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Additional Rules

Errata and Typos (Additional Rules)

Welcome to the Additional Rules Playtest

Saving throws - Are they fine the way they are?

Vehicle combat and massive combat

Hero Points

Double Slotting Metamagic [variant rule]

Breaking Doors and Hinges - Clarity Needed

Gender in descriptions

[Channel Energy / Turn Undead] - PFRPG and Turn Resistance bonus

Multiple characters carrying a heavy object?

Improvisation Aid Tables

Dungeons and Subsidence

Underwater question

Falling Object rules, How do you avoid damage?

Turn Undead - chance for instant kill

Will Save... the new Concentration

Pathfinder Beta Game - Useful Houserules

Threat range for criticals character defined not only weapon defined

Condition, Action, and Event Zones

Ability score damage and enhancement bonuses

Spell-like abilties - Identifying

[NPCs] - Why bother with classes?

Running (clarification)

[Conditions] Does "pinned" mean Dex = 0?

[Encounters] Sixteen wolves are not equal to a frost giant


Long-Term Challenges versus Short-Term Challenges

Monsters with class levels: how is CR determined?

Missing Urban details??

[Poisons} - New rule thingamajig

Trap costs

[Variant] Battle Sorcerer

Item Hardness and Enhancement Bonus

Encounter Design

DR / Fast Healing / Regeneration

Magic Traps: Too cheap for infinite effect.

fatigue, exhaustion & charging

[ Traps ] Making Simple Traps, costs, DC's

[Encounters] Challenge Rating 1 - 2 = ??

Non-Lethal Damage

Siege Engine stats

[CRs and ELs] Can They Be Salvaged?

Siege engine stats

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