Best archetype for an undead necromancer undead hunter.


I’ve already more or less established the character. Vivacious gnome, returned background. And while I obviously wont apply any archetype until at least second or fourth level, I want to possibly work in the application flavor wise in the preceding play. I sort of have a list in mind, but as this would be my first second edition character for after we finish off our long and several times delayed first edition AP. (The finish will almost certainly be after the second remaster at this point, so I’m mainly collecting ideas.)

Yes, undead sorcerer is kinda baked in. The two that could have fit for the character as envisioned would have been that or oracle of bones … and for my first pf2 character I don’t want to deal with the curse management bit. It’s not to be an ‘undead minions’ sort but an undead hunting one.

The campaign will be very undead-y. Character as is was mistakenly involved in a cult, which tried to sacrifice her only it … didn’t take …So, any ideas anyone?

Hollowed necromancer probably. Keep in mind it's uncommon.

There are the various undead archetypes if just the Returned background isn't doing enough.

Hallowed Necromancer as was mentioned previously.

Also Ghost Hunter, Ghost Eater, Exorcist, and Corpse Tender all look interesting also. Some of those come from specific adventures though, so like with other Uncommon options, check with GM for access.

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