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How about an Outer God? Shub-Niggurath is a great choice if you want to mangle animals into monstrous humanoid things for the sake of glorying an evil god of fertility.

You can even go CN if you don't want to play it more experimental rather than be the malicious villain.

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Lyoto Machida wrote:

I think at high levels, almost every class is going to have to do some addition/subtraction to get their damage numbers right.

If you don't have some kind of modifier as a martial, be it rage/smite/judgment/power attack or whatever, you are probably going to suck.

So maybe your player might be better suited to something that doesn't require much addition or subtraction because it doesn't do any damage. Have him make a character that focuses on buffing or disabling enemies.

A sorcerer/wizard that focuses on transmutation and enchantment spells might be good. Stuff like haste, slow, suggestion, hold person, bulls strength doesn't require him to do the math and is still quite useful to the party.

This might be a bit off the wall, but maybe give him a mesmerist who focuses on single target save or suck spells might be solid for him. Have him take the thing that gives him a 50-50 chance to affect even mindless creatures with his stare and he can go to town trying to hit stuff with terrible remorse, hold monster etc. He can also do all the pre-buff stuff with the mesmerist tricks.

I hope some of these suggestions are a little helpful. I do think spellcasting with certain schools is actually the easiest thing to do in pathfinder. Just cast a spell and hope the bad guy's dice suck.

Spellcasting can be overwhelming for somebody new to the game entirely.

How new are they to PF or tabletop altogether?

Personally, if they wanted to go real simple like ranged. A good place to start like a ranger with bow focus. An animal companion is a huge plus, too. :)

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I'm trying to find an alternative to PF that isn't so wargamy and emphasizes more role-play. My group and I are finding PF rules to be too grindy for our tastes and, since I'm going to be running the more gothic-horror themed Carrion Crown, I'm wondering if there's a good atmospheric alternative. We've been discussing the Savage Worlds and FATE system and that's about it.

Any other suggestions?

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LizardMage wrote:
Anyone tackled Sub-Zero, or any of the Ninjas in Mortal Kombat yet?

I'm thinking Ninja/Water Kineticist multiclass.

Scorpion - Despite the ghostrider powers, he is just a brawler/ninja multiclass.

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UnArcaneElection wrote:

^Any luck finding this feat?

Naw man. Nothing yet. Shame too. It might make MT viable.

Ierox wrote:

^Any luck finding this feat?

I know, right! This means I can make a halfway descent DD, Rage Prophet and, like, other classes. :)

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136. A monk is a discount brawler. Don't, ever, ever, EVER play a monk.

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135. Play a character that uses Charisma as its main stat UNLESS it's super SAD (eg. Paladin/Oracle multiclass and Dragon Disciple gets a special mention as well).

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130. A Fighter is a discount Barbarian. Don't play a Fighter.
131. A Cavalier is a discount Paladin on a horse. Don't play a Cavalier.
132. A rogue is a discount ninja. Don't play a rogue.
133. A wizard is a discount non-human Sage-bloodline sorcerer. Don't not play a non-human Sage bloodline Sorcerer.
134. A martial class (full BAB) class is a discount Battle Oracle. Don't play full BAB class.

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I do like this revelation and, in fact, this is just another way I can play my favorite class in PF. There are just a couple of things.

First of is this ability:

<quote> Surge of Death (Su): Anytime a living creature dies that took negative energy damage from you within the past minute, or is suffering from a bleed effects of yours, you gain a +2 bonus to Strength and temporary hit points equal to your Oracle level for 1 minute. The bonus to Strength increase to +4 and the temporary hitpoints gained increases to 1 ½ your Oracle level at 8th level. At 14th level, the Strength bonus increases to +6, and the temporary hit points increase to twice your Oracle level. </quote>

Just ripe for abuse. I'm thinking a bunch of players with just bring bags of bleeding poultry for an easy bonus. I'd honestly do one of two things for balance: (1) reduce the initial amount and the incremental increase from +2 Str and +1/2 - 2x on hp to +1 Str and maybe just 1.5X for hp at some point OR (2) make this ability available at 7th or 11th level and not a moment before.

