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Let me first establish something: I know some people don't like, or even despise, alignment. I have no problem with that. To each their own. However, I'd rather not have that particular argument in this thread, so please, let's just stick to the topic.

On to the topic: I'm starting a serpents skull campaign, and I'm playing a lawful neutral Vanara druid(Ape Shaman). I'm mainly interested in various peoples ideas of how being lawful neutral intersects with being a druid.

Lawful is more following a code than obeying laws. Since Ape’s are very social animals I would think that your code would be about following the rules of your group. I suggest you read a couple of Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan books. Ignore any Tarzan movies and go for the books. Tarzan was actually pretty lawful. He may not have cared about human laws but he had a code he lived by.

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"NOW this is the law of the jungle, as old and as true as the sky,
And the wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the wolf that shall break it must die."

A druid might also see the structured, dependable order of nature, such as the changing of the seasons or the flow of birth, life, and death, and a return to the earth. He might base his outlook on that. Alternately he could develope a moral code based on natural law, assuming what the earth creates is right, and what warps nature is an abomination.

I know that per RAW all animals are True Neutral.

That said, I have an inkling feeling that dogs feel more "Lawful" and cats feel more "Chaotic".

Similarly, I feel that some species of apes have more familial bond-ish characteristics relative to other animals that don't have much of a family aspect like lizards. And I feel that counts as "Lawful" for certain definitions of Law.

Replace the alignment concept of law with Order and the dichotomy of Order and Chaos makes much more sense.

A lawful druid will find order in nature. Whether that is in following the order of nature, the following of his "pack", or whatever else he should have some sort of "order".

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To echo what some others have said, a Lawful Neutral druid is going to be about finding the patterns in nature, and then enforcing them.

The cycle of the seasons. Equilibrium in the ecosystem. That sort of thing.
He may favor animals that have clear group or herd dynamics.
To use a modern word, he'd be all about 'sustainability'. If a drought kills all the rabbits, he's going to start hunting wolves. If a landslide (or hunters from 'civilized' areas) kill all the wolves, he's going to start hunting rabbits.

To put it in modern political terms this would be a 'Green' Socialist.

"Summer follows spring, winter follows fall. Birth, life, death and birth again. "

I was thinking of him as very tribal, loyal to friends.

"You are not allowed to die while I yet owe you my life. There must be a balance in the scales. Through your actions my life you have saved. Through my actions I must also save yours."

Brutally truthful. "If a man asks for my loyalty, I will give him my honesty. If he asks for my honesty, I will give him my loyalty.."

I'm envisioning someone quite capable of working within a party whom he has adopted as his 'tribe'. He is not good in the sense of good and evil - but he would see the aims of his Tribe realized, in whatever way least conflicts with the Law of Nature. His "in" to the group is that, in the pre part of the game, he and his companion had been caught by slavers and another of the party bought his contract and set both free. In return, he is helping guide her, as her business in the area was exploring ruins. (The other character starts with the appropriate amount of money. The purchase of him and his companion and requiring him was assumed to leave he with exactly the amount of money and equipment she and he were supposed to have at the start). Yes, this is a very simplified version of the starting story.

That said, what I'm trying to delve into is that Druids model of the natural world and looking for ideas on that. I have some, I'm just trying to get ideas to flesh it out.


...sorry about that.

Anyway, there is an easy way to play this- be territorial. I haven't played it, but it appears that this AP has a lot of unscrupulous people trouncing through the jungle looking for some macguffin (at least at the beginning). Most would be unlikely to respect the local environment. That seems like a prime reason for a nature loving druid to get angry.

From what I could gleam from about later parts, there is also a big risk of war. Again, that is not good for the local wildlife. Bring peace to these wild lands, young one, so that neither the boots of man or the coils of serpents stomp and strangle the life out of all that lives.

Lawful: There's a pattern to nature and certain activities ensure survival while other activities ensure death. There is a cycle to life. There are social animals where every animal has a place and purpose within the group.

Chaotic: Whatever helps you survive, do it. Don't waste time pondering patterns and cycles and what-not. There's no pattern, there are no rules. No one enforces "the law of the jungle", there's just life and death. So live it. And then, when you're done, die it. And if you gain too much weight, diet. You say there's a pattern and cycle... well, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

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