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No. You'll lose plenty of weight before it's all over.

And, we're off...

Warming Arctic permafrost releasing large amounts of potent greenhouse gas
April 15, 2019
Harvard University
A recent study shows that nitrous oxide emissions from thawing Alaskan permafrost are about twelve times higher than previously assumed. About one fourth of the Northern Hemisphere is covered in permafrost, which is thawing at an increasing rate. As temperatures increase, the peat releases more and more greenhouse gases. And, even though researchers are monitoring carbon dioxide and methane, no one seems to be watching the most potent greenhouse gas: nitrous oxide.

The two primary drivers of the "faster than expected" phenomenon are scientific reticence (scientists preferring to err on the conservative side) and corporate/governmental interference in things like IPCC reports to tamp down the worst case scenarios.

There is also a great deal of money spent by the fossil extraction cartels on PR/propaganda to forestall meaningful change and to punish those raising alarms.

The Koch brothers and other oil giants have spent hundreds of millions on climate denial propaganda, funding shady pseudoscience groups who tell you things like "the Earth is actually getting colder," when it isn't, or "climate change is natural, and we're stupid to think we can affect it," when that, too is a lie.

We are already headed towards 2 degrees C. If we did everything possible to stop it right this very second, it would still be too late. Maybe if we'd started 30 years ago, but we didn't.

When all the arctic ice is almost gone, and the permafrost is belching long-sequestered CO2 and methane into an already damaged atmosphere, it will become difficult to breathe. Weather will be so screwed up that seasonal cycles will make the life of plants impossible. These are "feedback loops" that will only intensify.

We're already seeing these effects. Cherry blossoms in December in England. m-blossom-trees

People fleeing Central America, due to the weather. Farmers can't farm. e-change-central-america

It will only get worse and worse. We must learn to accept that we, along with 98% of all species on earth are going to go extinct very soon. There is no magic bullet. There is no Planet B.

These are all very cool characters. I hope you find a game where you can play them.

Changed Lefty's skill format and added more to his background.

Those are all really cool characters. I'd enjoy playing any one of them.

I tweaked Lothorian a bit. Nothing strange, just toughened him up a little.

Wow. With the lowered entry requirement, the Mystic Theurge is a real bad ass.

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Best boomerang buddies! Yay!

Feral wrote:

I understand there won't be any standard performance combats. That's why the PRC is fun, it allows the character to start performance combat anywhere. I guess it's all in his head.

We can always applaud, if it helps. ;)

I forgot all about background skills. Can I add Sleight of Hand and Profession (gambler) as those 2 skills, and put my 1 point in Sleight of Hand into something else?

He will be. LOL!

Here's my submission. Let me know if there's a problem with him or you need something more.

Lothorian "Lefty" Sativa.

Ellioti wrote:

There is no elf requirement in PF

You're right. They took that out. I was looking at an early rulebook.

pauljathome wrote:
DM Azure_Zero wrote:


The Zen archer is a No since I do know some broken builds have been made with it.

Well, that ends my dithering then:-)

That doesn't mean you can't make a kick-ass archer, though.

Arcane Archers are a great PrC. Just remove the elf requirement, and they're interesting.

So, Rog 1, Wiz 1, AT 4. Sounds like a good time!

Going to work on an arcane trickster. I have a fondness for that class.

It's time for all of us to accept the fact that we're not going to survive the mass extinction that's already underway. Humans will not survive another century.

Unless a billionaire has a plan to live underground for millennia, and conveniently decommissioned all nuclear plants and stored the waste safely, humans are already extinct.

Yes, we did it to ourselves.

I'm sorry, too.

I've been screaming about this since the 80's. No one gave a f$~# then, and no one does, now.

We're going extinct. We need to deal with that fact.

Heavens! I'm all a-twitter! I do believe I'm getting a case of the vapors! Where's my fainting couch?

Seriously, there are some interesting characters here to choose from. Not an easy task for the GM. Good luck, guys! Smurf!

Hi, all! Reporting for adventure. What sort of character would best compliment the party?

A skill guy? Muscle? Magic?

I don't, really. It would just leave Flouncy's BAB at the level of a sorcerer, rather than 1 behind. Doesn't make much difference.