<quote> Vitality Drain (Su): When you confirm a critical hit against a target, you may choose to omit the bonus damage, and instead deal 2 points of Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution damage, and you gain the ability damage you dealt as a bonus for a number of rounds equal to your Oracle level. For every increment of critical damage, the ability damage increases by 2 (x3 becomes 4 points of damage, and so on). </quote>

This ability is interesting but I doubt it's harmony with the theme of 'hunger'. I'd like to see this ability become something that adds feats or become incrementally better like some of the other revelations (weapon mastery for the Battle Oracle for example). I also think this isn't really 'hunger' themed and more of a debilitation theme.

These are just suggestions off the top of my head.

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Try ebay.

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Well, there are versatile spells that any full level spellcasting class would love to have - Dispel magic, Telekinesis, etc. - but it does depend a lot as well on the type of Oracle you want to play and what mystery/curse you have chosen.

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UnArcaneElection wrote:

To mitigate spellcasting loss (including spellcasting progression) from a prestige class, you can get Prestigious Spellcaster (requires Favored Prestige Class, so only worth it if you are eventually taking all 10 levels of a prestige class that actually has 10 levels; can be taken more than once, so gets better if you actually have to mitigate more than 1 lost level of spellcasting progression; does nothing about spellcasting loss caused by non-prestige multiclassing).

That's really powerful. This means you could potentially make DD a full level spellcaster. However, I'm too tempted to splice some Paladin in there for divine grace. He'd come up short just due to personal preference ... still ...

UnArcaneElection wrote:

To mitigate caster level loss (but not spellcasting progression) for any reason, you can get Magical Knack (Magic Trait, so may clash with something else you need; also only worth it if you need to mitigate 2 levels of caster level loss).

I'd say it'd be worth it if progressions came along with it. Good suggestion if you want to keep up your caster level checks for SR or dispel.

UnArcaneElection wrote:

Some recently introduced feat exists (that I can't remember the name of) that mitigates 1 level of caster level loss (can't remember whether it included spellcasting progression) in each of 2 spellcasting classes. This would be more for a Mystic Theurge type, not a Sorcerer-focused type (unless you are planning to incorporate Sorcerer into a Mystic Theurge build, which takes some shenanigans to make viable before the really high levels).

I'm trying to find this feat. If it's as good as you say, MT might actually be viable (edit: MORE viable).

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Please ignore my above post. Apparently I didn't see several thousand other posts tailing behind this thread.

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I know I'm necrokicking but whatever.

Are you still making these? If you are, are you hosting a new site for your material elsewhere?

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avr wrote:

There's a few sorcerer builds here, though mostly single-classed.

Rakshasa bloodline Sorcerer 5 / Veiled Illusionist 10 is a really good illusionist.

Paladin 2 / Sorcerer 3 / Dragon Disciple 4 / Eldritch Knight X can be a solid fighter-type. Swashbuckler 1 / Eldritch Scrapper Psychic Sorcerer 6 / Eldritch Knight X also works.

Spellslinger Wizard 1 / Sorcerer X could be an excellent blaster.

I like the first one. Illusionist magic gets a lot of love in PF. The PrC has some versatility too.

The Paladin/Sorc/DD/EK combo sounds fun an playable. The rest of the party might think you have an role identity issue for the first little while. Then, come level 6, you grow scales and a few muscles and BOOM, you're suddenly filling several party roles and becoming everyone's scary BFF.

No. 3 is cool. There would be issues with your low BAB, however, when you start running out of spells. Also, one level from full spellcasting lost. :(

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Ancient Dragon Master wrote:
There are probably some interesting ones in ravingsorks character emporium

I checked out a rather old thread of his:


Seems like most of the links to his characters are dead, though. :(

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Replying to dot. Lots a cool ideas in this thread.

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So because I like versatility, good saves and I'm a glutton for punishment, I want to forgo the 1 - 20 full level track and full level spellcasting for something interesting and fun to play. I play characters of all types so don't limit yourself when you post.

I'm hoping to make a principally SAD Charisma-based with at least 1 - 4 class levels in sorcerer leveled up to 15. Also, I'm not averse to taking levels in a third class as long as whatever combination is fun, interesting and is halfway decent as a contributing party member.

And, as I've said, I'm not averse to different playstyles. I've played a tank (cavalier), DPS (various classes), Support (oracle), swiss army magic-user (Wizard and alchemist), etc.

