Best level four druid spell


Knowing nothing about specific encounters, if I had to carry around one level four druid spell, which would probably be best?

There are several good options. Freedom of movement is great, but may work better as a scroll.

Real question is what kind of Druid are you? Caster, shift and attack, buffer?

Other good spell: air walk, flame strike, ball lightning, dispel magic, strong jaw, or echolocation.

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Also what is the group makeup? Where/what is the theme of your adventure? Some info helps to narrow the list

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I'm just going to throw out Life Bubble, Scrying and Protection from energy-communal as some really strong choices. But I have to say, level 4 is probably the hardest choice for a druid, even at high level play, I spend more time trying to figure out what 4th level spells to take than all other 9 levels combined. Best thing I can say is figure out what your allies are bringing to the table, and try and bring something that they don't have that is also going to be almost universally useful.

Well, more of a combat focus druid(Ape Shaman) with a secondary battlefield control role and Ape Animal Companion. Also included are an Arcanist, a heavy combat focus Inquisitor(Heretic)(Falchion), a Magus(Hexcrafter/Spell dancer), a Juju Oracle, and an (unchained) monk.

The combat style, due to the particular builds is generally very 'Blitzkrieg' There is quite a bit of charge in and decapitation strikes and quick closing.

Serpent's Skull.

I haven't actually taken alot of druids to this level as PC's before. Just by happpenstance.

And yes, there are alot of nice level four choices, so I have some trouble deciding.

If you enjoy battlefield control/debuffing and have the wisdom to pull it off, slowing mud can be a great choice - especially against caster types with low Fort saves.

Caustic Blood is an amazingly good personal buff for a druid who mixes it up in melee.

Wildshape; Caustic Blood, Strong Jaw, Thorn Body and Bloody Claws

Damage; Greater Aggressive Thundercloud, Explosion of Rot, Volcanic Storm and Ice Storm

Support Caster; Dispel Magic, Slowing Mud, Protection From Energy Communal and Freedom of Movement

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