Ifrit Reach Cleric advice?


So we are starting a new campaign in a month or two. I have been forewarned it is heavily undead based.

I have been wanting to build a reach cleric for quite a while now. I really want to play an ifrit but I don't know if the other abilities can offset the -2 to wisdom. It really hurts.

We are starting at level 2. If the Ifrit does not work out I can go human. I was just hoping to make the Ifrit work.

This is what I have so far.

War (tactics domain)
Travel Domain
Ifrit - wildfire heart +4 initiative (makes up for not being human, bonus feat)
Efreeti Magic - enlarge person once per day
Fire Insight - if a summoned fire elemental would help in a situation
Traits - Reactionary, fates favored? (anything better to suggest?)
Feats - Combat reflexes
Power Attack
Sacred Summons
Improved Initiative etc

So do I gain enough other abilities (enlarge etc) to justify the -2? Or am I wasting my time and rally should go human?
Or any other things that would help with undead that I should be looking at?

I almost feel as if you should try something similar with an Oracle instead of a Cleric. Your stats will match better and for the most part, you will be losing the domains (which is a big deal. Those domains rock!) and channel energy (another very strong one) though in return you will get more skill points to wave that Charisma around with, better stats, and the benefits of a mystery. Flame mystery can bring back the +10 speed. Life would bring back channel if you want that more than speed (And you channel will be much stronger than a cleric's). Lastly, Battle mystery would give you great power with your weapons and grant you tons of free combat feats.

As for spells, there are some cool spells that only oracles get such as: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/all-spells/d/divine-vessel

Notice it says that the bonuses displayed will overwrite the normal stat changes for size changing spells. You keep your Dex for your combat reflexes. I know that its a very high level spell, but darn is it cool.

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