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LuniasM wrote:
AldantheRighteous wrote:

Metatton (Undertale) - Bard w/ Celebrity archetype

Sans (Undertale) - Sorcerer or Time or Bone Oracle

Undyne (Undertale) - Barbarian of some sort

I wouldn't call Sans a Time Oracle - he's definitely perceptive though and knows enough about time to realize when time travel is involved. Bones Oracle sorta fits.

Seconding Undyne for Barbarian, maybe with a Kineticist mixed in for those water spears. Would that even work? I want this class hybrid now.

Toriel is probably a wizard of the evocation school judging by her intelligence and proficiency with fire magic. Asgore is probably an Eldritch Knight.

Alphys would also be a wizard, but she'd focus on crafting (craft construct mainly).

Sans, honestly would probably be an arcane class above anything else. I guess it depends on whether he earned that power or it came naturally to him.

For Undyne, I'm not sure. I haven't looked into any of the Occult classes yet at all. I spitballed Barbarian because it just sort of fit in my head.

I certainly agree about the rest.

I guess Chara would just be some sort of CR 20 monster.

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Ryu Hyabusa - Ninja/Fighter/Quingong monk

Ryu (SF) - Quingong monk

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Sol Badguy - Fire theme magus

Nightmare (Soul Caliber) - Synthesist Summoner w/ Martial weaponry/Blackblade Magus

Ironman - Straight up Synthesist

Dr. Strange/Black Adam/Captain Marvel - Wizard or Arcane/Sage Sorcerer

Doctor Doom - Synthesist w/ Wizard

Poison Ivy - Verdant Sorcerer

Storm (Xmen) - Stormborn Sorcerer

Batman - Investigator/Brawler

Human Torch - Fire Elemental Sorcerer

Thor - Battle Oracle OR Warpriest

Master Splinter - Ninja. Duh.

Metatton (Undertale) - Bard w/ Celebrity archetype

Sans (Undertale) - Sorcerer or Time or Bone Oracle

Undyne (Undertale) - Barbarian of some sort

Guts (Berserk) - Fighter (Two-handed Fighter)/Armoured Hulk Barbarian

The Shade (Minor DC villain) - Shadow Sorcerer

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Been playing the Beguiler class based on this conversion. It's been a blast! However, it's a bit MAD given I've been the party face and spell caster.

Thanks for coming up with this write up, dude!

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I just found this myself and I'm very excited to trying this conversion out. I'm going to point my DM to this thread and propose a character to him sometime soon.

Thanks for all the work you put into this class! I'll update on any forthcoming progress after the game starts. :)

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Human. Then use the instant enemy spell. Done.

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Magus. Then get that one arcana that lets you add the Brilliant energy enchant to your signature weapon. Mix and match your spells to simulate "force powers".

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Blackstorm wrote:
AldantheRighteous wrote:

Bringing this up again because I really want an official ruling on this.

People say RAW 2-handed spellstrike is legal. YET, one dev has ruled that a hand must be free to be able to cast a spell with somatic components. It looks like the consensus with dev testimony is no. You have to have a hand free to use Spell-strike or spell combat.

Not quite. Spellstrike never require you to have a free hand. Rules at hand, it never says anything like that. Spell combat require it. Then, let leave alone Spell Combat, it has its own rules and this topic is about Spellstrike. Now, spellstrike let you to deliver a touch spell with your weapon instead of your touch,. This is the basis. Now, as per FAQ, swith from 1H to 2H is a free action. FAQ says that two wielding change is fair. So, if I'm a magus, I can have my weapon wielded 2H at the start of my turn, and then, the magic happen:

-free action: switch to 1H wield
-standard action: cast a touch spell
-move action: getting close to the enemy
-free action: switch to 2H wield
-free action: deliver touch spell with my weapon.

No rules contraddiction, no accidental discharge (as per FAQ - http://paizo.com/paizo/faq/v5748nruor1fz#v5748eaic9oym
** spoiler omitted **...

I guess it would all depend on your GM and what he'll allow you to do. I've had the idea to do a 2h magus with the Myrmadiarch archetype (Stacking Weapon Training, Power Attack, Arcane Strike and Arcane Pool with Spellstrike for damage shenanigans) and abusing the style arcana you get for tripping shenanigans(love that word).

