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We are in the last book of one campaign and have begun making characters for the next one, so as part of my process I like to start collecting music which fits the character. In this case I have a very smart(across the mental stat, really really smart) charismatic high will halfling witch. It doesn’t effect her abilities at first level, but basic backstory has her found as a very young child, say in the six or seven range already having her familiar and seeming rather blasé about the cold. So spends her early years at a ‘place for unwanted orphans”. Is a strange one and after a long while the place is more than willing to ‘sell’ her to a passing traveling circus, where she worked as general help at first, then more specifically as a scout to suss out the crowd since she is very good at stealth. Help the fortune teller gather information for cold reads, what have you.

The beginning of the game is going to end up having the circus destroyed and the pc’s are all refugees from in, whether freaks, acts or help.

(Reign of winter is the AP)

So Rime(her name) is basically outwardly a rather cynical snarky dark and moody sort, but has a serious soft spot for children, the weak and despises “bullies” as she might call them.

Trying to just accumulate a list of possible songs to listen through and see if anything catches as character music.

No lyrics, but this song always sounded "cold" to me somehow

Cold as Ice by foreigner...

But in reality, when I'm ina creative pathfinder mood, I just dabble through Youtube searches for instrumentals with keywords. Lyrics don't seem to do it for me, since most music with lyrics is meant to be interpreted by the current audience.

(Ice, winter, witch, fantasy, epic, ancient, ambiance, instrumentals).

And if you're looking for something that has greater instrumental performances and less direct fantasy "theme", then you can search for specific instrumental performances on instruments unique to a specific real world race, religion, region, etc.

I created a sweet warpriest that drew heavy influence from the era of the Ottoman Empire, and listened to Duk Duk instrumentals. This fueled great creativity.

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For character tunes in general I use the music from the Ace Attorney games. They were made to tell you what the character is like even before they talk!

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How about Queen's "The Show Must Go On"?

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Ice Girl by Emilie Simon for her darker/snarkier side; Children of the Frost by Indica for her soft spot for children, lamenting their bad situations and hoping for better, ("the season of dark had gone"/"our season had come").

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