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How many cards exactly are in this box? I've already combined both boxes and am looking for a holder for all of them. The back of the 1-2 box says 315, but this one just says over 300.

I'm afraid my book appears to have been damaged during shipping.

It hasn't happened yet, but I plan on my player's ship AI having "personality" when I get around to running my homebrew.

OK, thanks again. I thought that would be the case but just wanted to be sure.

Thanks, guys; that's all awesome.

I see the alias now for the SFS character I've played IRL. Can I play it here at the current level? Or does "The characters that we use are Starfinder Society characters that we create through play, starting at level one" mean that I'd have to start a new one at level one?

That brings me back to the question of character creation. How is that handled? Are characters submitted at application, or do you wait for GM direction for stuff like roll vs. buy stats, etc? Or is that covered by society rules I've just missed?

Thanks for all the help and patience. I'm pretty new to Society play.

Uh-huh. So you create an avatar per character and make their profile the character sheet? Is that the common practice? Is there a template somewhere? How exactly are characters "created?"

I take it these new themes are in Pact Worlds? I haven't looked at the PDF yet...

On a more pbp related note, I'd like to see about getting into it here. I'm a former RPG Crossing player, and most of the ins and outs of that experience look to be the same here. The one thing I don't see anywhere is character sheet management. How does that work? Do people create characters in threads, or just submit characters already built?

BigNorseWolf wrote:
...Shield rebalancing seems superfluous with the engineer restoring them.

I agree with this after the FAQ corrections to the shield restoration rules. Previously, it was absolutely necessary to rebalance the shields whenever they were restored. I for one liked the hand-in-hand nature of combat shield maintenance and the significance it lent to the Science Officer position but also appreciate the new, simpler method.

CeeJay wrote:
Torbyne wrote:
I have not run any real table ship encounters yet but my theory work on ships has centered on linked fire or single high value weapons in turrets, specifically to optimise the ship for smaller crews. Having science officer and captain provide their +\- conditions are a big part of that strategy.
My group did precisely this at the table. I'd have to say that in our case, the theory proves out.

I also agree with this. Captain's bonuses have proven very useful in critical moments.

Baxder wrote:
WhiteWeasel wrote:
Someone made Role cards for starship combat.
Those are awesome, but I believe dated; the FAQ has updated CR's that aren't reflected on the cards.

Oops, Nevermind. And curse the forum for disallowing post edits after an hour!

WhiteWeasel wrote:
Someone made Role cards for starship combat.

Those are awesome, but I believe dated; the FAQ has updated CR's that aren't reflected on the cards.

I'll try to put a positive twist in this by saying that I too am a huge fan of all SF art to date, and appreciate that it is stylistically different from most PF art. Not that I prefer either, but I do enjoy changes of pace and the intrinsic distinction between the two products.

Nice! Thank you!

Sauce987654321 wrote:

I wouldn't wait on it.

Just use this

This looks promising, but I hate that none of the entries list sources. Granted, there aren't may yet for SF but their absence just doesn't lend to credibility. I prefer the warm fuzzy, and knowing what page to turn to for validation and context.

Speaking of reprints, when will a SFCRB with the updated rules (per the FAQ) be released?

And FWIW, I very much appreciate the relatively slow release schedule. I have little money and less time with which to purchase/play any RPG's, so the current schedule fits perfectly within my limitations. In fact, my ability to keep up with the SF release schedule has been a huge part of its appeal to me from its first rumors over a year ago, and I don't even try to keep up with PF due to its (to me) frenetic pace. I've been a player for 20+ years now, and because of the SF release schedule, I'll be able to continue with new content in a setting I love for the foreseeable future.

So is there any word on when these corrections will be put in print? I only have one copy of the CRB and was planning on getting another since it's signed, but I'd rather wait for a corrected version.

Beautiful. You guys are awesome! Thanks!

Thank you!

I have an accessories subscription, but the box hasn't shown in my shipment list. Will it be included in this month's shipment? To be fair, I also haven't received an email detailing this month's shipment yet.

I picked up Incident at Absolom Station at my FLGS, so please remove it from my next shipment. Thanks!

I've run into this problem as well. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer worked.

Any official word on this from the Paizo peeps?

Thanks, guys. I may even have that PDF. Maybe that's where I saw it...

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I know I've seen them somewhere around here, but can't find them now. I'm looking for the role sheets that were used at GenCon detailing the different actions each can take.

Sweet. Thanks.

I would also like to add AP1 to my subscription, please.

Nevermind; found it.

Since DS1 is on back order, is there any option available for purchasing the PDF alone?

