Without this feat, you may parry no more than two successful attack rolls made against you each round.

Parry (Combat)
You are skilled at using your weapon to turn away the attacks of your foes.
Prerequisites: Dex 13, Int 13, Combat Expertise, base attack bonus +1.
Benefit: Once per round, after a successful melee attack roll is made against you, but before damage is rolled you may attempt a parry to try and turn away the blow. Make an attack roll at your highest base attack bonus. If this attack roll exceeds the attack roll your foe made against you, the blow is turned away and does no damage to you. Attacks must be parried with a melee weapon and the defender must be lightly encumbered and wearing light or no armor. You may never parry a blow if you are denied your Dex bonus and you may only parry a blow when you are flat-footed if you have the Combat Reflexes feat.
Normal: Without this feat, you may not parry any successful attack rolls made against you.

Riposte (Combat)
You are trained to launch a counter-attack as your foe tries to recover his defense.
Prerequisites: Dex 13, Int 13, Combat Expertise, Parry, base attack bonus +1.
Benefit: When you successfully parry an attack made against you by an opponent, that opponent provokes an attack of opportunity from you. Note that you may only take one attack of opportunity in a round unless you have the Combat Reflexes feat.
Normal: Without this feat, you may not make an attack against a foe whose blow you parried.

Superior Parry (Combat)
Such is your martial skill that you may parry a fourth attack per round.
Prerequisites: Dex 19, Int 13, Adroit Parry, Combat Expertise, Masterful Parry, Parry, base attack bonus +16.
Benefit: You may attempt to turn away a fourth successful melee attack roll per round. When you try to parry a fourth attack in a round, make an attack roll using your lowest base attack bonus. If this attack roll exceeds the melee attack roll made against you, the attack misses and does no damage to you.
Normal: Without this feat, you may parry a maximum of three successful attack rolls made against you each round.

Unarmed Parry (Combat)
You have trained to use your body to deflect an attacker's blow.
Prerequisites: Dex 13, Int 13, Combat Expertise, Improved Unarmed Strike, Parry.
Benefit: Your hands are as tough as iron and you may attempt to turn parry a blow using an unarmed strike instead of a melee weapon. Make an attack roll to parry as normal, using the appropriate base attack bonus. In addition, you suffer a -4 penalty to this attack roll to reflect the difficulty of trying to deflect a blow without using a melee weapon. If this roll exceeds the attack roll made against you, the attack misses you and does not damage.
Normal: Without this feat, you may not parry a blow against you if you are not wielding a melee weapon.

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Well How about just traits and flaws? That could be squeezed down to just a few pages and they could add new pathfinder specific flaws and traits to add more flavor!

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Dan Davis wrote:

There have been a lot of great discussions posted on these boards about rules changes. Some of the rules that have been generated have been great, but for whatever reason weren't used; it could have been due to backwards-compatability, choosing a single rule out of a group of others that were just as good, or some other reason. The rule was still good, it just wasn't used.

What would be the possiblity of having a section of the final Pathfinder release devoted to alternate rules, along the lines of Monte Cook's Experimental Might books or Unearthed Arcana? Or if not in the book, maybe a section of the messageboards with well-developed and laid out alternate rules?

It just seems a shame for all this rules-y goodness to be lost along the way.

I was also wondering if Paizo was going to use any of the open game content from the UA. Particularly the Paragon Racial levels, Traits, Flaws would be easy to integrate. I could also see possibly adding Bloodlnes and Variant character classes and Armor as Damage reduction as well.

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I was looking to find a game to get into and Columbus/Cincinatti are pretty far away. Any Pathfinders in NE Ohio area?

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O_O Wow what a thread! I wish I would have found it earlier! I do want to say thought that Sandpoint is AWESOME. I really appreciate the fact that Paizo realizes that the "vulnerable" and "impressionable" youth are not the ones who will be shelling out the cash for this product! KUDOS TO YOU ALL PAIZO. I had high expectations for Pathfinder and they have been exceeded! Keep up the good work!

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I have always been fond of the Modrons and am looking forward to getting this issue and any other containing them!

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My players named their group "The Order of the Red Sky"

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Dark Sun all the way!!!

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Mothman wrote:

Cool, sounds like you've got it in hand. I'm running the SCAP from the magazines, so I didnt run Drakthar's Way, hence no silver weapons (and slightly lower PC levels).

