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Hello there. We are currently seeking a replacement player for the 2E adventure path "Stolen Fate." We are looking for a reliable player who can post daily or every other day.

The characters are in the final section of the first book and are level 13. We are using the free archetype rules. The current roster includes:

Briar, gnoll barbarian
Pentella Cole, elf wizard
Visna Crownbreaker, human thaumaturge

Recruitment will be open until next Wednesday, January 24th. I'm looking forward to seeing your submissions.

CAn I ask who the other player is?

The player who left was a human bard.

Gah, posted in the wrong thread! Two recruitments going at once, sorry! :D

The player who left this game was a kashirishi thaumaturge.

Violant wrote:
CAn I ask who the other player is?

To your question though, you can also go through gameplay and find the player name

I did ;)

I am very interested in playing. I am currently running this in PbP and for two groups on Roll20.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I present Yagak the Clanless for your consideration.

For much of his life, Yagak was an honorable family man, who used his strength to serve his clan. He was not a great warrior, nor a powerful sorcerer, but he was respected among his people. He was particularly well known as a diplomat among his people, able to negotiate between rival clans and tribes. He even did well speaking at the tribes of other creatures that lived nearby, be they giants, goblins, or humans.

But then came the dark times, a series of calamities, invasions, and wars. The details are unimportant, but within a span of two years his thriving clan, his family, his wife, his children ... all were dead. Except Yagak.

He collapsed to the ground, staring into the sky, crying out that there must be some reason behind it. There must be some plan, some order, some sense that came from such a loss. He begged the universe to understand. He ordered it to reveal its secrets.

And, sadly, he got his wish. The threads of fate, of the unfolding of time, began to appear to him, guiding his actions. He slowly drew greater and greater power from this connection with fate itself. Knowledge comes to him unbidden.

He now follows those threads, devoted to being an agent of fate. If the universe's plan is so important that it was worth the price of his clan, then he is devoted to that plan... wherever it leads him.

Stat Sheet:

Yagak the Clanless
Male orc oracle 13 (Advanced Player's Guide 67, Dark Archive, Lost Omens Ancestry Guide, Lost Omens World Guide, Secrets of Magic)
Medium, Humanoid, Orc
Heritage grave orc
Background astrologer
Perception +20; darkvision
Languages Common, Elven, Goblin, Jotun, Orcish
Skills Acrobatics +16, Arcana +20, Astrology Lore +18, Athletics +22 (+22 to the distance you move.), Crafting +18, Deception +20, Diplomacy +20, Intimidation +24 (+25 circ to Intimidation when physically menacing the target.), Medicine +18, Nature +18, Occultism +24, Orc Lore +22, Religion +18, Society +18, Survival +18
Str +3, Dex +1, Con +1, Int +3, Wis +3, Cha +5
Items +1 resilient invisibility studded leather, +2 greater striking greataxe, +2 greater striking orc knuckle dagger, javelin (4), armbands of athleticism, greater pendant of the occult, Spellbook, purse (30 gp, 9 sp)
AC 31; Fort +19; Ref +19; Will +23 (Successes are crit successes instead.)
HP 140; Resistances void 6
Speed 45 feet
Melee [1] [i]+2 greater striking greataxe[/i] +22 (sweep, magical), Damage 3d12+5 S
Melee [1] [i]+2 greater striking orc knuckle dagger[/i] +22 (disarm, agile, orc, magical), Damage 3d6+5 P
Ranged [1] javelin +18 (thrown 30 ft.), Damage 1d6+5 P
Arcane Magus Spellcasting DC 30, attack +20; 3rd haste 2nd loose time's arrow[DA] Cantrips (7th) ignition, prestidigitation
Divine Oracle Spellcasting DC 32, attack +22; 7th (2 slots) energy aegis, regenerate* 6th (3 slots) awaken entropy[DA], suspended retribution*[DA], truesight 5th (3 slots) banishment, blessing of defiance[SoM], invoke spirits*[SoM] 4th (3 slots) planar tether, seal fate*[APG], unfettered movement 3rd (3 slots) bind undead, holy light*, impending doom[SoM] 2nd (3 slots) blood vendetta[APG], cleanse affliction, spiritual armament* 1st (3 slots) disrupting weapons, heal*, spirit link Cantrips (7th) daze, detect magic, divine lance, message, read aura, stabilize, time sense[DA], vitality lash
*Spells marked with an asterisk are signature spells; these spells may be heightened freely
Focus Spells 3 Focus Points, DC 32; 7th Delay Consequence, Read Fate, Temporal Distortion, Time Skip
Ancestry Feats Hold Mark[APG], Lifeblood's Call[LOAG], Orc Lore[APG], Orc Weapon Familiarity
Class Feats Advanced Martial Magic[SoM], Advanced Revelation[APG], Basic Magus Spellcasting[SoM], Basic Martial Magic[SoM], Bespell Weapon[APG], Cantrip Expansion[APG], Domain Acumen[APG], Expansive Spellstrike[SoM], Knowledge Is Power[SoM], Magus Dedication[SoM], Quickened Casting[APG], Reach Spell[APG], Spellstriker[SoM], Striker's Scroll[SoM]
General Feats Incredible Initiative, Toughness
Skill Feats Additional Lore, Battle Cry, Break Curse, Combat Climber, Consult The Spirits (occultism)[APG], Group Coercion, Intimidating Prowess, Oddity Identification, Terrified Retreat
Other Abilities component substitution, curse of turbulent moments, fate, major curse, time, time, weapon specialization

