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Any thoughts on this? Going to play a goblin bard and wondering if I should do some rogue also or just go full bard.
Still trying to read everything to figure it all out.

Yeah, he kinda felt bad about, sorta I think he did at least?

I might just play him again. He was OK with it. We don't take ourselves too seriously when it comes to things like that.

But I will be trading out fey foundling for improved initiative......
and then die again wishing I had that extra healing!

So just an update on the oracle.

I took haunted, and I took Fey Foundling. I thought that would be the most beneficial. I should have taken improved initiative. And here is why.

Exploring a temple, I have just met up with party I saw a statue...which was an illusion and failed miserably on the perception check. This is in the first 30 min of our new campaign.

Not sure what the creature was, but after it beat me on initiative (missed it by 3 points) it attacked me and critted...and GM rolled max damage. Then his other 2 attacks hit, putting me in the negatives. He also has a swallow yes, before I really rolled the dice (one bad inititive and one bad perception) I was dead.

The amusing backstory was I had been held in stasis for hundreds of years only to be released to die a couple of hours later.

But thanks for the input any ways! I will try it again some time.

So currently I have gone with the following.

Fey Foundling/or Noble Scion or Improved Initiative?
Extra Revelation (Life Link)
Divine Protection
Selective Channel.

We are starting at 3rd so the last 2 will be a little bit. Still not totally sold on fey foundling. Its really good, but so is Noble scion and improved initiative. I would take noble scion over improved initiative if I go this way because I could always take improved initiative much later. And noble scion will scale nicely.

I am basically building an Oradin with no din. Not as effective, but I am hoping the control spells I can gain from the spirit guide (arcane enlightenment hex) wizard spell list will offset the need for lots of healing. And make it more interesting to play. I am all about versatility and creativity as a player. I must always have an answer to everything, or at least die trying....

On the note of arcane enlightenment, I am going on the assumption that it works with an oracle. But I have not read otherwise. In alot of ways its too good for an oracle. Adds alot of extra spells.

I have taken wildfire heart, too good not too. Also took efreeti magic to reduce myself.

As for haunting, we have an arcanist who can help out on the wands. Still debating deaf, its just that we also focus on role play so not totally sure how to pull this off.

The ring of revelation is cool. Will look into that.

Thanks for the ideas.

Thanks for the ideas. I have never actually played an oracle before. I made some decisions last night on how I want to approach it.

I am using the FCB on channel. That will really help.
Still debating on Fey Foundling. I am taking extra revelation for Life Link. Since we are starting at 3rd maybe I should take fey foundling at first. Currently have that slotted as Improved Initiative. And at 5th is Divine Protection (kind of a given)
Will examine it some more.
Will be using the spirit guide archetype. I strive for versatility in all my characters so that will be great.

Probably going haunted curse. I will talk it over with the group and get there opinions.

Still not sure about a weapon. Might just grab a long spear for the occasional AoO.

So I did some searching and cannot seem to find much on this.

It will not be PFS. But no third party.

Planning on making an Ifrit Life Oracle (Channel revelation) and then going mostly control. Maybe grab Life Link also.

Any thoughts on how to go about this? Thinking maybe spirit guide archetype. Can switch things up as needed. Or duel cursed because misfortune would be nice for control.

And once I figure out what spells I can gain access to I would look at feats.

Also what curse does anyone suggest? I am thinking of going with deaf. I am just not sure how to roleplay it. Or I can just take tongues.

Thanks for the responses. I have never looked at a guided weapon enchant.

Its only a +1 modifier so it should not be that difficult to acquire....

And yes I went Aasimar. Wanted to actually play an ifrit but the penalty to wis was too much. And could not get into EK that fast.

So I am going to play a Eldritch Knight in our next campaign. This campaign will be RP heaving so optimization is not as important. But I prefer to over optimize and just scale back as needed.

I really want to try the monk/sorcerer build. This is what I have so far.
We are starting at level 3.

