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Since there is a worst way to die for pcs figure there might as well be a "best" death thread: the most moving memorable or cinematic death of a character.

I'll put mine in later but the floor is open.

Most of my PC deaths have been either ignominious examples of monumental, even epic foolishness, or else have been dramatic and memorable sacrifices for the good of the party.

This wasn't mine but my brothers for whom I was gming, but the party was in the sewer system of a large city, trying to escape from something evil they had awakened. An rough bad luck and a few bad rolls, one of them, a warrior wielding a greatsword, got separated from the rest of the party ... And found himself in a corridor alone with nasties that outclassed him bearing down on him. He still had a chance to turn and run thou ... But instead turned and fought, making a delaying action to let the others get away ... And then proceeded to have one of the best strings of dice luck I had ever seen. When the rest of the party, who had decided to double back and try to find and rescue him caught up ... They found him dead, yes - but dead with the corpses of four of the nasties around him and one heavily wounded - keeping in mind that facing one of these things as a party was a very tough encounter. They managed to finish off the remaining one. And, while it took some time and questing - they did manage to eventually get their companion resurrected. And his badass credentials were through the roof.

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