However, this just means I don't take Still Spell as a feat now that it seems to be legal on its own. Kinda cool but I am going to bank on DMs restricting this a bit since it's likely going to cause them to raise an eyebrow when I asked them if it's ok.

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Bringing this up again because I really want an official ruling on this.

People say RAW 2-handed spellstrike is legal. YET, one dev has ruled that a hand must be free to be able to cast a spell with somatic components. It looks like the consensus with dev testimony is no. You have to have a hand free to use Spell-strike or spell combat. In any case, it can be house-ruled to be otherwise OR make use of the still spell metamagic feat.

Sucks really. The magus class could use something to make it, ya know, good.

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Paladin of Baha-who? wrote:

Can you post your build from 3.5 so we can compare and see exactly what it does?


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ZanThrax wrote:
Well Channel Smite is a less crappy option for a negative channeller than for a positive channeller, so the tax isn't as painful. Do you have a particular murder deity in mind? And if so, is the favoured weapon a good one? 14 Str, maxed out Wis, Power Attack and Guided Hand should all work together nicely as long as you can spare the feats. If the build started getting tight on feats, it'd probably have to be the first area to start cutting.

I completely forgot about Channel Smite. With that, you can FINALLY do the DPR role you would normally do as a Ninja. VERY cool concept in fact.

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Anyway, I've only played one Oracle with the Nature mystery. Kinda cool but probably wasn't the best choice as it wasn't really conducive to my playstyle.

I can't really tell you what mysteries are the BEST mysteries but I can give a brief synopsis of what some of the most 'renown' mysteries can do:

Flame: Blast things. You get some of the most notorious blast spells in the game with this one. See the world burn around you while still be capable of healing your allies during your down time.

Heavens: Shut down EVERYTHING with illusion(pattern) spells and get some really nifty powers and perception as a class skill.

Metal: Become a better tank they your fighter and become a better party face than your party bard.

Battle: If I need to tell you what this Mystery does, look elsewhere.

Nature: Ever wanted to dump Dex and have a mount and have some druidic skills without the inherent complexity of playing a Druid? Yo.

Bones: Necromancy ahoy! Raise dead things and make the living regret ever challenging your divine authority with SoS spells. You also get all society skills and stealth from this mystery as class skills and stealth. Lot of possibilities.

Wind: Crowd Control shut down mystery. It's pretty straightforward. Later on you get some very mean spells.

Life: Party band-aid with the option of becoming an Elemental subtype with lots of utility. Plus, if you life channelling then this is your mystery.

I'll leave it at that for now. But it really depends on what you want to do with the Oracle.

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The above responses pretty much covered everything. You're support, not DPR.

Witches have a spell list that support being a healer/debuffer/save or suck/save or die builds. Really, you should be focusing on getting the DCs of your abilities/spells as high as possible by skyrocketing your INT score as much as you can and maybe considering a specific focus of your character.

What patron did you choose and what spells do you have or frequently use?

Anyway, if you want to make a damage dealing spellcaster play a Sorcerer. If you want to play a blaster with healing/support spells, play a Oracle with the Flame Mystery (Boring to me but, then again, I don't like blasting). If you want to play spellcaster that is reasonable good at blasting and a fair bit of utility, play an evocation Wizard.

All these choices will make you great at using spells to melt faces but Witch's spells are shut-down spells that make your meanest opponents weak, invalid and probably huddled into a corner murmuring softly while the rocking back and forth while in the throes of their own insanity. A cool way to defeat an opponent mind you, but they'd still be technically alive.

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Important question: was she afflicted or natural? This is important because this will determine whether or not you can control your transformation.

If afflicted, I wouldn't bother. If not, just build him like a two-handed paladin to make use of the boosts you're going to get in hybrid form.

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Mojorat wrote:
I would talk to him. It sounds to me like he didt explain his entire plan to you and that at least the whole swordsage portion of the plan was a ssurprise?

It was a miscommunication. He forgot that I said just Inquisitor class features but he took it to mean both Swordsage and Inquisitor. It seems after we spoke to each other about it, he was more than inclined to make certain changes to accommodate the rest of the party.

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blackbloodtroll wrote:

You made some houserules to suite a player's desires.

It went bad.

Be honest, and remind him that you, and him, are new.

Offer him a rebuild, and have him go regular Inquisitor, or any of the Inquisitor archetypes.