Traits Magical Knack, Reactionary

1) Monk Weapon Finesse, Bonus Monk not sure, combat reflexes or deflect arrows? Will have one hand free...
2) Sorcerer empyreal
3) Eldritch Knight Dervish Dance, Arcane Strike? Don't think I need too many swifty's
4-13) EK. Thinking of grabbing Weapon Specialization at EK 5. And other feats will focus on the magic end of things.

Just don't really know if I should grab a second level in monk for evasion and a bump to the saves? If there was feats I wanted its a no brainer but the bonus feats are kinda useless.

Any thoughts or a better way to gear him out?

Anyone think Pushing Assault might work if you are using enlarge? Thinking that could be a real PITA for anyone to get through to you.

So we are starting a new campaign in a month or two. I have been forewarned it is heavily undead based.

I have been wanting to build a reach cleric for quite a while now. I really want to play an ifrit but I don't know if the other abilities can offset the -2 to wisdom. It really hurts.

We are starting at level 2. If the Ifrit does not work out I can go human. I was just hoping to make the Ifrit work.

This is what I have so far.

War (tactics domain)
Travel Domain
Ifrit - wildfire heart +4 initiative (makes up for not being human, bonus feat)
Efreeti Magic - enlarge person once per day
Fire Insight - if a summoned fire elemental would help in a situation
Traits - Reactionary, fates favored? (anything better to suggest?)
Feats - Combat reflexes
Power Attack
Sacred Summons
Improved Initiative etc

So do I gain enough other abilities (enlarge etc) to justify the -2? Or am I wasting my time and rally should go human?
Or any other things that would help with undead that I should be looking at?

Yah that is why I went this direction. Did not feel it had good synergy and was too feat starved to really shine.

Would have been cool, but just does not work effectively.

No. Had originally planned to do a full Indy knock off but decided this was more interesting.

The only reason I am thinking mysterious stranger is using chr instead of wis. I know it is slightly inferior but I think using Focused Aim generously to finish off people and thus keep my grit pool up would work.

My stats are as follows.

Str 10, Dex 17, Con 12, Int 14, wis 10, chr 20 +2 racial)

We have not started so I can still move things around if need be.

Feats to start are point blank and precise. I was actually thinking rapid reload instead of Precise and take precise at 3. Touch attacks should be very easy for the first couple of levels. And I could always try to shoot the guy not in melee if possible.

I need to grab Lingering Performance in there somewhere too. THen I was going to do the whole rapid shot, snap shot etc. Need to figure out the exact order of that still.

Also I was thinking at bard lvl 4 I get a rogue talent. Was thinking Stand Up. Then I can use Gunslingers Dodge to drop prone and gain the +4 AC against ranged but still be able to stand up and move if I get threatened.

Thanks for the input.


I was going to do the tripper type build but decided against it. I have made a few characters that were not focused and they are not good at anything.

I should be OK to hit because of the luck bonus, it should make up for it.

As for quick clear I will have a second pistol. I have mending to begin with to fix the guns, its only a 10 minute cast so quicker than gunsmithing. And then can use jury rig when I get a few levels of bard.

Thanks for the advice.

Going to try Mysterious Stranger but only 1 level and concentrate on the bard. I can take combat feats to make the Gunslinger side a bit better.

Should work out......I think.

Hi There

So I am looking for some help. I am currently building an Archaeologist/Gunslinger for a home campaign we will be running. It will be ocean based. I thought a Gunslinger/Archaeologist skill monkey would be interesting but I am trying to build him half decently. He needs to pull his weight.

I originally was going to use the Buccaneer archetype to use charisma instead of wisdom for the grit to have some synergy with the bard stats. And to fit the theme nicely. But after doing some reading Quick Clear seems like an almost mandatory ability Gunslingers have. And Mysterious Stranger gives it up also. So that throws those ideas out the window.

Do I just live with low grit points? (would be 2 most likely) or am I ok
without Quick Clear and just risk gun jams and use Jury Rig when needed?

I am hoping someone has a better way to overcome this.