In fact, given character numbers / levels etc in your group, you may even want to boost TE a bit more for your game - after all, as you say he should be a tough, memorable encounter.

As well as the changes you posted, you might like to consider the feral template? And/or give him an extra level of barbarian?

Mind you, if your group doesnt manage to take him by surprise, he might get a chance to use a few of his potions before the fight, which would make him tougher too (didnt get much chance in my game).

Thanks! Good suggestions, I think I may just do that!

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Mothman wrote:
Brandon Gillespie wrote:

I am about to run flood season for my group and I was taking a look at Tongue-eaters stats. It shows him as an aflicted lycanthrope. I am sure it was made that way because then you would not have to worry about inflicting your players with a new and unknown form of lycanthropy and you would not have to add the extra word count to the adventure.

Thanks for your work Brandon, this template could come in handy.

However, I would be careful about giving TE DR 10, unless your party has a few silver weapons, or relies more on say spells than weapons. I've run the Tongue Eater fight twice now with two different parties. The first time I used him as presented in the magazine, and he out-right killed one of the party of four 4th level PCs.

The second time was just a few weeks ago, playing with five 4th level PCs, with no silver weapons between them. I gave TE the Feral template, using the stats presented by someone here on the boards some time back. The group took TE by surprise, and incapacitated his baboons in the surprise round, but by the time they took TE down he had taken the fighter and the rogue to negatives, and gotten the cleric down to 3hp. A number of the characters had trouble hitting him at all, and when they did, the DR5 obviously had an impact on how much damage they could do. DR10 might make him just too tough for the average group. Just my opinion...

Definately good advice! Thank you I think my party can take him though as there are 7 characters rather than 6 with the average level being 5th and 2 of the characters are 6th level, because they were playing them before I ran SCAP, and I did not want to make them start over from scratch, so I have been scaling up a little bit to compensate. Besides that, after the wererat encounter at the bathhouse just about everyone has some kind of silver weapon or spells they can use! They are definately a bit tougher than the average party and I want Tongue-eater to be memorable! :)

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I am about to run flood season for my group and I was taking a look at Tongue-eaters stats. It shows him as an aflicted lycanthrope. I am sure it was made that way because then you would not have to worry about inflicting your players with a new and unknown form of lycanthropy and you would not have to add the extra word count to the adventure.
I personaly decided that I would make Tongue-eater into a natural lycanthrope, this makes him a little nastier, increasing his DR to 10/silver and allowing you to infect your players! :) This meant I needed to come up with some mechanics for making other werebaboons so using the SRD and using TE's stats I got a workable set of stats for the werebaboon. This may be useful to someone else for Tongue-eater or maybe exploring where he was infected with this rare form of lycanthropy. Sounds like a good Amedio jungle trek possibly dealing with a Demogorgon cult or something! :)Anyway, I uploaded them on RPGenius and listed them below.


Creating A Werebaboon
Werebaboon is a "Lycanthrope" template that can be added to any humanoid or giant (referred to hereafter as the base creature). The template can be inherited (for natural lycanthropes) or acquired (for afflicted lycanthropes). Becoming a werebaboon is very much like multiclassing as a baboon and gaining the appropriate Hit Die.

Size and Type
The base creature’s type does not change, but the creature gains the shapechanger subtype. The lycanthrope takes on the characteristics of a baboon.
Only Small, Medium, or Large base creatures may become werebaboons. Werebaboons can also adopt a hybrid shape that combines features of the base creature and a baboon. A werebaboon’s hybrid form is the same size as the baboon or the base creature, whichever is larger.
A werebaboon uses either the base creature’s or the baboon’s statistics and special abilities in addition to those described here.

Hit Dice and Hit Points
Same as the base creature plus those of the baboon. To calculate total hit points, apply Constitution modifiers according to the score the werebaboon has in each form.

Same as the base creature or baboon’s, depending on which form the werebaboon is using. Hybrids use the base creature’s speed.

Armor Class
The base creature’s natural armor bonus increases by +2 in all forms. In hybrid form, the werebaboon’s natural armor bonus is equal to the natural armor bonus of the baboon or the base creature, whichever is better.

Base Attack/Grapple
Add the base attack bonus for the base animal to the base attack bonus for the base creature. The werebaboon’s grapple bonus uses its attack bonus and modifiers for Strength and size depending on the werebaboon’s form.