That's what we're doing right now. It looks like that's what we're going to do since we it was very clear we're both new to this sort of thing.

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Here's something I would think of playing as cleric. Thing is, without sneaky class levels, you won't get things like sneak attack or evasion or uncanny dodge or etc. You can get a fair stealth bonus with this build.

Race: Human
Class: Cleric
Alignment: LN (in case you want to channel positive OR negative)

Domains: Trickery (Stealth, bluff, Disguise as class skills and some REALLY good rogue related spells through your domains)


Death (kick ass necromancy spells)
- With this domain you can have the option of healing yourself with negative energy at 8th level.

Favored weapon: Shuriken ... Eh. Kinda cool.


Str: 11
Dex: 15
Con: 12
Int: 7
Wis: 17
Cha: 15


1st level
Selective Channel and
Skill Focus(Stealth) - You need this for the Eldritch Heritage feat to gain access to the Shadow Bloodline. (You get a cool blasting power but the real reason to get this feat is to get the SHADOW WELL power at 11 when you get the Improved Eldritch heritage feat)

Eldritch Heritage - Choose Shadow Bloodline.

From there the choice is up to you how to choose to play your character. You can also choose to somehow push you Int a little higher so that you can take more skills to the party face at the cost of some other stat but you need your Cha to be 15 to get access to the Improved Eldritch Heritage Feat.

Dex is preferable to abuse the HUGE bonus to Stealth you're going to get with Stealth which can get even more ridiculous with use of the invisibility.

Unfortunately, aside from being a REALLY good party scout, you're not really going to be able to do much in terms of DPR since you don't really have access to things like sneak attack. However, you do have some of the versatility of a rouge or ninja.

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This is for 3.5 players with experience with the Tome of Battle Classes and GMs who've had to deal with the headaches from balance issues with those classes.

Being new to GMing Pathfinder and, therefore, naive about the supposed incompatibility of 3.5 with regular Pathfinder, I've given one of my players the right to have certain manoeuvres trees in place of spell casting for his Dhampir Inquisitor. For some reason, there has been a miscommunication about him having some of the class features of the Swordsage on top his Inquisitors class features which includes the addition of Wisdom to his overall AC. I recently told him that I disallowed that at the beginning and told him he should just use the Inquisitor's class features exclusively.

His play of the Inquisitor thus far has created much imbalance in the game so far as he's played the role of party tank/face/skill monkey thus being the one player that has overwhelmed any other possible role in the party. That being said, I like the guy and I want to make sure he can still play the game and have fun at our table without him ragequitting and leaving my table.

Is there a way I can regain balance in my game without it blowing up in my face while finding a way to amend his character to his satisfaction?

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Doting for interest. Good ideas in here!!

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I know this topic has been discussed in another thread somewhere, I wanted some advice from GMs who are running/have run CC.

I've decided to get rid of wealth/level just because I don't like dealing with the slower pace of PC's sorting through loot, selling it and basically eating up valuable game time and rping opportunities. I want, instead, to give my PC's just a few pieces of equipment that will level up with them and not have to worry about wealth mechanics.

It is a 5 person party with the following characters all fifth level. We have just begun book 2: The Trial of The Beast. Party composition as follows:

- Dhampir Inquisitor
- Aasimar Cleric of Sarenrae with a focus on casting
- A human Sorcerer with the Arcane Bloodline
- An Android Warblade who favors using axes.
- A half-elf Summoner

If you guys have any advice, how would you go about doing the progression and do you have any ideas what legacy weapons would be good to give these guys? I'm thinking of customizing ones for them myself but I don't want to unbalance the game.

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Disciple of Sakura wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
Honestly, the legacy weapons were how magic weapons and armor SHOULD be handled in 3.5, minus the retarded costs. If you are required to have a certain bonus to attacks at a certain level, you should just get it at that level.
I'm trying something like that out right now in my Kingmaker campaign...

I know I'm necrokicking this thread, I think I'm going to take advantage of this for my running the CC campaign. It makes things so much easier.

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Yossarin wrote:

Actually, you have a really cool opportunity if you're introducing a kind of strange plague in your game. I don't know what the effects of your plague are, exactly, but consider the following things...

