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Wednesday, June 15th, 2022

This month, we're celebrating Pride with our co-workers, freelancers, and community content creators. For many of us, Pride isn't just a June event, it's an all day, every day existence. With that in mind, we asked, "What are you proud of in the last year?"

Art by Sebastian Rodriguez
Celita, a blue haired android in a long black jacket holding a datapad

Aubrey (she/her)
Community Content Creator

My name is Aubrey, I use She/Her pronouns, and I am the GM and Co-Producer for Goblets and Gays. We are a very gay Pathfinder 2e podcast. What I am most proud of in the last year is my show, the work my players and I have put into it. We have built an audience that is bigger than I ever expected. We were nominated and won an award, Podcast that Rolls like Family from the 2021 TTRPG Gifs awards.

We've gotten a chance to work with so many people from all over the world. We got to collaborate with Nat20 Productions to launch a Live Actual Play show as well. We are rapidly approaching our second anniversary and we are just getting started.

Raychael Allor (she/her)
Marketing and Licensing Coordinator

I'm Raychael Allor, Paizo's Marketing and Licensing Coordinator! The thing I'm most proud of this year is finally allowing myself to be proud of what I've accomplished and endured. I'm still here, I worked hard to get to this point, despite many obstacles, and I'm allowed to be happy, no matter what my brain likes to tell me.

Alexander Augunas (he/him)
Freelance Contributor

Hello, I’m Alexander Augunas (Asexual/Biromantic/Male)! I’m Know Direction’s Everyman Gamer and the Master of Ceremonies of Know Direction Beyond, as well as the publisher of Everybody Games. I also write for Paizo and Pathfinder 2E / Starfinder when I’m not working my day job. This year, I’m proud of the work that my team and I did on Kitsune of Golarion, a Pathfinder Infinite product that details kitsune ethnic groups from across Golarion. I’m also thrilled that my first Adventure Path volume, Starfinder Adventure Path #51: Into the Dataverse, was announced a few weeks ago at PaizoCon. Finally, I’m proud to be celebrating my first Pride as biromantic and of my new partner, who’s been amazingly patient with me as he and I work to figure out my feelings. If you are questioning or ever start to question yourself, please give yourself the time and kindness to figure it out in whatever capacity you need. Sometimes the answer is simply acknowledging the feelings you had at the start, and that can be scary. Take a step back. Breath. It’s okay. We’ve all been there, and many of us still are. You’ve got this

Art by Fabio Rodrigues
Viltydus wearing plane clothes with rings on their fingers and piercing in their ears and nose

Rigby Bendele (xe/xem or they/them)
Freelance Contributor

Community is what will save us, and I've seen my community come together over the past several years. Whether it's been mutual aid programs, labor solidarity, or activist communities, I've seen those around me step up and mobilize to protect each other. I've also worked to be someone my community would be proud of, especially when it comes to ensuring I don’t leave vulnerable members behind.

As I look to the future and continue to see a cycle of advances in rights and then backlash, standing together is vital. While living under cissexist oppression has been hard and there are never any guarantees of what the future holds, it is always worthwhile to put in the effort. I owe so much to those that organize movements. I can never repay that debt; I can only try.

I guess this is where I talk about my own work, and how much I’ve done this past year or what my upcoming releases are. If you’re interested in that, you can find my work in the recently released Starfinder Drift Crisis and in the upcoming Pathfinder Dark Archive, Lost Omens: Travel Guide, Starfinder Interstellar Species, and Pathfinder Society Special #3-98: Expedition into Pallid Peril.

I also run a free newsletter about LGBTQIA+ speculative fiction (mostly sci-fi and fantasy). If you want to hear my thoughts on queer literature, you can subscribe (or read the archive) at Transgenre Reads. You can find me @rigbeesknees on Twitter.

