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I'm almost done running my Hell's Rebels campaign, and I noticed when I was reading through Lost Omens: Legends that Sapphire Butterfly is credited as a large part of the resistance movement in Kintargo. However... I can't find any mention of the character in any of the Hell's Rebels books. And it feels a little weird now to retcon in my game world that she was actually a big part of the events. Did I miss something, or was this character just sort of introduced in Legends as a stand-in for the PCs? Right now I'm inclined to replace Sapphire Butterfly with the PCs in my campaign in terms of who started the Firebrands, etc.

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Sapphire Butterfly was never mentioned until 2nd Edition. Don't worry, you're not going crazy.

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FWIW, question was also asked (and answered) in another thread. Personally, I'd be happy using her as a GMPC or pregen if I had a too-small or new-ish group to run Hell's Rebels for (which I don't).

If you really want to include her, and haven't fleshed out your team members too specifically, you could always retcon her in in that role. Or do as you say and slot a former PC in her place if you run anything set after, say, 4717 and want your current PCs to run into a fourth-mark Firebrand.

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