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"Here are our holiday themed beyblades, sir." Hands them a dradel.

captainyesterday wrote:

What if we made a thread called "Only captain yesterdays allowed"?

I mean, it's not like you're any stranger to making threads with your own arbitrary rules on who is or isn't allowed to post about what in it.

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captain yesterday wrote:

C) aliases based on Thegreenyarngamer (he started it!)

I did indeed start it.

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Squiggit wrote:
There are a lot of captain yesterdays. Is there at least one captain today? Or tomorrow?

Not quite, but...

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Oh, come on, what can he possibly do? The man actually does have standards. I once created a thread where he was to be suggested aliases by various people and come up with them, but the man shut it down faster than a vegan restaurant in the heart of Germany...and with the same attitude - pitchforks and torches!

You got it because it was part of the Humble Bundle, don't lie. :-P

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I have no idea what you're talking about.

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Don't let him get to you, boy. He's only poking fun. You know he means no harm.

Nah, I meant I have a lot of parody aliases of people I interact with. It all started with this one for captain yesterday.

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As a fellow alias enjoyer, you know I got my start making spoof aliases of other users with this guy, specifically for you. I've since gotten to enjoy homaging TL with Strategytiger, annoying Mythic Evil Lincoln Mythic CN John Wilkes Booth.

The question is, how long am I gonna have to sit on QuadAlphaOne before TOZ says something silly enough that I can pounce with that alias?

Also, did you see who I opened my new Fallout PbP with for an alias?

How the heck did my latest full blown deity post not get any favorites? I was having a 100% ratio with that one. I thought it was funny.

Oh, right, this is the Admiral. I'm supposed to be making poorly formulated nautical references. Square the jib, because I don't like the cut of it. Ahoy? Ugh. I ran out of steam with this joke long ago...

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Waitaminute...so mine wasn't the first?

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You suck. That was a great thread idea. Get in there!

Edit - Fine, if you really want me to I will, but the people want this. It took less than a minute!

All right, sailor! You have shown yourself a pretty mean creator when it comes to parody aliases. You've got enough aliases to get a job with the KGB, boy!

Well, I aim to get you over 9000, and let me tell you if I don't see Nappa on page 1 of this thread exclaiming in a suprised manner about that number, then you're not the man I thought you were.

Your assignment is to push the limits of the server with aliases, and we, the good people of the Paizo community are here to help, with suggestions that we feel will get more use than "Captain Yesterday Alias #4721".

People will appear, they will give suggestions, and by order of the President, will stick around to interact with them, Dangit!

Boy, I want to see more aliases than posts on James Jacobs' thread! That is an order, sailor!!

EDIT - Since this thread has replies, I can't delete it. The captain has thus refused his assignment, and we should let this fade to obscurity, I suppose...

I thought it was a good one.

...Who, for some unknown reason has gotten into the habit of making aliases that spoof me, like thegreenrangergamer, or theredbulljackandcokegamer.

I can't imagine how that little spoofing battle started...

Arrrgh, he's right. I've devolved into a poor parody of the Sea Captain from The Simpsons, and it's not pretty. Argh.

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I had considered Joint Chief of Staff About-a-Week-Back.

Someone also made Lieutenant Today and referenced Sergant Tomorrow (I think in this thread, actually) but now I'm wondering if we're crossing the line from Naval to Army ranks. I kind of set precident with Admiral instead of General.

Please note, the captain is actually a cool guy, this is just a thing we do, teasing one another with awful parody aliases. Although almost everything he says as RedBullAndCokeGamer makes me laugh, because I've met those guys, and it's legit.

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Anything Captain Yesterday says.

Meta jokes that are so meta they reference their own meta-ness.

One-use parody aliases. Come on people, stretch those jokes out! There's got to be at least four or five ways you can drop that joke for the betterment of forum-kind. I think I've exercised the Admiral here at least half a dozen times, and he was funny at most twice, but dangit if I'm not trying.

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captain yesterday wrote:
what kind of Cookies would Iomedae appear as tho:-)

Really? These are your questions? You'll never make Commodore with that line of thinking, sailor...

EDIT - Don't think you can get the best of me with that ninja delete. I'm on to you!

He's right, we do, and it's hilarious. Okay, keep thread on track with legit questions...Okay...okay...

James, in the way that qlippoth are primordial soulless versions of demons (to the point where qlippoth lords can absorb souls and literally become demon lords), are there soulless versions of other outsiders that can absorb souls and become those newer versions?

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captain yesterday wrote:
Velveeta is not cheese :-)

Who are you to contradict a superior officer? It is cheese if I say it is, I don't care if is ninety seven percent oil and shredded newspapers with yellow food coloring.

captain yesterday wrote:
Tiny T-Rex calls Winnie the Pooh "Poopy Bear" even after watching it:-p

Who told you that you were allowed to procreate, sailor?

You're making this cross-thread revenge thing difficult. Making me interject non-sequiturs in innocent threads. You should feel ashamed of yourself

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I'm not going touch let this thread die, dang it! I'm interested in knowing all of your alignments!

The good Captain is obviously Chaotic Neutral, and not just because he has no respect for the chain of command. He just seems silly, random, and all around about Freedom.

Now drop and give me your own interpretation, sailor, so we can get this ship moving again!

Cap'n Yesterday, Evil Overlord wrote:


Cultists are the pebbles I grind into the dust that makes up the concrete that forms the foundation my Empire was built on!

Know your place, minion.

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Lieutenant Today wrote:
Here, sir. I was trying to locate Sergeant Tomorrow, but he's nowhere to be found.

Right, good man. Um, hoist the main jib, or, square the aft line, or something else useful. You know what to do, I'm a big picture man, I leave the details to you and the good Captain.

We sail this thread off the map into ridiculousness not yet charted by mortal avatars. For glory! For fame! For a cheap laugh or two, but more likely a groan and a few eye rolls!

Stand with me men, and I promise by a week from now (isn't he a deckhand?) we will look back and say yes, we made the right call, and this task will live forever in our memories as we remember the great moments in forum history.


Or is that the bow?

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captain yesterday wrote:
Oh my god! do i wish they had a place for best posts of the year, cause you sir left both myself and my wife laughing our asses off last night, totally...

I told you I am a leader of men.

You dare question a superior officer? And where's Lieutenant Today's lazy @$$?!