Here is my submission.

Hi Brainiac, this sounds great (and I've played with Cwethan in the past and know she's a solid RPer, so her recommendation of the game brings a lot of weight)!

I took a while to try-and-discard several ideas but have settled on one I'm very happy with, so I'd like to submit for your consideration:

Clarabibulus "Clara" Flingflopsparkfizz (Reference Image)


Clara Flingflopsparkfizz Overview
Clara is great-great-great-great-granddaughter of Umbilicus Flingflopsparkfizz, one of the greatest alchemists of all time, and the inventor of the Ultimate Fizzy Drink. Umbilicus was bold and clever, and family lore tells that he once adventured side-by-side with Nivi Rhombodazzle himself, but the most glowing stories always return to his fabled fizzypops.

There's some debate in the family as to whether the Ultimate Fizzy Drink was best enjoyed as a beverage or thrown at one's foes, but all agree that it was zesty, uplifting, and very very fizzy.

Tragically, the original recipe for the Ultimate Fizzy Drink was lost during the brutal tarrasque rampage of -632 AR. Since then the Flingflopsparkfizz clan has worked frenetically -- but fruitlessly -- to try to replicate it.

Reference Image
At 3’ tall and 34 lbs, Clara is slight even for a gnome. Her hair, eyes, and skin color tend to change weekly--likely based on the latest barks, minerals, fruits, reagents, and other ingredients she’s been experimenting on herself with.

Currently, her eyes are gold flecked with pine green, and her hair is a wild mix of purple, pink, magenta, and crimson, with wispy cyan highlights. However her own coloration shifts, her stained and sticky leather apron--and the various vials at her belt--are an easy giveaway of her passion for alchemy.

Clara is good hearted, excitable, and has tremendous (sometimes unwarranted) faith in herself, and in the power of fizzy drinks. Despite a cosmopolitan adulthood--criss-crossing the world in search of ingredients--Clara still sometimes misunderstands non-gnomes. She bears no malice for the non-gnomish...but does have a bit of pity for them (particularly when they’re glum), and Clara does her best to turn their frowns upside down using the best tool at her disposal: fizzy pop.

In addition to her desire to do good, she has a strong motivation to travel Golarion (and beyond!) in search of possible missing ingredients to the Ultimate Fizzy Drink.

Clara was born and raised in Magnimar, where her father runs a thriving soda shop and apothecary. She apprenticed with him as a child, and takes great pride in her family's sodas...but at some point she realized that just puttering in the family soda shop would never bring back the Lost Formula for the Ultimate Fizzy Drink. Determined to restore Great Grampa Umbilicus’ legacy, Clara joined the Pathfinders and set out to explore the world.

