Ideas for a Vanara ape shaman druid


Ok, one class I haven't done much with in the past is druid, so for my upcoming serpents skull game, I'm making one - while I don't tend to go for one to twenty builds, I want to perhaps get some interesting ideas for directions to take it.

The tree fixed point im not changing are:
1: vanara
2: ape shaman druid
3: Ape animal companion

Within those three points, anyone got some ideas for directions to take it?

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It's weird, but with the Shaman druid archetypes you can take the Shaping Focus Feat, dip one level into another class, and end up without a penalty to your non-shamanic wild shape level (as the Feat adds up to 4 effective levels for wild shape purposes, up to your character level: the 1, or 2, level dip, and the -2 from the archetype are all eliminated). Monk / Druid combos seem popular and (with a vanara) if you ever watched the TV show 'Monkey' as a child you may want to go with a Monk dip and some awsome quarterstaff or bo staff skills!

For the totemic summons, you may want to check with your GM as to what qualifies as a 'primate'. Ape, sure, but what about a cyclops or hill giant? Summoning gargantuan gaints could be fun! Probably not before the AP already ends though... Still, your basic huge ape totemic summons will make a half-decent Kong!

I now have stats- before racial mods, which are +2 wis and dex, - 2 cha.
The way i was planning on prioritizing stats I'm ending up with a ten int, 5 cha and 18 wis. The five cha makes me twitch a bit. I guess he's average smart, very perceptive about other people, but tends to be blunt about what he sees?

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... or flings his own poop when mad? No, no... probably taking it a little too far... :)

Any ideas on the style of Druid you're more interested in (apart from archetype, of course)? An offensive caster? A support caster? A front-line wildshaped fighter? A critter summoner? Druids can do pretty much anything well: there's so much to choose from!

More aiming towards something in the last two categories.

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Well, for critter summoning the Spell Focus (conjuration) and Augment Summoning Feats are great and can lead on to the Moonlight, Starlight and/or Sunlight Summons Feats and the Superior Summoning Feat as well. For wildshape-type combat Powerful Shape may be a good idea if you're heading into grappling territory (which the Ape Shaman's Totem Transformation natural weapons option would seem to support as a way to go) - grappling may make that Monk dip more tempting too, if done right? Although slams are pretty nice too...

The only thing I don't like about the monk dip is that it would delay my wild shape and the companions evolution.

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