Brent Bowser (he/him)
Great Lakes Regional Venture Coordinator

This past year I’m proud to count myself among the many who’ve realized their worth. I mustered up the courage to tell my boss, “Treat me fairly, or I’m going elsewhere.” Here I am now, living my best life in a new job, recording a stand-up comedy special, my first Organized Play Scenario coming out this month (PFS: #3-16: Escape From Oppara), and an editor of The Journal of Dungeoneering For Hip and Attractive Professionals. From Starbucks and Amazon to every individual altering their situation, I’m proud of us collectively striving to make life better for ourselves, and each other.

Carlos Cabrera (he/they)
Freelance Contributor

Hi, my name is Carlos Cabrera and I identify as bisexual. I have written for Pathfinder in both first and second editions and have done some additional voice acting work. My latest credit to date is the voice of Ashasar for the Pathfinder Society Special #3-99: Fate of the Future, which played at GenCon last year!

The thing I am proud of most in the last year is my willingness to diversify my career and follow my freelancing work wherever it takes me. Not only did I decide to start pursuing voice acting after stumbling upon it in the Seattle indie video game scene, I have two board game projects currently in the works and one has been picked up by a publisher!

I look forward to wherever my career takes me next and should be returning to writing more content for Pathfinder soon as well. You'll be able to find all of my upcoming project announcements at!

James Case (he/him)
Senior Designer

Hi, still James here, still gay. I worked on a lot of Paizo stuff I’m proud of this year, but instead of those, something else I’m proud of is making my first forays into professional media translation and translating some anime, including both an episode with a ton of puns and an episode that made my roommate go “wait why hasn’t that character stopped talking yet it’s been like a minute and I don’t think she’d breathed.” Between this and the RPG thing, middle school James would be proud. I also (with my stepmother’s help) figured out how to stop messing up a few recipes that had been giving me trouble this year, which I’m proud of too! All this and more can be found on the Tweetosphere at @toriariaria.

Art by Sebastian Rodriguez
Zigivix, Illustration by Sebastien Rodriguez: The shirren Starfinder Zigvigix sits in their wheelchair, typing on a chair-mounted datapad while gazing at the viewer.

Caryn DiMarco (she/they)
Freelance Contributor

Hi! I'm Caryn (she/they). I write marketing content as my day job, but the much cooler answer to "what do you do" is my recent experience freelancing for Paizo! I wrote Bounty 14 (The Blackwood Truce) and PFS scenario 3-10 (Delve the Pallid Depths)... and hopefully more fun things in the future. You can (sometimes) find me on Twitter talking about my work: @caryndi

My proudest moment in the past year was, in fact, seeing something with my name on it published! It was the culmination of a lot of effort I've put in over the years, and also a new opportunity to learn and grow as a writer. On a more serious and somber note, I'm also proud of the resilience and resistance of the LGBTQ+ community recently. I wish it wasn't necessary. But speaking truth to power, doing what you can to make your community better, and even just living your truth even though others are hostile to it are all accomplishments. I'm simultaneously proud to be fighting the good fight where I can and grateful/humbled to be part of a community that has given me wonderful examples of how to do so.

Dana Ebert (she/her)
Freelance Contributor

Whenever anyone complains about inclusion I add a gay character to their favorite game.

James Jacobs (he/him)
Creative Director

Hey there! I’m James Jacobs, and I wear a lot of hats at Paizo—lately I’ve been developing Adventure Paths, standalone adventures, and of course the behemoth Kingmaker project. Last year has been yet another rough year, and looking back on it all it’s difficult for me to isolate anything in particular I’m proud of myself other than just making it to this point, so instead I’ll say I’m proud of all the amazing freelancers who work for Paizo and have been so supportive of us—not just in the past year, but for the past 19 years I’ve been working at Paizo. I’ve come close to quitting the job or moving on several times—many of them in the past year—and the kind words and support of freelancers is one of the things that’s kept me here. I’m proud of you all, but more to the point I’m thankful for you all.