How much experience do you have with Pathfinder rules?
I've played it since it came out.
- How much experience do you have with Roleplaying in general?
- Are you familiar with PbP formatting and how to?
- Have you ever played the Risen from the Sands before, even just a little? (please be truthful)
- How many PbP games are you currently active in? Do you GM any?
I'm in one, atm. Not GMing any.
- Will you be able to check the game at least daily or every other day to post? If not explain and we can work with you.
- What type of characters do you like to play? Personality, Class, Themes!
I like arcane tricksters, but I also like playing barbarians and divine casters. I try to give them some personality. Some are funny, others are drunks or have a chip on their shoulder.

I have a question. Would we be able to use fractional base bonuses for BAB?

A dwarf would be real good. I almost submitted one.

Nevidial Nellmyr wrote:

I appreciated reading your Guide. I built her for my weekly PFS Core Campaign. She just hit 5th, so AT starting next level. So much fun already.

Thanks. She looks like a ton of fun.

I've only played 1-20 once, in a tabletop game years ago. It was epic!

Brolof wrote:
@A highly regarded expert. The character's background looks good, but the actual mechanics are a little off. If you looked to the feat tax document I linked in the opening, you'd see that Weapon Finesse is given for free, and Unchained Rogues get Weapon Focus in its place. And just as a note, you do need the prerequisites for Arcane Trickster to take it. So I'm assuming you'd take ranks in Accomplished Sneak Attacker.

OK. I'll have it all fixed up soon. I have to redo his gear/money, too.

He'll take sorcerer levels and ASA at 3rd, so he can enter AT @ 6th level.

I'm submitting Flouncy Magoo, an escaped halfling slave from Cassomir. He's an unchained rogue who will next take levels in sorcerer (sage), then arcane trickster. I tried to play him before in another game, but it ended quickly. He's sneaky and a little greedy, but he'd make a good scout/skill guy.

Flouncy's background:
Flouncy Magoo is a former house slave from Cassomir, not that far from Daggor. In Taldor, like much of Avistan, halflings are not very respected. He remembers his childhood, but can't recall what happened to his family. It was traumatic for him, and his mind has blocked that experience out.
His master was an ornery old man named Eloquin Stavin, a self-made merchant who claimed to be descended from Taldan royalty. Flouncy doubted that, since there was nothing regal about the man.

After almost three years of lousy food, long hours and one too many beatings, Flouncy made his escape. He snuck out of his room under cover of darkness, slipping past the many watchmen at the docks, and stowed away on a boat going upriver. He kept moving north, fearful of being captured and brought back, and eventually ended up in Daggor.

Through a series of odd jobs, luck, and a great deal of avarice, Flouncy manged to scrape together a few possessions and enough coin to live in reasonable comfort. He's not a cruel person, but he's not above picking the occasional pocket to fill his always-hungry belly.

Flouncy dreams of wealth. He's seen what it looks like, and wants to know what it feels like to sleep in the most comfortable bed, eat the finest delicacies, and wear fancy clothes. He's willing to bend a few rules to get there.

Flouncy is a competent dancer and gambler, good at card tricks, and he has a quick sense of humor. Just don't leave your gold too close to him. He can't resist some easy money.

Flouncy's page.


It's the Pathfinder to Groening's Futurama-Starfinder.

They won't go to other planets. It's a different story.

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Let's hope V has something prepared. He's not looking too good, either.

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Commie crackers. Who'da thunk it?

I love driving my brand new car. I drove a beater for a very long time, and was content with that, but it was time to get something nicer.

Old one was a '95. The new one's a '17. Cars have come a long way in 22 years!

Way to go, kid!

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So fun!

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Haven't posted here in a long time. Just want to say hi again to all my LGBT gamer friends!

VoodistMonk wrote:
Dimension Door and Teleport are cute until you are being grappled by someone with Phase Locking armor spikes...

Ooh, I hate when that happens! :D

What these guys said. ^

Teleport without error. Free round-the-world travel, no lines, no waiting, and no carbon footprint!

I watched the first season and liked it pretty well. Still looking for a way to watch season 2.