Same as the base creature or baboon, depending on which form the werebaboon is using. A werebaboon in hybrid form gains two claw attacks and a bite attack as natural weapons.
These weapons deal damage based on the hybrid form’s size. A hybrid may attack with a weapon and a bite, or may attack with its natural weapons. The bite attack of a hybrid is a secondary attack.

Hybrid Size Claw Bite
Medium 1d4 1d6
Large 1d6 1d8

Special Attacks
A werebaboon retains the special attacks of the base creature or baboon, depending on which form it is using, and also gains the special attacks described below.
A werebaboon spellcaster cannot cast spells with verbal, somatic, or material components while in baboon form, or spells with verbal components while in hybrid form.

Curse of Lycanthropy (Su)
Any humanoid or giant hit by a natural werebaboon’s bite attack in baboon or hybrid form must succeed on a DC 15 Fortitude save or contract lycanthropy. If the victim’s size is not Small, Medium, or Large the victim cannot contract lycanthropy from the werebaboon. Afflicted werebaboon cannot pass on the curse of lycanthropy.

Special Qualities
A werebaboon retains all the special qualities of the base creature and the baboon, and also gains those described below.

Alternate Form (Su)
A werebaboon can assume the form of a baboon.
Changing to or from baboon or hybrid form is a standard action.
A slain werebaboon reverts to its humanoid form, although it remains dead. Separated body parts retain their baboon form, however.
Afflicted werebaboons find this ability difficult to control (see Lycanthropy as an Affliction, in the Monster Manual), but natural werebaboons have full control over this power.

Damage Reduction (Ex)
An afflicted werebaboon in baboon or hybrid form has damage reduction 5/silver. A natural werebaboon in animal or hybrid form has damage reduction 10/silver.

Lycanthropic Empathy (Ex)
In any form, werebaboons can communicate and empathize with baboons. This gives them a +4 racial bonus on checks when influencing the baboon’s attitude and allows the communication of simple concepts and (if the baboon is friendly) commands, such as "friend," "foe," "flee," and "attack."

Low-Light Vision (Ex)
A werebaboon has low-light vision in any form.

Scent (Ex)
A werebaboon has the scent ability in any form.

Base Save Bonuses
Add the base save bonuses of the baboon to the base save bonuses of the base creature.

All werebaboons gain +2 to Wisdom. In addition, when in baboon form, a werebaboon’s physical ability scores improve according to the table below. These adjustments are equal to the baboon’s normal ability scores -10 or -11. A werebaboon in hybrid form modifies its physical ability scores by the same amount.
In addition, a werebaboon may also gain an additional ability score increase by virtue of its extra Hit Dice.

A werebaboon gains skill points equal to (2 + Int modifier, minimum 1), as if it had multiclassed into baboon. (Baboon is never its first Hit Die, though, and it does not gain quadruple skill points for its baboon Hit Die.) Climb, Listen and Spot are class skills for the werebaboon’s animal level. In any form, a werebaboon also has any racial skill bonuses of the base creature and a +8 racial bonus on Climb checks , although conditional skill bonuses only apply in the associated form.

Add Aletness to the base creature’s feats. If this results in a werebaboon having the same feat twice, the werebaboon gains no additional benefit. This process may give the werebaboon more feats than a character of its total Hit Dice would normally be entitled to; if this occurs, any "extra" feats are denoted as bonus feats. A werebaboon receives Iron Will as a bonus feat.

Same as either the base creature or baboon.

Solitary or pair, sometimes family (3-4), pack (6-10), or troupe (family plus 10-40 baboons)

Challenge Rating
By class level or base creature +2


Always Lawful Evil

By character class.

Level Adjustment
Same as the base creature +2 (afflicted) or +3 (natural). In addition, a werebaboons character level is increased by one.

Werebaboon Str +4, Dex +4, Con +2 Lawful evil

Werebaboons As Characters
Becoming a werebaboon does not change a character’s favored class but usually changes alignment (see above). This alignment change may cause characters of certain classes to lose some of their class features.