Dustin Knight (he/him)
Freelance Contributor

Greetings, Pathfinders! My name is Dustin Knight (Asexual/Biromantic/Male)! I’m the host of Infiknight Reviews on Twitch, producer of Know Direction: Beyond, author of the Fox’s Cunning blog series on Know Direction, and a Venture-Lieutenant for the Pathfinder Society! I'm very proud of the successful creator space and community that developed on the Infiknight Reviews Discord channel. And this year I’m proud of all the work I’ve done with Pathfinder & Starfinder Infinite, developing my own work like Infiknight Archetypes: Spell Trickster and writing with other incredible authors in collaborations like Kitsune of Golarion. Of course, I’m super excited to see how people react to my work in Lost Omens: Travel Guide, and I’m extremely grateful for the overwhelming positive response I got for Nouru/“Tattletail” in Lost Omens: The Grand Bazaar. And, to save the best for last, I’m immensely proud of my incredible new partner whose kindness, sweetness, and endless thoughtfulness have helped me learn to love myself and open my heart to share my love with another. Over the years this blog has been such a source of inspiration, learning, and opportunity for me, and I hope I can help pay it forward by offering my fellow creatives a helping hand and safe creative space where they can be free to express and learn who they are with open minds and open hearts. (@WarlockKitsune on Twitter)

Sonja Morris (she/her)
Director of Visual Design, Elder Gay

In addition to all of the things I worked on at Paizo over the last year, I am proud of myself for actually finishing Horizon Forbidden West and not giving up on Elden Ring (though I haven’t finished it yet). Twitter @robosapienx, Insta @robosapienx

Art by Vlada Hladkova
Yoh Souran, ace pilot and diehard Ruby Phoenix fan. Art by Vlada Hladkova.

Dave Nelson (he/they)
Freelance Contributor

Hey, all! For those that don’t know me, I’m Dave Nelson, a bi and aromantic freelancer for Paizo. In a year full of accomplishments and personal growth, there is clearly one thing I am proud of most of all. I am proud to be a part of the freelance community that took collective action last fall to fight for Paizo staff. I remain proud that I took a stand for others and honored to be in the company of those that did the same.

If you want to take a look at my work, my words are coming up in Lost Omens: Travel Guide and Drift Crisis: Case Files (my first hardcover credit!) You can find me on the bird site @davicthegrey where I share photos of cats and other great things that catch my attention. I’ll be launching a new project soon and that’s the best place to hear all about it.

Jessica Redekop (she/they/he)
Freelance Contributor

Hi, I'm Jess! You might remember me from essential PF2 content like the APG’s dandy archetype, Lost Omens Grand Bazaar’s wig of holding, and the upcoming fashion section of Lost Omens Travel Guide. I'm one of several asexual Paizo contributors, and I couldn't be prouder of the community of talented and diverse professionals I get to work with. Paizo freelancers achieved a lot in the last year, and the collective action we took last year to improve working conditions for Paizo staff and ultimately demand recognition for the United Paizo Workers union ranks high among my proudest moments. It is my privilege to continue working alongside this incredible, kind, and fierce group of creators I get to call my peers.

If you’d like to check out more of my work, you can go straight to Hell (literally, as in the plane, Hell) in Drift Crashers #1: The Perfect Storm, my Starfinder adventure path volume available either now or soon! I play Xiadani on Valiant, a PF2 actual play on the Know Direction network, and tweet into the tweeterverse from @tectonomancer.

Art by Raphael Madureira
A cheery plant person dressed in festive attire with a white flower sprouting from their head.

Simone D. Sallé (she/they)
Contract Editor

Hey, I'm Simone (she/they), a queer editor, writer, and general language enthusiast. Among other things, I wrote the primal magic treatise and witch journal entries for Secrets of Magic, and as a contractor I've been a contributing editor on numerous Paizo publications! I'm delighted and honored to work alongside so many phenomenal creators in this community who do such great work on the games we love.

