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So, wit arrowmaster's bracers my archer character essentially has one free automatic hit if she wants it. I want to invest in a special enchanted arrow to be delivered by what is essentially that one free hit. What enchantment value or set of values would be most valuable for that purpose?

A slaying arrow would be a plain 50 damage shot (or 100 if greater).
But it depends on the contest. Look for a moment at the Greater Designating ability. +4 on hit and +6 damage for melee people is wonderful for people who attack a lot of time.
Or try keen, shocking burst, flaming burst, corrosive burst, icy burst +1 adamantine arrow.

Buy poison, if you have the money, it helps.

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I played a character in a oneshot once with an Efficient Quiver filled with an assortment of magic arrows.

Slayer Arrows, or at least Bane Arrows of every kind are fun. It helps if you have knowledge skills to identify monsters.

But, yeah. Take them all, and be Hawkeye.

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