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How are people handling starships in terms of flavor?

Are there other often used sci-fi tropes that are not mentioned by the rules, or perhaps magic items that are being incorporated in starships in your games?

For instance in your games are typical starships fitted with stuff like

- Inertial dampeners (so that high g maneuvers can be executed without crash couches, injected "juice" etc.)
- Artificial gravity
- Cybernetical links to allow 'jacking-in' to the ship
- Magical amenities based on low level spells/items (e.g. an item which can cast predestigitation may replace a shower with water, the galley may be equipped with an item casting create water for obvious reasons, etc etc)

It hasn't happened yet, but I plan on my player's ship AI having "personality" when I get around to running my homebrew.

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I like to play it as a range of those options. Inertial dampness are standard but of various quality so you may feel some G's if they are slow to respond. Artificial gravity is super common and boot cheap in the standard setting, you can run them with a wrecked power core I think, but I still like to think it can be turned off in the lounge or flicker when the ship takes damage. Jacking in is also just one of many options for UI, along with holographic, tactile, haptic screens, joysticks, immersion pods... what ever the players want.

I like your take on the UI and gravity options Torbyne.
How about any magical / hybrid items for use on/in starships? The SFCRB states something along the lines that technological solutions are sometimes not used just because it is so much easier to just use magic. If the spell list was as in old pathfinder you could expect to have items based on a number of spells to hlep make space travel easier and with less need to haul so many supplies. Food, water, air, hygiene etc would all be taken care of by magic items. Potentially sensors could be augmented by divination magic items etc etc. I wonder if this is part of the setting as described so far, or if it will be part of any upcoming books where starships are described in more detail.

I would love to see divination assisted quantum computers that can actually account for unknowns. :)

All I'm gonna say: Starjammer done right - B5's Shadow Battle Cruiser. Give us liveships!

Live ships? You mean like the living ship rules in pact worlds?

My players ship has a Virtual Intelligence (ie: has personality, but it is not self aware) who is called A.L.F.R.E.D., or Artificial Life Form Reality Enhancing Device. He has the voice of Michael Caine and the personality of the butler of Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Besides that, my version of the setting has Solid Data, a form of data compression that makes pure data to have physical form, pretty much like small motes of light that can be manipulated by touch or thought (for telepathic individuals). Most displays, screens and UIs are made of Solid Data.

It was the backwards engineering of Absalom technology what gave them access to solid data, as well as artificial gravity, soul creation (androids), drift travel, omnigel (ie: UPBs) and technomagic. None of those are fully understood.

I want something like Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion spell for a ship.

My starships are usually some kind of peanut butter, or a chocolate chip cookie dough if I'm feeling naughty.

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