Level six Druid spells.


Druid just 'dinged' and leveled up at the end of Saturday's session and gained access to sixth level spells - anyone have any favorites?

Sovereign Court

you have access to all the druid spells, it doesn't matter as much.

But guess a couple of the few that I like and did use before:

-Antilife Shell
-Dust Form
-Find the Path (Warning: it can annoy some DM...it's literally a smartass spell.)
-Stoneskin Communal

Greater Dispel Magic.

I know there is access to all, but one cannot put all of them on their list every day.

Shadow Lodge

I second Antilife Shell, Dust Form, Find the Path and Greater Dispel Magic. Also:

- Tar Pool. Extra effective in combination with Sirocco.
- Fire Seeds. Not for every day, but the holly berry bombs were really handy for a sabotage mission.
- Eagle Aerie is great for exploration situations since you travel quickly but can still see the intervening terrain (unlike teleport).

EDIT: And it wasn't around when I was playing a druid, but Greater Black Tentacles looks amazing if you have a good party and fight mostly evil creatures - just watch out for structures.

I am a fan of:
Spelloak (saves one spell in quarterstaff for later use)
Source Severance (anti magic field for one type of magic)
Communal Stoneskin
Gravity Sphere (I love this spell. No save!)

I made greater black tentacles my perfect spell in a theory craft, with prayer beads of karma + Spell Specialization + Mages Tattoo you have a +10 to CL and therefore its CMB + 13 STR and in theory + the bonus for Garganutuan you end up with some pretty nice CMB for somewhere around 47, not as good as a specialized grappler, but it should work for control purposes.

Grand Lodge

Just a heads up for those that want a primary source. Greater black tentacles does not exist the spell is from arcane anthology it is called Jatembe's ire and only works in the presents of plants.

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