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Figured I'd check the actual rules first to see if I missed something before flagging this as a bug on the Owlcat forums.

In Pathfinder Kingmaker, one of my party members has hit level 3. She is currently an Ecclesitheurge Cleric of Nethys 1 / Thassilonian Specialist Wizard (Wrath) 1 and I was looking to increase her cleric abilities since I'm lacking in the heals department.

When I get to the abilities section though, I have to select a feat and 2 opposition schools. I'm unfamiliar with these archetypes so perhaps I'm missing something, but should a Cleric with the Magic/Protection domains have opposition schools?

I've only played 1 Cleric before in PFS and it was a CORE campaign Cleric of Urgathoa with the Magic/Death domains, but Opposition Schools were not needed, so I wonder if this is because this one is an Ecclesitheurge or if it is a bug in the game. If the former, I'll deal with it, if the latter, I'll go post it on the Owlcat forums.

I can't select Evocation as one, presumably because of her Wrath specialization, but selecting the same schools as Wrath kinda defeats the purpose of having the protective cleric to balance out the destructive wizard.

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Clerics don't have opposition schools. Wizards do. I'm about 95% certain that it's being caused by that Wizard level you have, though I haven't started up the Kingmaker video game myself.

yeah, 99% sure thats due to your wizard level. wizards have opposition schools, not clerics

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Also, having reached level 4, I saved before hand and leveled her twice to Cleric3/Wizard1 and can confirm that choosing Abjuration/Conjuration has not affected her Cleric spells at all. I guess that since I don't make that choice with Thassilonian Specialist the choice was put on hold until a later level. It's just weird that it only came up when going Cleric 2 rather than if I went Wizard 2. Also weird that it happened at all since TS Wizards have Forbidden Schools associated with their specialty and thus don;t get opposition schools.

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The rule you are looking for is covered under Sin Magic. Your prohibited schools are abjuration, and conjuration.

Sin Magic wrote:

While the concept of wizard specializations along the classically recognized schools of magic dates back to the dim recesses of time before humanity rose to prominence—an even more ancient few explored school specialization to its fullest extremes.

Focusing their research on the discovery that each school of magic was opposed by two specific opposition schools, these mages developed methods of further enhancing their mastery over their chosen arcane specialties. Essentially, they defined these seven schools as much by what they couldn’t do as by what they could. By excising “impurities” introduced by fixed oppositional schools, they traded arcane versatility for greater strength in their chosen fields. The seven schools of Sin magic are presented below.

Sin Mages

Only wizards can truly follow the ancient philosophies governing Sin magic. The choice to specialize in Sin magic must be made when a character first becomes a wizard. Once the choice to do so is made, it cannot be changed.

Benefits: A Sin mage receives two additional spell slots of each spell level he can cast. These bonus spell slots must both be used to prepare the same spell from the wizard’s school of specialization, allowing the wizard to cast that spell twice (as he has prepared the spell twice). The wizard cannot use these slots to prepare two different spells, even if they are of the school he is specialized in.

Restrictions: A Sin mage does not get to customize his choice for opposition schools—his opposition schools are determined for him when he chooses his specialization. These restrictions are more significant than those most wizards follow, and are known as prohibited schools. A Sin mage can never prepare a spell that is in one of his prohibited schools—he treats these spells as if they were not on the wizard spell list. If using a spell trigger or spell completion item to cast a spell from one of his prohibited schools, he must use the Use Magic Device skill to do so.

Wrath (Evocation)

Sin mages who follow the path of Wrath focus on complete mastery of the raw destructive power of magic, and delight in channeling those destructive forces in awesome displays.

Prohibited Schools: abjuration, conjuration.


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