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Jessex wrote:
Bacon! wrote:

The Rules of Bacon according to the PFS guide to organized play

5. Crispy and chewy are both acceptable ways to cook bacon. Thou shalt not discriminate.

Bah. Crispy is the only acceptable form of the ultimate food. Everyone decent knows that. I think you're trying to corrupt the impressionable youth with your vile heresy.

Hey man, I'm just the messenger. If you have an issue I suggest you take it up with campaign leadership.

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The Rules of Bacon according to the PFS guide to organized play

1. There must always be bacon in the fridge. Always.
2. There does not exist a food that does not go well with bacon.
3. There are two kinds of people in the world: those who like bacon, and those who will be used as fodder in the case of a zombie apocalypse.
4. Even pigs like bacon. Fact.
5. Crispy and chewy are both acceptable ways to cook bacon. Thou shalt not discriminate.
6. 90% of the world’s problems can be solved by bacon.
7. Bacon presents exactly zero health risks. Shut up.
8. If your computer is antiquated and slow, you can feed it bacon through the floppy drive to make it run faster.
9. Meals without bacon are rarely worth eating.
10. When given a breathalyzer, the number they give you is your BAC. This is short for “BACON”, and is equal to the number of slices of bacon you should eat divided by 100.
11. Thou shalt always consume bacon on the Sabbath. And the Mondath. And the Tuesdath. And the….
12. Bacon gets you laid.

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O.B. Original Bacon

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Rawr! wrote:

In celebration of news from the leafy one (OK really more coincident to the news), it's a new monster

Sweet Revenge!

I had some of the most delicious bacon this morning, no it was not a new brand. It is what I call unexpected bacon. My wife woke up early and fixed me bacon. I love that woman

Pecan Sandie Duncan wrote:
You should totally do an alias blitz.

mmmmmmmmmmmm......you know you want me

I really need to be banned


Pork Belly?

Oh crap, now you pissed her off. *Runs away with win*



Yes, yes you can and they are delicious

You know you want it..er me

Celestial Healer wrote:
Somebody has opened a restaurant a few blocks from my office that is entirely devoted to bacon.

Actually It's more of a temple

Heeelllpp Meeee!

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Lobriathus Berwell wrote:

On the other hand, pigs + fire = bacon.)



"Not a chance, all you orcs want is my ever so luscious belly"

*Runs and squeals*

Whattin da hell is lawn pig. Taint me izit


Aaaah The land is calm and I am winning again

Foolish Mortals, you cannot resist my sizzling deliciousness, No matter how "good" you fancy yourself at fighting. I have already won by significantly shortening your life span.

The patient fighter is the one who wins..and tastes delicious while doing so

Quote from the art of war and other recipes with bacon

'Finally!, something I can eat besides hippies"

*chases after chicken*

"yeah right"

*runs over to untitled 3 thread*

"They feed me hippies"


*sees orc runs quickly in the oppo direction*


Ha! What is the main ingredient in your "sandwich"

Without me you are nothing!

Could y'all feed me sum more hippeh's

Bacon! = winner

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I have answered your prayers loyal subjects!

Let it be known that bacon will be consumed at every meal from here forth

How wuz you fixin to fix me?