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I’ve already more or less established the character. Vivacious gnome, returned background. And while I obviously wont apply any archetype until at least second or fourth level, I want to possibly work in the application flavor wise in the preceding play. I sort of have a list in mind, but as this would be my first second edition character for after we finish off our long and several times delayed first edition AP. (The finish will almost certainly be after the second remaster at this point, so I’m mainly collecting ideas.)

Yes, undead sorcerer is kinda baked in. The two that could have fit for the character as envisioned would have been that or oracle of bones … and for my first pf2 character I don’t want to deal with the curse management bit. It’s not to be an ‘undead minions’ sort but an undead hunting one.

The campaign will be very undead-y. Character as is was mistakenly involved in a cult, which tried to sacrifice her only it … didn’t take …So, any ideas anyone?

So, a caveat to start: Not looking for advice on the build, or "Why did you take x y or Z?" or the like.

That being said. Have a fifth level winter witch about to go into the appropriate prestige class.

Hexes of Evil eye, Frostfoot, slumber.

Due to feats and traits a very good will save, especially against Hexes, curses or fey magic. Also due to traits has a pretty decent intimidate(+13) keyed off of intelligence and usable against larger humanoids(Creepy doll).

Due to 'build' unlikely to engage in any melee.

Have already taken favored prestige class for WInter witch in anticipation of getting to Prestigious caster at the next feat after that, so in two levels will have the full caster level and spells. Just because, the Favored prestige class skill bonus will apply to Intimidate again, so that will jump to 16. My buffed up intimidate is an RP preference thingy. Has a sage familiar and multiple buffed up knowledges herself.

She currently has an icicle wand, and there is a team collection of potions and scrolls that we dole out as needed.

So right now, she is likely to have something around 6,000 or slightly over gold to spend on items when the next opportunity arises(At least. Possible there could be more depending on what comes up. Just estimating) As a note, I highly suspect another party member is taking up crafting shortly

So possible shopping list:

There is the cackling hag's blouse, which is nice but would blow my entire wad to acquire. Could do a Intelligence headband which would only take four thou of my wad.

There are the usual cloaks of resistance, I have fair saves already but more is always good.

Just looking perhaps for ideas for the shopping list.

So have you ever had a character evolve in ways you totally never expected? My Halfling witch going through Reign of Winter has pretty much started out as a chaotic neutral type, dedicated to the ex ‘circus performer’ group which is her ‘family’ and willing to do almost anything for that family. Had been a foundling at an orphanage, having shown up wearing very little in the icy cold and not caring but remembering almost nothing as a very young kid. (Playing it as having manifested and gained her ‘familiar’ very early. As it didn’t change her starting power level, GM went with it. At the orphanage she quickly became unmanageable- the lady in charge, who was the abusive sort, soon found herself not quite in charge and being outwitted by a child, and a creepy one at that. So when the circus came along she gladly let them take this odd child off of their hands. She has a vengeful streak, a temper, a tendency to manipulate, and is protective of children. Just mentioning background for some context.

Over time that last aspect - the protectiveness of children - is cropping up quite a bit. One could also say Rime is well, atheist doesn’t apply in Golarion obviously ... but one could say pretty firm in ‘non-caring’ about the gods. Nonetheless after the clearing of the abandoned church where the children were given up to Babba Yaga by the Desnan priestS ... I found her almost of her own volition helping to clean the temple, set things clean, write up prayers and ceremonies(she knocked the knowledge religion out of the park), helping in the consecration of the altar, and offering rather sincere sounding prayers.

I had always planned on her evolving away from the CN over the course of the campaign, but this is a twist I was not quite expecting.

Ever have a character suddenly star going in an unexpected direction?

We are in the last book of one campaign and have begun making characters for the next one, so as part of my process I like to start collecting music which fits the character. In this case I have a very smart(across the mental stat, really really smart) charismatic high will halfling witch. It doesn’t effect her abilities at first level, but basic backstory has her found as a very young child, say in the six or seven range already having her familiar and seeming rather blasé about the cold. So spends her early years at a ‘place for unwanted orphans”. Is a strange one and after a long while the place is more than willing to ‘sell’ her to a passing traveling circus, where she worked as general help at first, then more specifically as a scout to suss out the crowd since she is very good at stealth. Help the fortune teller gather information for cold reads, what have you.

The beginning of the game is going to end up having the circus destroyed and the pc’s are all refugees from in, whether freaks, acts or help.