Werebaboon characters possess the following racial traits.
• +2 Wisdom. Physical abilities are increased by the baboon’s ability modifiers when a werebaboon changes to its hybrid or baboon forms.
• Size same as the base creature or the baboon form.
• Low-light vision in any form.
• Scent in any form.
• Racial Hit Dice: A werebaboon adds the one Hit Die of its baboon form to its base Hit Dice for race, level, and class. Theis additional Hit Die modifies the werebaboon’s base attack bonus and base saving throw bonuses accordingly.
• Racial Skills: A werebaboon adds skill points for its animal Hit Die much as if it had multiclassed into baboon. It gains skill points equal to (2 + Int modifier, minimum 1) Climb, Listen and Spot are treated as class skills for the werebaboon’s animal level. The werebaboon’s maximum skill ranks are equal to its baboon Hit Die + its racial Hit Dice (if any) + its class levels + 3. Any racial skill adjustments of the lycanthrope’s base race and its baboon form (are added to its skill modifiers in any form.
• Racial Feats: Add the baboon’s one Hit Die to the base character’s own Hit Dice to determine how many feats the character has. All werebaboon’s gain Iron Will as a bonus feat.
• +2 natural armor bonus in any form.
• Special Qualities (see above): Alternate form, lycanthropic empathy, curse of lycanthropy (in baboon or hybrid form only).
• Afflicted werebaboon: damage reduction 5/silver (in baboon or hybrid form only).
• Natural werebaboon: damage reduction 10/silver (in baboon or hybrid form only).
• Automatic Languages: As base creature.
• Favored Class: Same as the base creature.
• Level adjustment: Same as the base creature +2 (afflicted) or +3 (natural).

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First adventure Kullen asks the pcs to bring one of his eyes to him as a gift(hahaha).

My players actually did bring Filge's eyes back to Kullen! :)

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James Jacobs wrote:
Erythnul was originally going to have a stronger presence in "Kings of the Rift," as the main deity of the giants there. But as it worked out, we didn't have enough room to go into this faction that much.

It would be very nice if this missing information could actually be put into the AoW Hardcover adventure path WHEN/IF WoTC actually let's you guys put it out.

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Cylerist wrote:
Heathansson wrote:

It's on Amazon, for July of 2007...

Somebody at enWorld found it.
I can't find it at amazon, can anyone else find the "proof" of this? r=1-2/qid=1161926003/ref=sr_1_2/701-3831061-1457147?ie=UTF8&s=books

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My PCs'party is about halfway through "Drakthar's Way", here is what they are

CN Krynn Minotaur Fighter 1 / Cleric(Gods of War)4
NG Human Fighter(Exoticist) 2 / Barbarian 2
LG Human Aristocrat 1 / Warblade 2
CG Grey Elf Cleric(Hanali Celanil) 2 / Wizard 3
CN Human Rogue 3 / Wizard 1
CG Half-Elf Wizard 4

The Minotaur and the Grey Elf Played in adventure I was running before I started the SCAP and I did not make them start over. They began the AP at 3rd level so the party had a pretty good advantage in "Life's Bazaar" but I scaled it up just a notch so they would not just walk through it and I even had a kill. (Aristocrat/Warblade) but now the rest of the party and the adventure is catching up with the more experienced characters.

I changed the Wererats in the bath house to be Wererat Fighter 1 instead of wererat Warrior 1. 3 Party members went down it was a great fight but no casualties. The party still has an edge though so I did a reconfig on Drakthar, I changed him from an underpowered bugbear vampire to the proper strength he should be to be a vampire (albeit a weak one), this raised him from CR4 to CR5 but he is going to be quite a challenge for the party now instead of getting walked on.

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magdalena thiriet wrote:
Well, I don't know how UA handles DR would make sense that critters which are small enough could get inside the armor, thus bypassing DR (and making killing them much more difficult...say, give that DR to them and make the wearer of armor take the same damage they do). Do this and that beetle swarm in AoW will be giving nightmares to your players for weeks.

I have been toying around with the UA rules for DR and armor and to me they make a lot of sense. But I can see the problem at low levels with DR against creatures that only deal 1-2 points of damage on a hit. For anyone who is not familiar with them, the rules for armor/DR are posted at this URL...

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morgue wrote:

Anyway - the answer to this might be somewhere in the text that I didn't see - but the wandering encounter gnolls are delivering a message to the outside. How are they planning to get back in once their mission is complete? How do the Seekers get in again when they leave?

I just got my issue 112 last night (it was hard to find!) and I started reading it. I am by no means an expert on this but if I remember correctly, in the text where it was talking about how to get through the unopenable doors it said that someone who opened the doors from the inside to get out could later open the doors from the outside to get back in. I will have to take another look at the adventure and make sure that is correct.

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