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Skills and Feats

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Welcome to the Skills and Feats Playtest

Errata and Typos (Skills and Feats)

Diplomacy - Needs a nerf

[SKILL] Does the Perform skill really need that many sub-categories?

[Combat Expertise, Deadly Aim, Power Attack] Remove BAB limitation?

Please revert Power Attack and Combat Expertise.

Heal and Disease

Please give us Athletics!

Fly.. I disagree.

[Feat] Manyshot and Archer power

Vital Strike Feats - Playtest & Suggestions

[Master Craftsman]-Should do something on its own

Acrobatics : increasing Dodge bonus too easy

Disguise - or How a Giant can impersonate your granny

Rapid Shot and Crossbows

Synergy -- gone?

Ideas for revising the skill list / adding component skills / increasing flexibility


Skills against PCs and conflict resolution

Skills- Disable Device

[Feats] Leadership - Cohorts and Followers

Power Attack - A New Approach

Great Cleave and Whilwind Attack

Agile Manuevers - Shouldn't be a Feat

Track feat

Use magic Device -- never made any sense

Selective Channel

Some ideas on improving certain feats

Extra Turning and Extra Lay on Hands

Skills for new players and expert players (best of both worlds?)

Class description skill listings with ability - pet peeve.

[FEATS] Feats balanced as Fighter Class Features

Feats that scale up as levels increase

Skill Points at First Level

Crafting (Bowmaking) - What is DC for making arrows?

Spellcraft untrained??? How why what??

[SKILL GROUPS] - A Simple Solution

Percental Skillchecks for more variability

My firned's skill system

Question about adapting Tome of Battle to Pathfinder skills

Practiced Spellcaster Feat

Craft Locksmith question?

[Medusa's Wrath] Does this feat work with Flurry of Blows?

Dazzling display feat

Skill System Encourages Multiclassing

Different idea for handling Skills.

[Skills] - Taking 10

Please tell me that the "improved" combat-type feats have returned to +4.

Fly Skill as it relates to the "Maneuverabilty Class"

Class-Exclusive Skills

Skill list that I'd like to see

Exotic Weapon Proficiency


Spellcraft - Identifying Spell-like abilities

[Feat] Run (or skill?)

High Level feats-Suggestions

Acrobatics and fall damage

Powerful Critical and the Gambling Weapons

[Feat] Improved Vital Strike - This feat doesn't work as intended

[Fleet] Unclear: Speed in medium and heavy armour

Critiques of the New Feats

Fly skill - Overly complex. A better flight suggestion...

New Feat: Assisted Saves

New Metamagic feats based on existing Paizo templates

Two Weapon Fighting - clarification wanted

[feat - weapon swap]

Table 6-1 : group together the Combat feats

Skill Proficiency

[FEAT] Weapon Focus

Skill - Initiative

sleight of hand in combat

Deadly Aim for at will wizard abilities?

Another New Feat Suggestion

An idea about the new feats and Weapon Training

[Feat] Craft Wondrous Item.. increased caster level?

Weapon Focus - Touch Attacks?

Ride, Animal Handling, and mounts in combat

[Combat feat] proposed an alternative system

Skills-Acrobatics & Tumble...

Riding-Not So Easy

[Feats] Our three famous fighters might be equivalent after all...

[Skills] Analysis of impact on classes & introducing Athletics

Possible way to work skills.

[Concentration] Problem and possible solution

Combat Feats Idea

[skill] Ventriloquism, Mimickry, and Whistling

[Feat] Speed Reading and Photographic Memory

Alternate item creation system

Double Slice Feat - revisited

[Point Blank Shot] Just replace its text with Deadly Aim.

Mounted Combat

Metamagic feats applied to single learned spells

Athletics is back?

Other Uses for Concentration

Class Skill Bonus query

[Feat] Leadership - A strange little subsystem

Escape artist and ropes

New feats

Overhand Chop - triple strenght bonus at BAB X

Newbie Q: feat progression

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