(Reign of winter is the AP)

So Rime(her name) is basically outwardly a rather cynical snarky dark and moody sort, but has a serious soft spot for children, the weak and despises “bullies” as she might call them.

Trying to just accumulate a list of possible songs to listen through and see if anything catches as character music.

Use this generator and piece together a character complete with a somewhat fleshed out background and possibly stats, working in all of the randomly generated material.

Druid just 'dinged' and leveled up at the end of Saturday's session and gained access to sixth level spells - anyone have any favorites?

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So, reading over all the errata and threads and faqs is giving me a headache: Does the attack on itself made by a recipient of this spell which fails its save consume any parts of its actions or not: Does it get all of its allotment of actions and deal damage to itself additionally, or does the 'attack on itself' use up an action?

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I'm trying to prep a debuffing-focused spell loadout for a Druid (or as much of one as possible) and wonder what people's favorite Druidic debuffs up through level five are. Just looking for opinions.

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Thought it might be good to lay down the parameters and such for this part.

Knowing nothing about specific encounters, if I had to carry around one level four druid spell, which would probably be best?

At some point I thought I saw a "summoned creature" excel sheet or program/website that would do things like applying templates feats et al for summons. Anyone know of such a beastie I can lay my hands upon?

Anyone know of any pictures of something you could decline as sort of like scale armor but with the armor made to look like feathers might exist? I'm sure you can find pictures of anything on the Internet,however, I have been coming up short. Failing that it would be armor that isn't full plate but with a bird/eagle theme to it.

Just shooting it out there in case someone here knows of a picture like that I could show players to give them the general idea.

generally im not the sort to get into these sorts of things, but ...
Which is generally going to be higher DPR?

One attack doing 1d6+4 with an 18-20x2 crit range and two attacks at -1 doing 1d6+1


2 Attacks at +4 each for 1d6+3 damage each with a crit of 20(x2)?

My back of the envelope seems to think that at least at ac 14 the first one with three attacks wins out, marginally. Close to tied at ac15?

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just looking over old threads - in this case about the 'elixir of sex change" - made me imagine royal families that insured their stability and the continuance of their Royal line by stockpiling this potion. You don't have any appropriate match ups to provide an heir? MAKE one. As long as you can find two people at all with the appropriate bloodlines, you could generate a matchup - given it says that the basic identity remains the same. Might make for an interesting kingdom or empire - especially if it were one focused on magic.

What other odd ways you could twist and stretch to concepts of royal families for various games, using either magic or other oddities to provide twists?

(And to paraphrase Mark Twain ... 'Anyone attempting to find political motive in this post will be shot, by order of the author")

... For improving the survivability of an animal companion. Damage resistance five adamantine, or plus two natural armor? Top of my head instinct one makes me want to say damage resistance at low level switching over to KC somewhere in the mid levels and switching back to damage resistance somewhere by the high levels.

Let me first establish something: I know some people don't like, or even despise, alignment. I have no problem with that. To each their own. However, I'd rather not have that particular argument in this thread, so please, let's just stick to the topic.

On to the topic: I'm starting a serpents skull campaign, and I'm playing a lawful neutral Vanara druid(Ape Shaman). I'm mainly interested in various peoples ideas of how being lawful neutral intersects with being a druid.

If an elf comes back as a half Orc, how do you figure out how old the body is for aging purposes? Just curious ." And don't see it anywhere.

Since it can bring back someone that died of old age, it obviously doesn't bring them back at the same age, or they would just immediately die again.

The second level aspect thingy has one option that gives you two d6 slam natural attacks ...
So, would it be better on average to ...

Use a scimitar in one hand(same damage, better crit range) and a natural attack at minus five in the other ... Or the two slams at full? Instinct tells me the two slams probably work out to higher damage, but ...

New party I'm in has a guy who plans on craft wondrous item. Usually our method is that we put requests in a Wait list ...

So for a Druid concentrated on shape shifting, specifically Ape Shaman ... What would be interesting thematic items to request?

Ok, one class I haven't done much with in the past is druid, so for my upcoming serpents skull game, I'm making one - while I don't tend to go for one to twenty builds, I want to perhaps get some interesting ideas for directions to take it.

The tree fixed point im not changing are:
1: vanara
2: ape shaman druid
3: Ape animal companion

Within those three points, anyone got some ideas for directions to take it?

I'm currently in round sixteen of a combat. What is everyone's personal record?

