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So, the Night of Ashes takes place "in late Arodus, 4715 AR", and the protest in Aria Park takes place two weeks after Barzillai Thrune is appointed Lord-Mayor of Kintargo. But what's the exact starting day of the adventure? I don't think it could be the day the first module was released (September 2, 2015, which translates to Day 2, Month of Rova, Year 4715 in the Absalom Reckoning calendar), since it's too close to the end of Arodus. Can anyone please give me some pointers?

Thank you in advance for your time and answers.

"In late Arodus" covers a lot of ground. Early Rova is perfectly fine for a start date, but Mid Rova will also work. Within 2 weeks of the Night of Ashes is probably what you're looking for.

I pushed the dates around a lot so I could line up the Glorious Reclamation's uprising with Wrath of the Righteous, so I started at the end of Arodus.

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The Hell's Rebels Players' Guide was released on 12 August, 2015 (12 Arodus, 4715), exactly three weeks before the 2 September, 2015 (2 Rova, 4715) release date for In Hell's Bright Shadow. To my mind, 12 Arodus and 2 Rova work work more than well enough for the Night of Ashes and the Aria Park demonstration respectively.

Alternatively, you could put the Night of Ashes on (or the day before) Armasse, which runs from 16 Arodus through 22 Arodus each year, and which Barzillai would probably like to disrupt in 4715 for any number of reasons. Wrath of the Righteous opened with a catastrophic disruption of the same festival. Although, the 12 Arodus date also likely puts a damper on things.

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