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39 posts. Alias of Kileanna.


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Yay for science jokes!

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Vid should not rule this city because just in case that a beautiful pine grew under his beard we would never know.

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Punniculus wrote:
Yes, I am determined to try and recruit all of Kileanna's aliases. Is that so wrong?

Is it?

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*Slimes around with no clothes*

Once upon a time, GoatToucher was an inoffensive Gaucho Otter, until he touched the Anagrammatom, who gave his current powers, unleashing GoatToucher to the world.

DungeonmasterCal wrote:
I only have seven or eight, but I made them so no one else would grab them first because I'm a selfish get.

That's a good reason.

The official characters that I have registered aren't probably not of much interest to anybody but me, as they are mostly obscure characters that I brought for some story and somehow they stuck there.

Mohrlex, Sylvyana or Marianna fall into that category, and are more my version of them rather than an attempt on the official ones.

Then the main NPCs from Skull and Shackles plus the PCs from the players that aren't on the forum (at least my version of them) were created to make their own remarks on the campaign journal to make a complement to the story. I have fun doing it.

Then there is the horde of NPCs and PCs from old stories that I had fun playing and I like to give them a voice just for fun.

Then some of them which are some sort of jokes born in the messageboards, as Derailer of Threads, Pinecone Girl or Kileanna's inner Pirate (and Gyarados!).

And then, this one. It was done as an anagram of my real name and it's probably the one that better depicts my real self xD

Granted! People no longer get sick or hurt. Even if they still get old, they don't have diseases related to aging.

Wait. Where are the ill consequences? That looked like a good wish...

*Gets to work*
*Finds the hospital closed*

Well, it was a good wish anyway.

I wish a new career that fits the new world without hospitals.

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That's my reason of being!

Rashly is banning for giving me that terrified look... This is my face, OK? Get used to it!

Vid should not rule this city because he has an inner ninja who would randomly attack citizens and then vanish.

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I want too!

Smoochie smoochie!

Where is my labcoat? I thought I had left it here.

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Sexy Smile

I think I have 38 at this time. Most are PCs and NPCs that I liked from stories, but there are also some of them who are just silly forum jokes.
This one is an anagram of my real name and I find it really funny.
My main account is a character from one of the last games I was in and it was incidental that she ended being my main name as I never planned to become an active poster. I don't care a lot as it was a character that meant a lot for me.
I had to quit role-playing for a time and I was very depressed too. She was the first character I played after that and it served me as a therapy to cheer up and also was the first character after such bad times that made me really enjoy roleplaying and character immersion again. So she became one of my most iconic characters ever.


Poor Alric. He's hungry.
*Force feeds him until he explodes. Think of the first of the killings in Seven. Like that.*

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Jabba the Frog

IHIYC is actually not wearing a jester hat. In fact, he's a twi'lek and those are his head tails.

Pesticides, bactericides, antibiotics, that shouldn't exist! They are just an example of the big creature supremacists trying to erradicate smaller life forms!

The next poster fights for equality of small life forms.

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With so many eyes I can give a really intense puppy stare. And I have many appendages to cuddle. Just come and let me show you...

The Game Hamster wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
.. Uh yes AM Bear... rawr!

Would this be some sort of variation on AM BARBARIAN?


I have banished most of my Aliases from the thread! Damn, it's turning difficult to find one to post now xD

*Throws a flurry of Petri dishes and sample tubes at Sissyl, all of them containing highly infective diseases*
*Throws another one to GH to test his immunity to disease*
*Slimes away*


Don't let him fool you. He's not a hero. He had to have his ass saved, a Wyrm Black Dragon.

5/10 Not pretty but different and well done.

And don't worry for your disability, I can lend you some eyes. I have many.

I've always thought of myself of something that colonized saliva rather than something whose saliva is able to colonize things but... OK, why not?

I'm conquering the whole world by colonizing it with my saliva.

*Licks GH*
*Licks the thread*
*Avoids looking at GT so she doesn't have to lick him*

Man, this alias is disgusting...

The next poster wishes a happy birthday to Dalindra in an unconventional way.

*Licks Dalindra*

Edit: ninja'ed again so...
*Licks to taste herself*
Not creamy and delicious... I taste like a Petri dish.

What can I say? I am a warm, cozy and moist giant microbian. I phagocyted GT by accident and he decided to stay until he realized I don't have a recognizable anatomy at all. I'm sorry, GT.

The next poster is a famed microbiologist... or so he says.

It, the Malkavian Joker

I have several eyes, I can see everything!

Mono...poli...osis? Mono...pol...itis... Mono...poly...hemia.
That sounds like a highly infective disease.

The next poster invented a vaccine against monopoliosis.

*Makes an effort of faking normality while trying to lure a Seventh Tentaclarian to a trap so she can cook it after sacrificing it to Cthulhu*

The next poster made a different sacrifice.

Edit: ninja'ed but my post still works, so I'm not changing it.

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I am the first crazy one, I must say. I mean, the only alias that is somewhat named after my real name has a somewhat microbian name and the proto-face of a proto-shoggoth. What does it say about me?
(Man, how I love this alias xD)

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The One Who Enlightened Me is here...

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10/10 Best hair ever

8/10 for looking like Lord Soth but being more of a Lord Sith.

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It's working again!!!

My true self has been revealed thanks to your concoction!

The next poster is an expert in creating all kind of spawns.

This thread is insanity itself. Don't try to understand it.

Don't judge me!

I touched the broken Anagrammaton and my true self was revealed to me! I have been enlightened!!! (3 posts in a row, I should be punished).