So, wit arrowmaster's bracers my archer character essentially has one free automatic hit if she wants it. I want to invest in a special enchanted arrow to be delivered by what is essentially that one free hit. What enchantment value or set of values would be most valuable for that purpose?

In another thread, the idea of a gunslinger variant designed around making a sling cool or useful came up; perhaps we could attempt it here? The way I see it these things need to happen to make it work.

Sling slinger;

Minimum things that need replacing or reworking:

Gunsmith - replace with something
Remove the touch attack aspect.
Find a replacement for gun training(s)

Remove or rework deadeye into something different.

Remove quick-clear.

Remove pistol-whip - perhaps re-flavor to allow the slinger to use the loaded sling like a sap up close?

Remove/replace and rework utility shot.

Remove expert loading

Rework lightning reload.

Add deeds specifically for slinger.

Increase crit modifier?

Increase damage done or rate of fire?

Increase range?

Ancient peoples used the sling in combat—armies included both specialist slingers and regular soldiers equipped with slings. As a weapon, the sling had several advantages; a sling bullet lobbed in a high trajectory can achieve ranges approaching 400 m;[17] Modern authorities vary widely in their estimates of the effective range of ancient weapons. A bow and arrow could also have been used to produce long-range arcing trajectory, but ancient writers repeatedly stress the sling's advantage of range. The sling was light to carry and cheap to produce; ammunition in the form of stones was readily available and often to be found near the site of battle. The ranges the sling could achieve with molded lead glandes was only topped by the strong composite bow or, centuries later, the heavy English longbow, both at massively greater cost.

Thinking of the possibility of making a mounted combat type of PC; this is something I haven't done much with before, and was wondering if someone might list the best applicable feats and some suggestions for their use? This isn't asking for a build so much as trying to make sure I'm not missing any lego bricks before I start constructing.

Best build for a melee fighter whose primary weapon is a rapier. Not being cheesy.

(Thinking of something for a future character, interested to see what sorts of things come up.). Presume a 20 point buy.

Just out of curiosity, want to see how people would divide domains for this set of deities.
I have the way I have done it - just curious how it would match up with other people's perceptions.

Obozhavati; (major deity)
- A Lawful Neutral Deity of Law and order, he favors civic order - his
followers in most places worship him in a fairly benign way, while seen
somewhat as busybodies, they are still decent members of society. In
Duhovnik his worship has been taken to the extreme, a reign of Tyranny.


Ilhvar is the god of trickery, creativity, lying, and also one of the primary deities of magecraft. He is also known as "TheBreaker" - the deceiver, and "The violator of the covenant". In most places his worship is discouraged if not outright banned. Most view him, incorrectly, as the primary object of venerance of magic wielding characters. The priesthood of Ilhvar, as such, does not meet publicly - no government accepts an official presence of the Ihlvaric priesthood - yet they show up from time to time behind plots.

Ilhvar is usually depicted as a handsome seeming man in his middle age. A distinguishing feature is an elongated middle finger.

Alignment: neutral evil


Vracar is the god of magic and scholarship - learning. Vracar is also known as 'the observer'. His a priesthood is largely centered around a system of libraries. He is portrayed as a quiet and reflective deity. His priests tend not to advertize the fact.
Their main function is in attempting to rescue and help persecuted mages.
With the destruction of the Library-temple complex in Cokrajina, the one in
Novluka is now the single largest known repository of magical and pre -
burning times texts in Suverra.

Alignment: True Neutral


Izhda is the goddess connected with death and dying. She is also known
as the Judge of Souls - the one who decides the fates of the dead. Very much a standard archetypal goddess of death.

Alignment: True Neutral


Tvorak is known as "The Creator" - and was originally the aspect of the Unsplintered
deity related to the creation of the world. This god and his priesthood are truly neutral in nearly all conflicts. One thing they do, more so than almost anyone else, is send people into the Burning Lands to investigate. They seem to have an innate curiosity of the region, and the best maps which do exist of the area are surely in their possession.

Tvorak is worshipped in four aspects based on the element of choice of the priesthood.

Alignment: Neutral


Ipravan is perhaps the most benevolent of the deities in the pantheon. She is called "The Benefactor" and the "Mender of Ways". Her priesthood's goal is to work towards any action that might bring the various aspects of the splintered god back into alignment with each other - healing and rejoining the whole into one.

Alignment: neutral good


Osveta is known as the stalker, or the Hand of Fury - the aspect
of the Splintered god who represented his vengeance. Osveta is the god of those who seek redress of slights through applied violence. One could characterize her priesthood as, at their darkest, assassins.

