Alright, just because I'm curious ...


Best build for a melee fighter whose primary weapon is a rapier. Not being cheesy.

(Thinking of something for a future character, interested to see what sorts of things come up.). Presume a 20 point buy.

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*Readies action to Cleave the first guy who says "Best Build: Anything that's not a fighter."*

Kobold Cleaver wrote:
*Readies action to Cleave the first guy who says "Best Build: Anything that's not a fighter."*

Thank you for the assistance, much obliged. I tend not to be a "build" person, but just seeing what pops up, because. Call it being open minded.

Most likely going to be a TWF build, rapier in the main hand, and a kukri in the off I would presume.

As much as I like the prospect of going the Finesse route, the STR build will overall be better.

Swashbucklers do pretty darn good with an Agile Rapier, played one for a bit during the playtest at 7th level and did okay.

Well, up until anything requiring a Fort or Will save came up.

Technically a Swashbuckler is a fighter....

No, technically a Swashbuckler is a Swashbuckler.

Whole new class, with the damage potential of the Fighter but double dips on the "Lol ur f@%$ed" aspect of saving throws by for some reason having a poor Fort save when neither of its parent classes did.

So what to people think of all of the various crit feats?

Strength build. Butterfly Sting once you get your second iterative. Wield a heavy pick in your other hand. Use the rapier until you crit on attack 1, then pass the crit to your pick attack. Do not TWF, as the penalties are too severe.

Pick up a racial SLA for Arcane Strike. The rest, flesh out any way you like. I suggest Improved Critical.

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