It's hard for me to celebrate my achievements, but after many years of freelancing on the side, I'm proud of taking the leap to self-employment and making Wildwood Editing my full-time job. I love running my own solo business and continuing to learn more about myself, my craft, my community, and how to build better worlds, both in games and in real life. If you’d like to follow along, I have a monthly newsletter about games, language, advocacy, and more that you can sign up for here:

There’s a lot to celebrate during Pride Month, but don’t forget that queer history is important, queer folks are everywhere, and we need your support all year long. (And if you’re newly exploring your identity and wondering if you’re queer enough to belong, the answer is YES. Welcome!)

Kendra Leigh Speedling
Freelance Contributor

Hi all! I’m Kendra Leigh Speedling, a freelancer for Pathfinder/Starfinder, and I’m bi and demisexual. Most recently, I’ve worked on Book of the Dead and Guns & Gears on the Pathfinder side, and Drift Crisis and the one-shot System Takedown on the Starfinder side. This year, I’m proud of tackling two big projects back to back, which was a big challenge! One of these was To Defy the Dragon, a Starfinder adventure module out this fall. I had a great time working on it, and I hope people enjoy not only getting to take down a dragon tyrant from the seats of mechs, but also discovering the other things the ruins hold—some of which might tug at their heartstrings. (I’m not sure how much I can say about Project #2 yet, so…I’ll leave it at that!)

More broadly, I’m proud of those in the Paizo community—staff, freelancers, and fans alike—who have united to push for positive change over the past year. This is a rough time for a lot of people—especially queer people—but knowing there are so many doing their best to make gaming more inclusive and welcoming gives me hope. Stay awesome, everyone.

Isabelle Thorne
Freelance Contributor

Hallo! I’m Isabelle Thorne, long-time Paizo contributor (most recently to Lost Omens Knights of Lastwall) and proud trans girl. ^_^

This year is a pretty big deal for me. In addition to contributing lots of content to the aforementioned Knights of Lastwall, I’ve gotten started as a freelance editor for works like Queerfinder on Pathfinder Infinite, among several others, and I’m pushing myself to make editing a full-time gig. In addition, after many long years and struggles, I’m finally making an effort to leave my hometown and move somewhere more affirming and supportive, where I can have a real community and my own life. It’s going to be tough, but I’m hoping it will really pay off in the end!

Art by Sammy Khalid
Art by Sammy Khalid: Telekinesis Psychic lifting a large bolder over their head

Esther Wallace (she/her; zhe/zher),
Community Content Creator

Hi y’all! I’m Esther Wallace (she/her, zhe/zher). I’m a queer/bisexual, genderfluid, disabled creator and game designer.

My biggest point of pride in the last year is finishing my graduate degree, where among other things I studied tabletop as a form of ritual and meaning-making. Right now, I’m extremely proud of designing my first game, Front Porch. It’s a worldbuilding game about gossip and gossip’s power to create and unravel social bonds and social worlds, and it will hopefully drop in July 2022.

I’m also the GM of Chromythica, a trans and queer-led Pathfinder 2E actual play. Our story focuses on two gnomes, a tief-elf, and a talking dog who stumble on a vast plot of Draconic intrigue and Infernal meddling, learning in the process that they’re fated to shape the destinies of dragons and the course of history. I’m immensely proud of everything we have accomplished as a trans and queer cast! Together, we imagine a story where trans and queer people not only survive, but thrive. I’m proud of us for telling the stories that we most want to encounter in this world. We’d be delighted for you to join us in our story if you’re just finding out about us!

Finally, I’m proud to have created #tabletopaccess, a hashtag for disabled gamers to share our experiences in the tabletop community.

You can find me on Twitter @dungeonminister (or @chromythica) and on the web at,, and

Grady Wang (he/him) and Theo Thourson (he/him)
Community Content Creators

Grady Wang (he/him) and Theo Thourson (he/him) are life partners who cofounded and run The Gallant Goblin, a TTRPG publishing company and product review channel on YouTube. We are proud of everything we have accomplished in the last year to become a self-sustaining LGBTQ+-owned small business as well as promote queer-identifying creators in the tabletop space.