SmiloDan wrote:

But at 20th level, you can use a 4th level slot for an Intensified 25d6 fireball with Surprise Spells AND an 8th level slot for a Quickened Intensified 25d6 fireball! 50d6 is a pretty good opening salvo. 175 points on average? My math-fu is tired...

It gets pretty wild at high levels.

Also, I updated my guide.

NaeNae wrote:
A highly regarded expert wrote:
NaeNae wrote:
I feel dumb now, because I have the spell in my notes and forgot to write it down above. And it's ace, especially with the Admixture elemental shifts to avoid resistances of same baddies.
Actually, you can't change it because it's a conjuration.
:o I feel even dumber now :c

Don't feel dumb. Anyone could miss that detail. It's still a great spell for a trickster.

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NaeNae wrote:
I feel dumb now, because I have the spell in my notes and forgot to write it down above. And it's ace, especially with the Admixture elemental shifts to avoid resistances of same baddies.

Actually, you can't change it because it's a conjuration.

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NaeNae wrote:

What would you propose for must have spells?

For lvl 2 I want Gliterdust, Scorching Ray and Invisibility. I can get Scorching Ray from ny friendly neighbourhood wizard and the other two I can learn myself.

For lvl 3 I am only set for Fireball. Haven't really found anything that would pique my interest.

For lvl 4 I want Greater Invisibility.

What else would you propose? I noticed that there aren't that many good spells in Evocation once you have Scorching Ray and Fireball. Not untill Chain Lighting for lvl 6 spells. But what of other schools?

A lot of people overlook Acid Arrow. It's good for neutralizing casters.

From the guide:

"Acid Arrow: While this spell doesn't seem all that great for the spell slot, it's of great use to the trickster.

Ranged touch attack so you can add sneak damage? Check. No save? Check. No SR? Check. Long range? Check. Force spellcasters to make concentration checks to cast spells in the next round(s) due to continuous damage they can't do anything about? Check.

Behold the mighty power of continuous damage! If you hit a caster before he casts a spell, he has to make a concentration check. The DC is 10 + damage taken + level of the spell he’s casting. If you add a few d6s to the 2d4 of that spell, he’ll need a good roll to cast this round. About a 50/50 chance for him if he’s the baddest thing on the map, worse for him if he’s not. He’ll have to check vs. half your damage next round, too. Even more, if you follow up with another sneak Acid Arrow. Then, it’s 4d4 + the same d6. See where this is going? Two should do it.

You’re not just a good blaster caster, you’re the world’s greatest caster blaster, too. Sorcerer ATs can spam it easily, sneaking or not, and just a few of these in a row will mess up some of Mr. High-and-Mighty full caster’s spells for an encounter-ending length of time.

Casting this spell with some sniper goggles can mess up a charging army if you hit the right guy and fizzle his big battle buff. It should be in your arsenal, one way or another. Wizards, scribe some scrolls of it for when you go up against that spell-resistant necromancer, and watch him squirm.

You, of all people, should understand the agony of not getting a spell off when you really need it. If you cause a caster to lose a spell, congratulations! You did some legitimate damage and counterspelled with a second level spell, you trickster, you!"

I played a 20th level trickster who used that spell to keep Tar-Baphon from casting teleport long enough for our ranger to destroy him. Good times!

BretI wrote:
A highly regarded expert wrote:
I really need to update the guide. It doesn't take into account the Unchained Rogue (clearly better), the Accomplished Sneak Attacker feat, or the Arcanist class.

Given that your Arcane Reservoir doesn’t grow, Arcanist really isn’t a good choice for an Arcane Trickerster.

Unchained Rogue works well, Arcanist not so much.

Yeah, I was looking at that. Same problem you get with some of the other classes that can qualify for trickster, but aren't optimum choices, like the bard and magus: Level-based abilities that stop growing and become more irrelevant the more you level.

Your best arcane class choices remain wizard, followed by sorcerer. The others give up too much to stay viable into the higher levels, where the trickster starts to shine.

And of course, dwarves are better than elves!

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I really need to update the guide. It doesn't take into account the Unchained Rogue (clearly better), the Accomplished Sneak Attacker feat, or the Arcanist class.

That's good to hear!

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The hand is incorporeal. It would follow that it follows the same rules all incorporeal things do.

If anything, my only flaw is that I care too much!

The next poster likes Firefly.

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