Looking for cheap tablets, or devices, for character PDFs


So I've recently switched to PDF format for my character sheets and I'm really liking it so far (mainly because of the auto calcs and stuff and notes for ability descriptions) and have been using my galaxy s4 for it all. Admittedly the S4 is a bit small screen wise and I've been having trouble finding tablets or other devices with bigger screens at a cheap price. Anyone have any places they got their tablets at for an affordable price?

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Try ebay.

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Amazon color tablets are around the $50 level. I believe the Amazon epaper devices still struggle with PDFs. Low price because of all the tie ins to other Amazon products.

Dotting as I would really appreciate a larger screened eReader for rulebooks, I haven't fount anything that suits and has basic web functionality (reading forums and Reddit)

I got a Samsung Galaxy Tab E at Walmart for around $170 on sale, and it does a fantastic job for me (I go through spurts of using it more than I use my Chromebook). I don't know what qualifies as "cheap" in your situation, but it's one of the least expensive in its bracket.

For a while I was using an Amazon Fire. It's probably the best option in the very-cheap bracket, but I found the screen a bit small for Paizo books, and it requires a fair bit of working-around to get non-Amazon ebooks on it. Perfectly passable, though, if it's what's in your budget.

Amazon Fire HD tablets are cheap and decent.

I eventually upgraded to a Lenovo Tab 10 that I got on clearance. Watch for specials if you can be patient.

Thanks everyone :) i've never really had a tablet so I wasn't sure what to go for. I'll keep a lookout for clearance stuff too.

Netbooks aren't a bad way to go either, because they have a slightly larger form factor the cost goes down quite a bit.

Best Buy has an Asus 2-in-1 that's on sale for $200 right now. Might meet your needs? Not sure how cheap you need it, but that's a lot less than an ipad.

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Newegg.com has refurbished Acer tablets for as low as 130 bucks if you don't mind risking a returned PC. They even have touchscreen tablets for like 65 bucks.

I love my Asus Transformer. Newegg.com has Asus touchscreen tablets brand new for as low as 130 bucks. You can get a full on transformer for like 250 bucks that will do all kinds of stuff for ya.

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