We launched Queerfinder on Pathfinder Infinite in January 2022 as an in-world travel magazine featuring queer-friendly stories, NPCs, locations, and plot hooks as imagined by queer creators. The magazine celebrates existing industry talents, such as Paizo contributors, as well as up-and-coming designers and artists trying to break into the industry. We're so proud of our passionate and talented team, who not only strive to elevate each other but to improve industry conditions through advocacy for wage transparency, better contracts, and higher pay. Together we're developing many more exciting stories to share with you in upcoming issues!

We were also thrilled that our band of rainbow kobold adventurers, originally conceived as a Pride Month fundraiser for GLSEN in 2020, are making the leap into the real world as huggable plushies. After over a year of development, we launched our new Hero Plush brand on Kickstarter and are so proud it became one of the top 40 plush Kickstarters of all time! We hope to bring more cuddly, aspiring heroes into homes in the coming years! You can find us on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

Show your pride, Paizo golem, goblin, or nufriend style! These enamel pins made by Campaign Coins feature a Paizo golem, a Pathfinder goblin or a Starfinder skittermander, all in the Pride flag colors. Five dollars from each pin sold will go directly to Tabletop Gaymers and championing the visibility and inclusion of the LGBTQIA+ community through tabletop gaming.

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*wonders if we'll ever get pronoun tags behind our forum handles*

Paizo Employee

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Thank you for taking the time to give us this platform. It means so much and I look forward to reading this blog every year!

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:) These are the people that I like supporting and keep me buying Paizo, Path- and Starfinder products with their contributions (among others, but significantly).

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Gracias por el tiempo y permitirnos conocerlos ♡

Sovereign Court

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thanks for putting this together. happy to see so much support for the UPW.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Lost Omens, Maps, Rulebook Subscriber; Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber

I love these people and this community! <3

Silver Crusade

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You people are the freaking best. Happy Pride Month, and thanks so much for being positive voices in this crazy world. You've been an inspiration in so many of my LGBTQ+ friends' lives, giving them stories and worlds and characters that excite their imaginations and give them days to look forward to, when everything else is tough-going. And your stories have also changed me, in a lot of ways, giving me courage to be open-minded and explore, when I was in a pretty lonely, scary place in life. I am so grateful for what you do, and can't wait to watch this community grow and grow in the years to come. Cheers, you excellent folks, and have yourselves an especially wonderful month.

Liberty's Edge

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Thanks for sharing your stories. I think that by people sharing their stories, we see them as individuals not categories. I have a lot of respect for the work that people in this thread have done. More importantly, I have respect for them as people who persevere in the face of misunderstanding and far worse.

In the end, I think that all of us want to be accepted as who we are -- however we define ourselves. So, thank all of you again for sharing your stories, the great things you have done for our hobby, and for inspiring others. It is up to each of us to shape the future for the better. So, thanks for doing your part to make this hobby and this world more inclusive and accepting.

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I posted this elsewhere earlier today but thought I should share it here so it is more likely to reach the people I am thanking.


I love all of it. Mostly I love that there are so many voices yet so many more beside them. This blog can not be reasonably interpreted as a token representation. Rather this is an illustration of the fundamental strength and support of the greater community. Without these people, and others like them, the Paizo and RPG communities would be weaker and less.

What an uplifting way to start my day. Thank you.


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It was great to read everyone else's stories!

(I forgot to put my pronouns in because I wrote the post in a rush after almost forgetting the deadline. ^^; But I go by she/her if anyone is curious!)

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Pathfinder Lost Omens, Rulebook Subscriber

Happy Pride Month, everyone!

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The amazing queer creators and the great queer representation are both big parts of why I came to Pathfinder for 2e. Thank you all for sharing, and a happy Pride from this trans lesbian!

Envoy's Alliance

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Love yall!! <3

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Thank you for being you, and for sharing your creativity and dedication with us!

From creative ideas springs Hope, something which has been in short supply lately!

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