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I’ve got a party of 5, so I’ve been upscaling encounters and treasure as per Core Rulebook guidelines. As I do so, I’ve been trying to add a bit of Geb flavour to some of the items – essentially reskinning/adapting existing items with a Geb theme. Nothing earthshattering, but here are the 3 I’ve introduced so far. Anyone have ideas to add?

DYING ANGEL PENDENT (slightly modified Crying Angel Pendent)
This pendant features the carving of a psychopomp on the verge of agonizing death caused by a grievous wound.

When you activate this alabaster pendant, your critical failure becomes a normal failure instead. This pendant can be used on both the quick and the dead.

HAND OF THE PETULANT NECROMANCER (modified Hand of the Mage)
This mummified hand hangs on an iron chain. Whenever its power is evoked, all fingers clench into a fist, with the exception of the middle finger.

Activate: command, envision
Effect: You cast Chill Touch

PROFANE SCROLL CASE OF SIMPLICITY (adapted Divine Scroll Case of Simplicity)
This profane scroll case of simplicity bears an adornments of skeletons gnawing on other skeletons. On the inside, intricate runic diagrams spiral out to surround the scroll stored within. A scroll placed within the case can be converted into energy to cast consistently useful spells depending on its type. You must be able to cast divine spells to use a profane scroll case of simplicity.

Activate: Interact
Requirements: The scroll case contains a single scroll of a 1st-level spell
Effect: You transfer the scroll's energy into the scroll case, consuming the scroll, and you can immediately begin casting one of the scroll case's spells. If you use any action other than to Cast a Spell from the scroll case after activating the scroll case of simplicity, the scroll and its energy are lost.
The scroll case can be used to cast Harm and Putrefy Food and Drink

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Corpse Stitch Gloves (modified Healer's Gloves)
These rugged leather gloves are thoroughly stained with substances better left unmentioned. They give you a +1 item bonus to medicine checks.

Activate Interact; Frequency once per day; Effect You stitch the flesh of an adjacent undead back together, restoring 2d6+7 Hit Points to it. This is a negative healing effect but you cannot harm living creatures with this healing.

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StarlingSweeter wrote:

Corpse Stitch Gloves (modified Healer's Gloves)

This is great. Definitely dropping this into Graveclaw at some point.

And there's also the Elixir of Undeath for alchemists.

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