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3 naked androids and a Vesk walk into a bar...

Sir Ardan wrote:
Glanced over Sir Terrel. I tip my hat to you for still putting an 18 into strength with an unchained rogue, and for having an 18 Int with 8 Wis instead of the other way around. I think it is fair to say that as a phantom thief, Sir Terrel will be an amazing skill based character.

Well, I still wanted that 18 Str to fit into my classic envisioned knight. And then I looked at my armor proficiencies, and needed a halfway decent dex, and all my stats were sink or swim. And then if I'm going to be a skill monkey, I might as well go all the way... Also, for the cost of two feats I'd love a fly speed, a flying centaur sounds pretty damn awesome.

Recycling is not that bad. AX is nearly 100% recycled parts at this point :)

Love the sound of the repository, but AX is just a simple worker android, with no real interest in history. Extremely difficult to break due to compressional stressors to gravity though!

Oh boy, was I busy today. But have no fear, I will definitely have a character ready to go by the end of tonight. I'm super pumped for this game, it sounds excellent and everyone who's shown interest so far has seemed super friendly!

Currently a three-way toss-up between a phantom thief rogue, a nature fang herbalist bond druid, or generic cavalier man, I'm interested to hear what other people think would be cool. I'd love to get this done now, but I really gotta get some rest, hope to chat with you all tomorrow!

Edit: I forgot the "am-statstick" bloodrager rageshaper into dragon disciple build, but that one's on the backburner because having a bunch of natural attacks with this STR, and houseruled power attack feels kind of like an unfun blender.

Also, incredibly important question: are Centaur's rideable, and if so, is that an acceptable strategy to carry someone into combat?

Honestly? Might go with it in order to narrow down the options available to me... But when will I get another chance to play such a powerful character? Maybe I should play a core rogue or something, keep it fair :)

Oooo! I'm super excited for this, really hope I get in! I will get to creating right away! Also thank you for the musical selection, it's really helping me get into the character creation process

1d10 + 8 ⇒ (10) + 8 = 18
1d10 + 8 ⇒ (8) + 8 = 16
1d10 + 8 ⇒ (9) + 8 = 17
1d10 + 8 ⇒ (2) + 8 = 10

Cripes, those are some stats! Excited to see what I come up with. As a note, do you have a preference for full martials, or will any preference be given to "party roles?"

I think that AX will probably be seen as kind of weird then, but I've been seeing them as kind of a low grade android, designed solely for labor and with the DM's permission, have parts of the armor be bolted pieces that can't be easily removed. He won't mind being seen as odd too much though.

Yeah, I really liked the environmental adaptation feat, and I liked being part of the android gang. I know I probably should have taken some actual combat feat, but this is way more fun. Also, thank you for the advice about getting a long ranged weapon, I was super tired when I was putting the finishing touches on, and I forgot all about that! Super excited to be a part of this game, hope you'll have me!

What an excellent question!

Let's go with AX-589. Other than that, how's it look?

Did it!

Sorry in advance about the terrible formatting on the crunch, I copy-pasta'd it from a .txt file. Also, please tell me if I should change anything about the background!

Designed to be able to resist the extreme gravitational pulls and heat that would be encountered in performing repairs deep within the Asimov, AX-589 was nevertheless not very good at his job. All of the additional reinforcements to his frame and built in radiation shielding left little space for the additional processing capacity that other androids had, and so AX often found himself looking up instructions on how to do even the most basic tasks on his datapad. Despite this, the android was quite amiable, often whistling while he worked.

AX-598 lost count of the time they were stuck in the bowels of the ship. He got lost one day, and his datapad couldn't connect to the mainframe to get instructions for AX to find his way home. Instead, he wandered around, doing his best to fix any problems that he ran across, deep within the Asimov, and siphoning power to his datapad, which he affectionately called, Betty. When AX managed to find his way back to the surface, he was very surprised to find everyone running around without clothes, but he just assumed it was the latest fashion trend.

AX is mostly the same as when he left. Perhaps a little quieter, and more withdrawn than before his ordeal in the crushing gravity of the center of the Asimov, his best friend is now his datapad, who he guards with a fierce passion. Those who try to explain to him that it has no soul are met with a blank stare, and then a laugh. AX's reason for wanting to be selected for an exploratory team is very simple, he'd love to get off of the Asimov for a while, for who else knows what lurks in it's depths?

