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RPG Superstar™ 2012

General Discussion
Open Call: Design a wondrous item
Round 2: Create a new organization
Round 3: Create a Bestiary entry
Round 4: Design an encounter
Round 5: Submit an adventure proposal

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If I submit my item, and I lose, do I still forfeit ownership to Paizo?

Sidhe Noble

Round 1 Template (continued)

Sidhe Lord

Round 3 Home Edition

Official "Critique My Item" Thread

Another Superstar season coming up, I can feel it....

Paizo Blog: Are you ready to be a Superstar?

9 Blazing Months

RPG Superstar 2012 Groundless Speculation Thread!

Question about Writers Groups

64 pages?!

RPG Superstar the Game...

RPG Superstar Frequently-Fielded-Gripes: a draft

Put on your fancy designer hats!

Mythic Superstar

Hey all you gamers, sittin' on the fence, get off your ass and get down here...

Clark-nak the Magnificent!

Does anyone know when / if RPG Superstar is happening this year?

SKR's Modern Object rule vs. "Distant Worlds"

The 4 ACTUAL judges telling you exactly how to make the Top 32--seriously

Raptoring Gloves

Sean's advice on dashes

Ultimate Equipment congratulations!

RPG Superstar Simon Cowell?

Reimagining the Monk: Why not make it an RPG Superstar Competition?

Paizo Blog: RPG Superstar: Item Feedback

RPG Superstar 2013?

Neil's Feedback: Selected, In-Depth Item Reviews

Monster Reformation Alliance

Paizo Blog: RPG SuperstarTM 2012: Mike Welham!

Rescue Under the Steaming Sea

Paizo Blog: RPG SuperstarTM: Advice from Your Future

On-going Practice thread for the next competition

RPG Super Stars: Chronicles would like to interview the Top 4

Doom Comes to Dustpawn

The Scarlet God

The Unofficial Top 32 Guildhall: End of the Mayan Calendar Edition

The Unsheathed Revolution

Phasic Ravager

The Scarlet God Comes to Dustpawn

Round 5 Exit Poll

Submission issue?

Top 4--A trip down memory lane

Crimsondale Villa

Fort Walmor, The Slavers' End

The Hungry Mountain Dragon

The Sequestered Palace Sumptuous

Vote Now!

Really excellent work

Poll: Round 5 - Top 4: Submit a Pathfinder Module adventure proposal

Neil Spicer: Editors' Choice Judge

Encounter with Map - What would you have done?

Paizo Blog: RPG SuperstarTM: Top 4 Announced!

Riders of the Black Steppe

Eightfinger's Tomb

The Thanatopic Amphisbaena

Mushti's Beguiling Oddities

Brike Isle

Encounter CR vs Party Level

Round 4 Exit Poll (Design Encounter with Map)

Flask of Liquid Sunlight

Poll: Round 4 - Top 8: Design an Encounter With a Map

Ain't got no grammar

Please include the following in your playtest reports

Cancer from the Void

Backbreaker’s Hunt

Round 4 - How many votes?

For those of us playtesting...

Hushfoot Bocan

Ravenous Gorgewort






As always... controversy!

Please include the following in your playtest reports

Map Fu says hello and provides a checklist of sorts...

A Message For The Top 8 - Keep Your Eye On The Prize!

Huri, treacherous ex-familiar

Shout out to the guest judges, Mark and Rob!

Necrotic Reef

Witchbole Willow


Paizo Blog: RPG SuperstarTM: Get Ready to Playtest!

Fear, Fist and Flame


Competitor baffled by Round 4 sample template

Paizo Blog: RPG SuperstarTM Top 8 Announced!

Recruiting 4 players for Round 4 PBPs

Superstar 2013 - Practice #1 - Closing 20th February

Paizo Blog: RPG Superstar: Encounter Challenge Preview

Anointed Choir of the Rapture

Besmara's Chosen

Cold Hearth Lodge

Round 3 Exit Poll - Create a CR 7 Golarion monster

Arcadian Interceptors

How I blew it.


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