Diseases and stuff can sometimes lie dormant in places, waiting to come into contact with another living creature. The bottom of the lake is good place for a disease to have fallen and lain for a long time. I don't know what the origins of your plague are, but Lake Encarthan here could be an origin point. Either because it was originally "farmed" here from the bottom of the deep lake - all the reason to have a strange underwater base there, possibly near a vent spewing the disease - or because it is an old plague. There's a chest you can find in the setting that was from an older shipwreck. The plague could have been aboard that military vessel, as well, and subsequently unearthed.

This means you could use the Mi-Go base as an underwater facility for the manufacturing and experimentation of the plague. Again, I don't know what the effects of your plague are, but if we're talking T-Virus level stuff, you could even have something similar to the Dark Young encounter at the end.

I'm still keeping the Dark Young and probably the Mi-Go. I'm going to ditch the worshippers of Dagon and replace with the WW. The Skum also have to go. I don't like them.

The plague itself is actually a creation of a druid who converted to the cult of Shubb-Niggurath from Gozreh. They plague will infect Ustalav once the Dark Young (and therefore Shubb-niggurath) come into the picture. It pretty much is the T-virus that becomes especially virulent when Shubb is in the realm; those infected by it become undead but this only happens when A dark entity 'empowers' the plague.

Before the 4th book, the PC's have been chasing the Druid in question (she was a rat at the time) and she has 'spawned' other vectors who will spread the plague once Shubb comes into the picture. In the 3rd book, she will burst out of her rat form and finally reveal herself to the PCs. She then goes to the Illmarsh to put her plan into full effect.

The idea the WW had was to begin the undead armageddon their aiming for. The plague won't affect all of Ustalav simply because the druid doesn't have enough spawn to get them everywhere but she's tried to hide them in the most populous centers of Ustalav (Lepistatd, Caliphas, etc.) so that the Whispering Tyrant has a viable 'army' when he comes back to 'life'.

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jcfiala wrote:

So, here's a funky question.

I'm running a party through Harrowstone. For whatever reason, they ignored the upstairs and went downstairs, and through some luck have managed to clean out the basement... which means there's a decent chance that they'll actually run into Father Charlatan last, and he doesn't trigger until something odd happens to you. What strikes folks as a good way to handle that? I'm tempted to just have some leftover stirges attack, or something.

My question is how did they survive both the Splatter Man and The Lopper? Those are CR6 and CR5 respectively. :P

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hida_jiremi wrote:

Carrio Crown radio is made! Everyone who can, please hop on and start throwing in your lot about what kinds of music is scary! ^_^

Also, if people showed some interest, I run a Livestream station and would love to do some sort of community horror movie night to celebrate the release of Carrion Crown, possibly next week. More details as I come up with stuff.

Well darn it. I'm Canadian. I can't use it.

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Wanting to throw my hat in as well. Is there still space for an alchemist in this game?

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Crap. You already have 8 players. Well, I tried.

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Setting on an Alchemist for this game. Just too perfect to pass up.

Ok, so this will be my first PBP on the Paizo site. I've got a couple of questions:

(1) Where/how do we submit our character's backstory, stats and otherwise?

(2) How does conflict resolution/dice rolling work?

(3) Are there a set of PBP rules I can reference before I submit my character?

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Dotting. Is there any room left? I'll get my character up if I have to stay up all night. :P

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Still interested. Just waiting for you recruitment post.

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Well, what I did is throw out the how Skum idea and try to replace it with something else. I wanted the Dark Rider to come into the town to meet with their contacts in Illmarsh to try to release begin to release a plague that I introduced in Book 1. The prevalent race I wanted to introduce was the Cecelia who were warped by the person that was creating the plague for the WW whom will finally make her first appearance in book 4. The Cecelia are actually mutations or whatnot that were created by (insert creepy terrestial alien creature here) to serve as the plague-creators servants. These creatures explain the 'disappearances' in Illmarsh. The cult of the Indomitable Sea are simply going to be replaced with WW incognito and will also be the stage where the PCs will fight Auren yet again.

Though Voomer makes a good point. I could just keep the Mi-go and leave them as the 'experimenters' as it were.

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Looking for suggestions for replacing the Mi-Go with something else due to me rewriting the plot of the Wake of the Watcher from something lateral to the Whispering Way to actually having them be directly involved with the goings-on in Illmarsh.

I was thinking Intellect Devourers instead of the Mi-go. Any other suggestions?

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