Pathfinder Second Edition

Last updated: March 06, 2019.

Subscription Questions

How will the new edition of Pathfinder affect subscriptions?

The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game subscription will soon be renamed the Pathfinder Rulebook subscription. As before, it will contain the hardcover rulebooks that are the foundation of the game, including the new Core Rulebook and Bestiary, releasing August 1. Accessories such as GM screens, player folios, and the like will no longer be included in this subscription; in the coming weeks, we will be launching a new Pathfinder Accessory subscription for those products.

The Pathfinder Adventure Path subscription continues, transitioning to P2 mechanics beginning with Hellknight Hill, the first chapter of the Age of Ashes Adventure Path, releasing August 1.

The Pathfinder Campaign Setting subscription will have the most significant changes. Following the May release of the last P1 Campaign Setting book, Druma, Profit and Prophecy, this subscription will be renamed the Pathfinder World Guide subscription. The World Guides will have the same kind of content found in the Campaign Setting line, but its larger, less frequent hardcover books examine their topics in even greater depth. These begin with the Lost Omens World Guide in August.

The Pathfinder Player Companion subscription will conclude following June's Druma, Chronicle of Legends. Fans of the Player Companions will want to look to the Pathfinder World Guide line for player-oriented Golarion content.

The Pathfinder Modules subscription will soon be renamed the Pathfinder Adventure subscription. The first P2 release will be August's The Fall of Plaguestone.

The Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Scenarios subscription will become the Pathfinder Society Scenario subscription after the current season ends. The first P2 scenarios will be released in August. (Don’t worry, Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild fans—we'll have some fun announcements for you in the near future!)

The Pathfinder Maps, Pathfinder Pawns, and Pathfinder Battles subscriptions will continue to deliver maps, pawns, and prepainted plastic miniatures (respectively) useful for any edition of any fantasy roleplaying game.

The Pathfinder Cards subscriptions is no longer available—its last new release was in June 2015. For P2, cards will be part of the new Pathfinder Accessory subscription launching in the coming weeks.

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Do I need to do anything for my subscription(s) to continue?

The only Pathfinder subscription that won't automatically continue with new products is the Player Companion line. The other Pathfinder subs will transition automatically as described above.

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What if I don't want a subscription to continue?

Just contact our friendly and helpful customer service department to cancel. (See "Need Help?" at the bottom of the page for contact info and hours.)

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Does anything here change my superscriber status?

We'll be revisiting what it means to be a "superscriber"—and what it does for you—in the coming months.

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If I want to start a subscription to any of these lines and only get P2 products, when should I subscribe?

You can start your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game/Pathfinder Rulebook subscription right now. Choose to begin your sub with the Core Rulebook, and we'll ship it along with the Bestiary in late July.

You can start your Pathfinder Modules/Pathfinder Adventure subscription right now. Choose to begin your sub with The Fall of Plaguestone, which will ship in late July.

Start your Pathfinder Accessory subscription after we launch it in a few weeks. Choose to being your sub with the Pathfinder GM Screen, and we''ll ship it in late July along with the Character Sheet Pack, Combat Pad, and Condition Card Deck.

Start your Pathfinder Society Scenario subscription after the current season ends in June. The first P2 scenarios will be released in August.

Start your Pathfinder Adventure Path subscription in early July. Choose to begin your sub with Adventure Path #145: Hellknight Hill (Age of Ashes 1 of 6), which will ship in late July.

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