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Sometimes Paizo staff will ask you to clear your cookies and sign in again, or you may wish to do so yourself to "start over fresh" if you're running into some kind of problem. Most web browsers will guide users towards clearing browser data for the previous week, but this isn't a reliable way to ensure your cookies are completely cleared, especially if you're a frequent visitor. You could delete *all* your browser cookies, but this is inconvenient and should not be necessary.

Please follow the instructions below to clear just your cookies completely from your browser. After doing so, be sure to refresh the page before trying to log in again:

  • Google Chrome - Scroll down to "Delete cookies from a site"
  • Apple Safari - Scroll down to "Remove stored cookies and data"
  • Mozilla Firefox - Scroll down to "Clear cookies for the current website"
  • Opera - Scroll down to the second paragraph of "How to remove cookies and site data"
  • Microsoft Edge - Scroll down to "Delete cookies from a specific site"

  • Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

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    Additionally, if you're getting 'That email address and password combination is not valid.' when attempting to reset your password, please try typing in the temporary password that you're given manually, rather than copying it directly from the email and pasting it into the password field.

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