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Your left tarsals come from at least three different individuals, one of whom isn't even humanoid. The navicular is upside down and backwards. You're the one who shouldn't talk.

You're a kitty. You can't talk!

*Complacently licking the other paw* And yet, I manage just fine.

And I win.




Center !

Goal !

I win !

You cry !

I laugh !

You pout !

I doubt !

You press !

I relent !

You triumph !

I avenge !

You fall !

I win (again) !

You get disqualified for forcing actions on other characters. That's not how we RP here, buddy.

I'm a gnome with mighty powers of illusion.

I let others think they act according to their own will.

It has all be a master plan, years in the making, to come to fruition at that exact point in time:


Matt Damon!!!

[*looks deep into the dull lifeless eyes of the Unhollywooden Puppet while making mystical hand gestures*]

"Nay, I say to thee ! Thou are not Matt the Daemon ! Thou art... GEORGE CLOONEY !"

That would just make him better.

/has been sleeping under Quiche the whole time

Please take a shower before trying to win.

Is sleeping your way to winning an option then?

No, don't answer that. I don't win if you do.

That's very bad, VRMH.

Not for the rest of, actually, pun intended, on consideration. Just watch the pendant are getting sleepy. Veerryy sleeeepy.

You're not a licensed hypnotist.

Matt... Damon...

*falls asleep*


Luckily, some of us are sleep-posters.

I'm not and I work 24 hours. I win!

Aw, you lose.

(Looking down at Matt Damon Puppet) Well, I suppose he needed his sleep. I'll just stick a pillow under his head and toss a blanket over him. He'll be fine.

We could always cut off VRMH's beard for a blanket.

Or we could use SnowJade's pelt.

Bacon! = winner

Bacon Sandwich = Winner. I win!

Ha! What is the main ingredient in your "sandwich"

Without me you are nothing!

Hey, endangered species here. (Curls up next to Matt Damon Puppet.) *Yawn* Snooozzze

We can just clone you, like everything else. Come on, it's skinnin' time.

If it comes down to shirts vs. skins, I know what team I'm on.

*Snork* Hey, bug off, you! Look, there go your right tarsals. You no walkee, you no skinnee. Now lemme sleep.

Sleep all you want. I shall win.





*sits bolt upright!*


No. Schmorgan Heckengaard.

*knocks Matt Damon Puppet out*

Another loser heard from.

Bacon! wrote:

Ha! What is the main ingredient in your "sandwich"

Without me you are nothing!

I come with a life insurance policy, hence I win!

You look mighty tasty. Does that insurance policy cover you getting eaten?

*sees orc runs quickly in the oppo direction*

Hell NO!

Takes off running

That's right. Wee Wee Wee all the way home.

I win.

I have a house made of briiiiiiiccccckkkkkk!

We must end all this pork barrel nonsense.

Agreed. I'm getting hungry. Here piggy, piggy, piggy.

"yeah right"

*runs over to untitled 3 thread*

"They feed me hippies"

COME BACK HERE, PREY!!! (Chases the pig.)

*flies far overhead, watching the kitty chase the oink-oink*

If you're a vulture, stay away from my prey! I'm not done with it yet!

Alright, you get the bacon. I'll wait here with the win.

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