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So I am going to play a Eldritch Knight in our next campaign. This campaign will be RP heaving so optimization is not as important. But I prefer to over optimize and just scale back as needed.

I really want to try the monk/sorcerer build. This is what I have so far.
We are starting at level 3.

Traits Magical Knack, Reactionary

1) Monk Weapon Finesse, Bonus Monk not sure, combat reflexes or deflect arrows? Will have one hand free...
2) Sorcerer empyreal
3) Eldritch Knight Dervish Dance, Arcane Strike? Don't think I need too many swifty's
4-13) EK. Thinking of grabbing Weapon Specialization at EK 5. And other feats will focus on the magic end of things.

Just don't really know if I should grab a second level in monk for evasion and a bump to the saves? If there was feats I wanted its a no brainer but the bonus feats are kinda useless.

Any thoughts or a better way to gear him out?

I'd try to make full use of wisdom to keep spell DCs high and AC from monk. Try to get a guided weapon to use wisdom to attack and damage and enjoy any weapon you want. Dervish builds are amazing for damage, but this is an opportunity to fully rely on one stat for most actions.

Unfortunately guided will require you to get to level 8 or so by the time you'll see one.

Pretty sure there's a bloodline that lets you use wisdom as your casting stat.

Empyreal. It's his level 2

The Exchange

How are you getting into EK so quickly? Are you an Aasimar or something?

Thanks for the responses. I have never looked at a guided weapon enchant.

Its only a +1 modifier so it should not be that difficult to acquire....

And yes I went Aasimar. Wanted to actually play an ifrit but the penalty to wis was too much. And could not get into EK that fast.

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