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So have you ever had a character evolve in ways you totally never expected? My Halfling witch going through Reign of Winter has pretty much started out as a chaotic neutral type, dedicated to the ex ‘circus performer’ group which is her ‘family’ and willing to do almost anything for that family. Had been a foundling at an orphanage, having shown up wearing very little in the icy cold and not caring but remembering almost nothing as a very young kid. (Playing it as having manifested and gained her ‘familiar’ very early. As it didn’t change her starting power level, GM went with it. At the orphanage she quickly became unmanageable- the lady in charge, who was the abusive sort, soon found herself not quite in charge and being outwitted by a child, and a creepy one at that. So when the circus came along she gladly let them take this odd child off of their hands. She has a vengeful streak, a temper, a tendency to manipulate, and is protective of children. Just mentioning background for some context.

Over time that last aspect - the protectiveness of children - is cropping up quite a bit. One could also say Rime is well, atheist doesn’t apply in Golarion obviously ... but one could say pretty firm in ‘non-caring’ about the gods. Nonetheless after the clearing of the abandoned church where the children were given up to Babba Yaga by the Desnan priestS ... I found her almost of her own volition helping to clean the temple, set things clean, write up prayers and ceremonies(she knocked the knowledge religion out of the park), helping in the consecration of the altar, and offering rather sincere sounding prayers.

I had always planned on her evolving away from the CN over the course of the campaign, but this is a twist I was not quite expecting.

Ever have a character suddenly star going in an unexpected direction?

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My Ranger in RotRL started as True Neutral but was something of a closet Chaotic Evil as this alignment fits what actions he would have committed if he had dared follow his impulses and ignore his fear of getting caught.

His sense of familial pride and his worship of Erastil, both of which were strengthened through events in the AP and additional modules, were leading him to become Lawful Neutral, as he was becoming far more responsible now that he was the man in charge and had a family to care for.

He had always been a very devout worshipper of Erastil. At first, it was mostly because of his fascination for hunting and the fear that Erastil would curse him with bad aim if he did not give him his due. Later on, after he got family and official responsibilities, he found that he relied even more on Erastil's teachings about communities and responsibilities.

Then, not long after, a disastrous fight with an immensely superior opponent led him to embark on a whole new turn for his life (and a completely unexpected one at that). He vowed to utterly eliminate this opponent the next time their paths would cross, and for this he required the help of Erastil's church. To get it, he decided to go all the way and pledge his life to Old Deadeye by becoming one of his Paladins.

That's right. This guy who started out as the perfect bully (a la Biff Tannen from Back to the future), interested in the "hero" job only for the glory and the girls, ended up becoming Lawful Good.

He went through 1 level of soul-searching as a Lawful Neutral Paladin (ie, without any of the special powers) and graduated to full Paladinhood (and Lawful Goodness) when his mentor (Paladin cohort taken with the Leadership feat, also not expected when I built him) deemed him worthy.

There are many ways to turn a benighted soul to the ways of Good. In my character's case, wounded pride did the trick.

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If my characters throw me no curveballs, I quickly lose interest in them.

I've had a lot of strange evolutions. I had a female elf fighter/MH back in 1e that went from party girl to queen-regent, to depressed loner wandering a wasteland. In a 2e game I had a peasant hero fighter/peasant wizard who was kind of a background loner that became the leader of an entire petty kingdom. In Marvel Super Heroes I played a version of myself, but with super speed powers right in HS.

If you make a character when you're 16, give him super speed and play in a game that's based on The Tick, there's a certain level of immaturity expected. When you resurrect that campaign at 21 and it has morphed into more of a gritty, White Wolf games style game, your speedster is a much different character. Fast Forward again to 24, your old friends have come back to the area and they want a bit of nostalgia, the "phase 3" of this game makes your character that much more evolved from the ridiculous teenager he'd been.

Most recently I made a halfling warpriest/hunter for a RoW AP. Another party member is used to taking a "combat leader" role so I figured I'd make a helpful PC who could self-buff, buff his AC and buff the rest of the party, so I played him as a happy-go-lucky, witty little fellow looking to adventure into the unknown with his pals.

When the AP had us encountering oppressed villagers and, later, discovering what some of the White Witches of Irrisen do with children in their care... my character went from being a happy-go-lucky adventurer to a force of vengeance. The campaign is currently on hiatus but from about levels 3-8 now I've been getting darker and grittier in my quest to see the good people of Irrisen regain some measure of their humanity and peace, no matter the cost.

I ran a Varisian witch fortune-teller character in a "Shattered Star" campaign for several years. I didn't expect that the character would become such a strong devotee of Desna that she started to consider herself a priestess. I eventually multiclassed into Evangelist to put some game mechanics around her devotion to the Starsong. (I also didn't expect her to end up in trapped in a clone body of Runelord Sorshen, but that's another story!)

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My CN aasimar kineticist rogue (Yurig the Liar Angel) in Emerald Spire wound up unlocking a very difficult chest (had to take 20 and use a few extra bonuses up). Inside was a copy of the Diabolic Chapter of The Book of the Damned.

He went into isolation. A month later, he emerged as LE cleric of Barbatos, Yurig the Liar Fallen Angel.

The best part was, prior to his transformation, he'd been Bluffing a bunch of Hellknights at Fort Inevitable that he was a true worshipper of Asmodeus. Turns out, if you say "Hail Asmodeus" as a bluff, Big Red doesn't see it that way...

My PF2 fighter became a Ranger dedication archetype at level 6 although I originally had plans for him to be a wizard archetype at that level. I just made more sense and was more optimized that way.

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