Guard Laborer Android Soldier
Stamina Points 9 Resolve Points 5 Hit Points 11 BaB 1, Fort 4 Ref 1 Will 2 Init +5 Spd:35 EAC 14 KAC 16 NG
Str: 18
Dex: 13
Con: 14
Int: 10
Wis: 10
Cha: 8

Skill Ranks Stat Misc Class Total
Perception 1 0 0 Y 4
Acrobatics 1 1 -2 Y 3
Athletics 1 3 -2 Y 5
Survival 1 0 0 Y 4

Race: +2 Str/Con, humanoid/construct, +2 against sleep, disease, mind affecting, poison unless they work on constructs, don't breathe, -2 sense motive, +1 light armor upgrade
Theme: +1 Str, perception as a class skill, Reduce DC to recognize tech or mystic components of traps, security, or surveilance
Class stuff
Primary Fighting style: Blitz Style +10land speed, +4 initative

1st: Enviromental adaptation (Extreme Gravity, Extreme Heat)

Radiation Buffer: Self (200) (+2 on saves against primary effect of radiation)
double minature self-charging tier 1 datapad with artificial personality (70)
Hidden Soldier Armor (465) (Bulk 2)
Assault Hammer 1d6 (95)(Bulk 1)
170 Credits

@Rorek, I absolutely don't want to step on anyone's toes, do you wanna ride the lightning, or should I? Or we both could for some truly epic lightshows!

Alright! Time to learn how to play Starfinder! Can't be too hard... Give me tonight to learn some rules and make a toon, and I'd be interested!

Most of the games that I've played in have died out in the 5-8 range, been pretty low fantasy, and low power, without a ton of lawful characters, so I definitely like the sound of 1 better, but to be perfectly honest both of them sound super neat and interesting!

Dotting for 1, sounds super neat!

3d6 ⇒ (3, 5, 2) = 10 Bloodrager wealth... drumroll please!

Welp, drumroll is over, will have a sheet up ASAP. Looks like it's average for me as well!

Dotting! I've never played in a PbP before, so I'm very excited to give it a shot! I'll get a character up and running ASAP for my application! I'm in EDT, but I keep all sorts of hours, and I can make anything work if I need to.

The build that I'm currently looking at is Loremaster wizard, mixed with Tempest Cleric for some pretty gnarly lightning bolts, but nothing is really set in stone!

I'd also be interested, but I'm curious to see the answers to rorek and Trevor's questions as well! I noticed that grappling in 5e is way simpler than PF, and a gestalt grappler would probably do quite well for themselves, but I'm by no means sold on that!

I do!

Hi there! I'd love to be considered for this game! I've been playing pathfinder (1st ed) for about 8 years now, and have dabbled in other systems during that time (GURPS, Mutants&Masterminds, Edge of the Empire Vampire the Masquerade) but never have had a chance to play in a cthulhu setting! I have my own completely homebrewed Harry Potter meets HP Lovecraft system, but if I'm going to be completely honest, it's extremely clunky. This is my first time looking for a virtual game, and although I am a college student, I have quite a lot of free time available to me.
Thank you so much for the opportunity, and I hope that you have a great game!

Not sure if this counts, but whip investment+whirlwind attack, and having disarm/trip allows for some pretty serious battlefield control. You could even through lunge in there for some extra range. The only issue is it takes a literal ton of feats to get off the ground, but it is doable.

Sorry to weigh back in on the Kirin Style debate, but the combat stamina trick makes it way more viable, since the Kirin Strike feat lets you always add your Int bonus to damage. s-optional-rules/

MrCharisma wrote:

Oh yeah, it should.

(Also, when you say "feat chain" ...?)

Good point, just into catch and snatch arrows. Oh, and as an inquisitor, snake style would probably work pretty nicely for you, couple the both of them together and you've got bullet dodging potential.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the deflect arrows feat chain work on bullets?

MrCharisma wrote:
I'm not quite sure what you're saying Bender, but you can deal sneak attack damage with Scorching Ray, and if you do the Sneak Attack damage will be Fire damage (and will add to the Scorching Ray damage before applying resistances). Is that basically what you were asking?

Basically. A red dragon sorcerer gets to add a point of damage per die of damage that the spell does. I thought the way to get the sneak attack dice to also add plus one damage was to be a 10th level arcane trickster, as the wording on that ability is a little strange

PS: chronic lurker, generally really enjoy your takes even if I don't always agree with them Mr. Charisma

So sort of a clarification on the precision damage doing the same sort of damage as the original; if I'm a dragon blooded sorcerer, with sneak attack and I do damage with an element boosted by my arcana that's a valid sneak attack target, do I get that extra damage from my arcana on the sneak attack dice? Same with the orc bloodline? If so, that really expedites one of my builds that I thought I would need 10 levels of arcane trickster to pull off properly.

ShroudedInLight wrote:

So, I've been looking up some "monsters" and I came across some from the Mythic Realms book.

First there is Old-Mage Jatembe who is quite dangerous for an Evil party to encounter as he is an Archmage. The man can learn additional spells, including unique spells, as well as permanent minkblank and shapechange. The man can also quickly prepare addition spells should he require them, as he leaves a spell slot open. As a level 20 Wizard, Old-Mage Jatembe is quite dangerous.

