Druid spell loadout.


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I'm trying to prep a debuffing-focused spell loadout for a Druid (or as much of one as possible) and wonder what people's favorite Druidic debuffs up through level five are. Just looking for opinions.

Entangle and sickening entanglement for a start. Plant growth is something you can set up well in advance if need be. Those generally require you to be in the wild somewhere of course.

Frost fall + rime spell works anywhere as does slowing mud, and both are worthwhile. Ice spears (possibly + rime spell) is also useful. Explosion of rot looks good though I haven't used it. Control winds can be amazing in the right situation.

Many of your good debuffs are persistant area effects, stone call, spike growth and spike stones are some of my favorites that are not already mentionex.

Grand Lodge

Continuous small area spells like flaming sphere
Burst of radiance damage blinding
Frigid touch is great on spell storing armour
Air geyser
Aqueous orb
Ice spears
Nauseating trait if your ac has good move speed
Spike growth and spike stones
Slowing mud

Good spells for anti-flyer?

Shadow Lodge

Sirocco knocks things to the ground. I busted it out recently in a game and everyone was like where is that spell from. APG, it's been around forever, but nobody uses it.

Obsidian flow and tar pool are basically higher level versions of entangle.

jute wrote:
Good spells for anti-flyer?

Ideally that's when you break out control winds. If you're not to that level explosion of rot staggers as well as damages, and flyers hate that, or air walk gets you or an ally up in the air. Failing that summon something flying or maybe use euphoric cloud to divide and conquer.

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The OP was three years old, so may not be looking anymore. That said:

Anti flyer:
3 Call Lightning -- medium range 30' vertical bolt 3d6 (or 3d10)
3 Swarm of Fangs -- flying swarm some damage
4 Ball Lightning -- medium range flying damage
4 Flame Strike -- medium range 40' tall cylinder of damage
5 Call Lightning Storm -- long range 30' vertical bolt 5d6 (or 5d10)
5 Insect Plague -- long range flying swarm

2 Cloud of Seasickness -- like stinking cloud, but make sickened
2 Euphoric Cloud -- like fog cloud, but can facinate to debuff
2 Fog Cloud -- staple spell for blocking sight
3 Ash Storm -- large area no sight and difficult terrain
3 Nauseating Trail -- personal stinking cloud marks where you went
3 Shadowmind -- make targets think they cannot see as well
3 Sleet Storm -- large area no sight and difficult terrain
3 Thorny Entanglement -- large area long term debuff with some damage
4 Ice Storm -- Some damage, then a cylinder of difficult terrain
4 Volcanic Storm -- Some damage, then a cylinder of difficult terrain


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