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Anyone know of any pictures of something you could decline as sort of like scale armor but with the armor made to look like feathers might exist? I'm sure you can find pictures of anything on the Internet,however, I have been coming up short. Failing that it would be armor that isn't full plate but with a bird/eagle theme to it.

Just shooting it out there in case someone here knows of a picture like that I could show players to give them the general idea.

Describe it a little better ans someone could probably sketch one for you, when do you need it by?

I googled "feather armor", then clicked on "images". Quite a few results. I assumed you tried this already?

Nothing immediate - it's a play by post on a message board, so it's not coming up for a while. And yes, I tried that Google search and pulled a few things from it which might be kinda ok, but I'm sorta just trolling the waters. There are a lot of gems and such here, and figured one might have a favorite picture or something they had used before which might fit better - never hurts to ask, the worst that happens is that no one has anything.

It's more a stylized sort of armor, ideally almost like scale mail with the scales being metallic feathers. b2223.jpg

Sorta comes the closest.

It's the armor of the elite imperial guard unit of a fallen ancient empire whose "totem" as it were was an eagle. But it also needs to look functional and not just ornamental parade armor. It's meant to actually go out and actively fight people in.

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