For the last decade, she has been traveling Golarion as a Pathfinder. On each mission, she endeavored to discover new ingredients that might be the key to the Ultimate Formula...but over time she’s grown impatient with where her assignments were taking her. She’s recently taken an extended leave to follow a lead.

[...Insert TBD, based on whether I should have a card (as a replacement character, and more generally what hooks the GM suggests…]

Crunch & Party Role:

Character Sheet (which I'm happy to recreate in whatever format you prefer)

Build summary:
Alchemist (bomber) with Medic and Inventor archetypes. Her main party roles will be:
- Support (elixirs, gadgets)
- Healing (Medic archetype)
- Debuffing & moderate AoE damage (bombs)
- Roguishness (Master in Stealth, and can use Crafting[M] to disable traps instead of Thievery, thanks to Reverse Engineer)

A few questions:
1) How are we handling starting gear for someone coming in at L13?
2) As an Alchemist / Inventor, how should I determine what formulas I have learned over time, beyond the minimum that're auto-granted by class features?
3) I know initial players each started with a card. Should we ignore that for the newcomer? If not, how should we handle it?

BTW, I left some holes (esp my most recent activity) in my background, and am very happy to collaborate on filling them, if there are interesting complications/connections you'd like to suggest.


Radiant Oath

Descended from a family of Varisian Wanderers, Tao Lavinia Heron grew up under the stars, an eldest sister tasked with the care of her younger brothers, sisters, cousins, numerous and boisterous, and in need of continuous but gentle corralling.

Early in life, her dreams began to expand into dimensions beyond her understanding, led by a black-and-grey crow whom she would follow into the firmament. Tao would travel forward and backward through time, observing events yet to come and long passed, and communing with children of her grandchildren and great grandmothers of her forefathers alike, scenes set with simple setting - a campfire, an exodus across a vast plain, a gathering of multiple families, a funeral or wedding, a hike with an elder to an auspicious location. Her entire bloodline, spread out forward and backward, would be her dreamtime companions. She thought her nighttime adventures fanciful for a long time, until her recollections sharpened and she began to recognize events when they happened again during her waking life - if only fleeting moments, a flash of deja vu, a vague memory of a dream.

And then her magic came.

And with it, the dreams began to mesh with her waking world - her ancestors would speak to her during the day, often multiple at a time, like so many celestial beings upon her left and right shoulder - warriors, rogues, mystics - sharing with her of their talents while filling her head with noise! And worse! As her power grew, so too her responsibility - charged with de facto eldership in her early mature adult years, decades early by human lifespans, her consult was not just metaphysical, but physical too, as her living ancestors began to beseech her for a fortune-telling, or a request to proctor a ceremony, or a mediation of conflict between family sects. Even the elders themselves consulted a young Tao for such matters. She spent many years occupying this role, it's toll upon her desire to experience freedom ordinarily afforded to her people total, complete. And stifling.

Having risen to the occasion for an extended tenure, Tao communed with Grandmother Crow on one fateful night to ask her if her lot, extending forward, was indefinite. Her response was unexpected: "Go forth and sabbatical, for you will know when it is time to return. There is grave danger, and you are Called: It is Writ in the Stars, as you have already know for a long time. Seek!"

Tao is an Writ in Stars Oracle (Ancestors) / Champion (Liberator) of Andoletta / Swashbuckler (Battledancer), a somewhat all-around character capable of holding the frontline with Briarthorn and Visna Crownbreaker protecting them with her liberator's reaction and distracting her foes using various Performance feats, as well as keeping tabs on Pentella "Pen" Cole with her healing magic. She contributes mastery in the Religion skill and Fortune-Telling Lore to keep herself engaged with the primary themes of the AP.

Currently borrowing my PFS version of him to apply - will finalize if chosen.

Thank you all for your submissions. After conferring with the players, we have selected gyrfalcon's "Clara" as our new character. I will keep the rest of you mind should another spot open up in the future!

Verdant Wheel

You kids have fun!

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