Second there is Arazni who is another 20th level Wizard who is also a Lich making her immune to a number of spells. She is, however, also a Marshal who can inspire her minions. She also has a pair of minor artifacts that enhance her powers.

Third, there is The Whispering Tyrant who can raise any number of HD as undead, effectively giving him an infinite army of undead for the players to cut through. Also, another lich who is immune to a huge selection of powers.

Lastly, there is of course the most powerful of casters Baba Yaga. Baba Yaga is not only absurdly powerful as a 20th level Witch with 10 levels of Archmage. She also comes with her Dancing Hut, a hidden death, and her three Riders.

Sure, none of these casters are quite as scary as some of the previous monsters BUT they are all 20th level arcane casters making them quite dangerous on their own. Additionally, the later three all come with some scary minions too upping their effective challenge rating. These spellcasters can alter their spell lay outs against different opponents assuming they can successfully scry them. This makes them quite effective.

Well folks, any ideas at handling these 4...

Well, I hate to bring in such a cheese build, but it works in a lot of situations with sentients... Power of suggestion I don't see anything that makes the lich immune to this honestly stupidly good flat DC to convince it that whatever you're holding in your hand is it's phylactery. From there, it's just someone with a good negotiation skill to have the lich and the party to go on their separate ways. Since the deception only lasts for a minute after you leave, it would be best to be somewhere far, far away when that wears off.

From what I know about Baba Yaga, (not much) she is often willing to strike some sort of deal. These are all intelligent beings, who will hopefully listen to reason (seems unlikely that they would have gotten so powerful if they didn't negotiate sometimes) and can be outwitted and then fled from.

Not exactly what I would call a flawless strategy, and you didn't defeat them in a technical sense, but it should be worth enough experience to start investing in some class features that will get you closer to making your saves against spells, or even immunity to magic.

That or a Dandy ranger? Won't have magical healing, but they can get mundane heals, and it's delightfully flavorful.

Maybe summoner? They are a bit light on healing, but at early levels they get infernal healing which is a great after fight patch up. They can also have a variety of attack methoods, (If they don't like having a summoned creature, then they can be a synthisist instead) get some decent utility spells, and with a trait or two, can be excellent faces for the party. Not optimal, but definitely an option.

What about some of the great old ones? es/

A good wizard will trump a good arcanist. It is much easier to be an ok arcanist than an ok wizard.

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Take rough and ready, and then get creative! Take profession undertaker and bash people with a coffin lid! Take craft food, and smash people with ladles! The possibilities are endless!

There is a trait called stage magic which lets you expend an alchemical item for +2

Thank you

So I was playing in a game, and we had to fight some vampires. So the party wizard goes into a corner of the room, and starts preparing his spells for the day. He comes back, saying that he is confident of taking down these vampires. First thing he does is cast shadow projection, allowing him to chase down the two vampires into a crevice they misted themselves into. The next thing he does is cast Aqueous Orb. Now we all know that vampires have an aversion to running water. And Aqueous Orb is described as, "A rolling sphere of churning water that can engulf those it strikes." He hits the vampires with it, and they end up inside this orb, that is obviously running water. What happens to the vampires?

friluftshund wrote:

#1 sound interesting, I'll vote for that

+1 @indagare for the doomsday cult idea of wakening the "world"

Same for me

Well, I have been trying 50-50, and it seems to work so far, as long as you do not try to blaster cast. If you stick to things like invisibility then it works fine. And of course, ninja's start off with poison use...

Actually, I prefer con and wis to be 10, but other than that, those were the stats that I was planning on using.

I thought of that, but as he is kind of an assassin, he needs more variety. Also, the DM has a 25 point buy system.

Hey, I was doing some character creation, and thought it might be neat to try and combine a wizard with a ninja. I was wondering if it was possible to make one that actually could be useful in a fight, along with other uses.
Thanks! :)

Contingency+raise dead/resurrection/true resurrection etc ect

They are the only ranged slashing weapons that I know of.

My current character is technically an Earth Elemental Sorcerer. He is Ed Ammae, the saucerer. His back story is that he was training to be a wizard, and took a vacation to some eastern lands. He discovered that he had a taste for soy sauce, and by employing a mage, made pure elemental soy sauce, which he drank. The result was that he had the powers of soy running through his blood.
He is actually pretty effective, because he turns all his offensive magic into acid damage, which is naritivly soy sauce.

Wow. And then there was me sad because I can't get any girls interested in pathfinder. All the people that I play with are male.

and are they?

I personally would say that if you build your eidolon right, than summoner. I don't know personally, but I have heard my friends winging about the Ninja

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What I can't believe is that I just re-read every single comment on this thread.