Alignment: Neutral Evil


Sreca is the godess of luck. A capricious and often cruel deity who will both give and take away - even from her own priests, although her own priests are lucky more often than
they are not. . .

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


The god of the living natural world, Narav is worshipped by those venerating naturre - and is also rumored to be scarred and slightly insane, due to the Burning. From true neutral he has been drifting towards chaotic neutral - and the character of his following has been drifting with him.

Alignment : True neutral, leaning chaotic neutral.


Zabava is the aspect god of competition in the
physical arena.

Alignment: Lawful neutral.
Domaiin: Strength, healing.


Vom'Dai, also known as the Eagle God, is the god of justice and honor in battle; he is Lawful Good, in notable contrast to the neutral alignment of the other Suveranic splinter gods, all formerly aspects of the Splintered God. He is almost exclusively followed by the Azari of the Ring Mountains, a small city-state tucked in a corner of the Razjmenan High Marches, though word has spread somewhat through interaction with Azari contract
warriors and paladins. He is usually pictured as a great green eagle, either swooping to the attack with talons splayed, or soaring watchfully above.


Is another of the Splinters which deviates from the central mean - the counterpoint to Vom'Dai - He is largely worshipped in the lawless areas at the edges of the Burning lands - by people who have come to the conclusion that the only thing that should be considered is the self, in rejection of authority and law. One of the uglier of the Suveranic
splinter deities, it is disliked even by the least pleasant of the other splinter deities. He rules over chaos and self interest, and his followers revel in bringing destruction and misery.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil


Sukobit is the god of battles and war - Sukobit is usually only depicted by his accoutrements - his armour and sword - and no face is shown. The god himself is neutral - the outcome of the battle is not so important as that it is fought. All that goes with battle is his realm, for good and ill.

His symbol is a Sword and a lantern - as his priests see it - the way a battle is fought reveals the truth about those fighting.

Alignment ; neutral


Mesecina is known as the 'Lady of the Night' or 'She who Walks by moonlight', and is associated with poetry, song, animal growth and beauty - and is also associated with cold air, atmospheric poisons, ghosts and creatures of the night. She is Chaotic
Neutral, knowing few bounds, capricious and fickle. Her following is comprised of several
congregations, devoted to her worship in differing manners.

Alignment: Chaotic neutral


Sudbinad is the god of fate, destiny and prophecy. He seems Chaotic Neutral, shifting and uncertain - but that is because he seems to live backwards from the ever-shifting future,
knowing what will be, which is constantly in flux, and being unaware of the past. His
priesthood is strange, and tends to exist mainly in out of the way and isolated locations. They tend to be recluses, and to be socially inept.

Alignment: Neutral

Since there is a worst way to die for pcs figure there might as well be a "best" death thread: the most moving memorable or cinematic death of a character.

I'll put mine in later but the floor is open.

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Playing off of the Panes thread currently up ....

In your home campaigns, if not using a pre-established world, what sorts of cosmologies do you use?

In the least 'Normal' of my worlds in this respect you could describe things thusly: Envision two coins or discs, one is the material plane(Or second world)(There is only one, no alternate primes), The other is 'Above' the Material pane and is called the 'First world'. The 'First World' is the original home of all things Fae - and where the realms of the Gods are located. 'Above' and adjacent to the 'First World' is the Positive Energy plane. 'Below' and adjacent to the 'Second World' or Material plane is the Negative Energy plane. Surrounding and adjacent to all of the above is the "Elemental Expanse" A sort of Maelstrom of raw elements and primal elements.

Those are, quite literally, all of the planes. Originally, there was only the First World and the other mentioned planes, until an event which I am not naming here in case there are roving eyes of players, caused the Material Pane to split off from the First World.

Where other planar creatures exist - not all of them do - they are from a subregion of the First World. There are no demons and devils, as such. There are the Fae, and those are bad enough, capricious and manipulative. Of which those seen on the Material Plane are often pale imitations. The first world is in many ways a geographic mirror of the Material plane.

A place to discuss the original topic of the now doomed thread. Please, can this one stick to the topic listed above?

Not an optimizer to a large degree myself, but, out of curiosity ...

I know vital strike is generally an underwhelming feat, but what is people opinions of taking it for an arcane archer? When they use an imbued arrow they only get one attack anyway - would it be worth it to add more damage to that one attack or still a 'wasted feat"