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Rysky the Dark Solarion wrote:
It's its...

Nice proper use of apostrophes, btw.

No, I mean a blog or somewhere that new material is announced. The store works just fine though, I suppose.

Oh. OK. Thanks.

I came upon this in a "see also" section of one of those scenario's store pages. Where is information regarding the release of all SFS materials published?

This is just an omnibus of the separately available 1-01 thru 1-03 scenarios, yes?


Is the Society live? How can I run a local chapter or what-not?


See title and this

Sara Marie wrote:
The RPG line starting with alien archive is an artifact of what happens as we generate new orders. The AP issue however is also due to AP#1 being on back order. You can reference this post for options relating to the SF Adventure Path subscription: ly#43

Thanks for the reply; to clarify, though, a subscription to the RPG line will actually begin with the Core Rulebook first, yes?

Will AP1 be available at GenCon?

Edit: Looks like I did miss the GenCon pick-up window :p

Wait, what? Did I miss the window?

I am having a very hard time with the whole subscription process. In my cart, it has both the RPG and AP subscriptions starting with Alien Archives and Dead Suns 2 instead of the Core Rulebook and Dead Suns 1. Why? Will I still receive the Core book and DS1 first? If I can still opt to pick up at GenCon, will those be there for me? I have to say the subscription process and store checkout process are really counter-intuitive, unfriendly and confusing :/


I have to say I'm pretty disappointed in Raia's story. I wanted to play her until reading it. If she's going to be an iconic, shouldn't she have something distinguishing about her? She's completely unremarkable.

So I've never been to a Con, though I will be at GenCon next month, and of course, I've never played Starfinder. But I'm signing up to GM Starfinder at GrandCon, a gaming convention in Grand Rapids Michigan in September. So far I have an introductory/character creation session and two Dead Suns 1 sessions scheduled (approval pending).

I suppose I'm posting this for a few reasons:

1) Gamers of the Midwest, come! The Con is September 15-17! If you can't make GenCon, this is a great "consolation con" opportunity. Not to mention if you don't get a chance to play between GenCon and GrandCon!

2) Help! I'm new! I don't know what to do! Seriously, anyone with Con GM experience, what do I need to know? What should I do to prep?

3) Paizo team - Do you have any kind of materials GM's can use to display at Con's? Posters and what not? If so, how can I get ahold of some?

Zwordsman wrote:
I'm hoping that at some point, in some way, they learn a way to hack realitiy...

Sounds right to me. From the Technomancer section of the "Collected Information" doc:

Variel wrote:
Space Wizard, combines tech and magics, study magic as if it was code, figure out the laws of the universe and how to break them, hacker-wizard. The technomancer is all about synergizing technology and magic, and kind of acting like a computer programmer who’s hacking the laws of the universe. They're very logical and very regimented and scientific. They dealing with magic, and often magic that can affect technology and work within those systems. Technomancers appear to have access to “spell hacks” which seem to affect the way magic works.

So. Stoked.

Yes. At some point we will be notified that the option is live, then will have to change our delivery option accordingly. I don't know why this just went up today; the subs have been available for something like a week or more.

Hm. Would it count as a sweat shop if the workers don't sweat?

How about plod shops?


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JRutterbush wrote:
Baxder wrote:
I don't understand the +6/4/2 deal. I mean conceptually. It seems arbitrary to me. Essence (right?) in Shadowrun makes sense, but this doesn't. Can someone explain how it does?
No matter the method, personal enhancements use specific frequencies to enhance one's abilities. So far, there have been three such frequencies discovered, each one able to promote slightly more growth. You can only have three because that's all that's been discovered. They're at +6, +4, and +2 because each frequency has a set strength. And you can't stack them because two frequencies of the same type will just cancel each other out.

Nice. I can dig that. Except maybe the same freq's interfere with each other, the results of which you just don't want to see...

What a great concept. Especially with the example of the police force; imagine a "Bureau of Tech and Magic" in which such decisions come down to whose cousin owns the widget factory or which magical guild the higher bureaucrat owes a favor to.

I confess to not reading this entire thread, but in my skimming I haven't seen anyone ask my question yet...

I don't understand the +6/4/2 deal. I mean conceptually. It seems arbitrary to me. Essence (right?) in Shadowrun makes sense, but this doesn't. Can someone explain how it does?

Awesome. Thanks again!

Wow, thanks, Steve! One more question, or clarification, more like: If I order now, I will be able to opt to pick stuff up at the Con later, yes? Or should I wait until that option "goes live?" I suppose this also falls under that cuddly carebear thing, though...