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Monday, February 8, 2021

Coming soon to a Drift beacon near you, Starfinder Battles: Planets of Peril is the first full set of Starfinder miniatures from our partners at WizKids. The set offers 32 randomized figures in 3-figure boosters and includes not only a wide array of aliens (appropriate for both PCs from distant worlds to monsters threatening safe space), but also the first starships in the Starfinder Battles line. Each starship comes on a hexagonal base with a sturdy clear support column, making it a perfect fit for any starship battle using the Starfinder RPG.

A handful of starship miniatures were produced a few years ago by Ninja Division and players seemed to like being able to get multiple ships around a single theme—specifically the Eoxian Corpse Fleet and Pact Worlds fleet. So when it came time to pick the ships to include in Planets of Peril, we decided to do something similar, this time offering three Veskarium ship models. Here you can see the BMC Mauler, Norikama Dropship, and Vindicas Tyrant, which are uncommon, rare, and rare, respectively. (Note also that all starships, regardless of their size, are represented on a single hex, so they’re all on 1-inch bases.)

green BMC Mauler ship mini figure green Norikama Dropship ship mini figure Green Vindicas Tryrant ship mini figure

We had originally included only these three starships in the set, in part because we weren’t sure what ratio of creatures to ships was right for the set. We knew that we didn’t want common starships, as most of the time a combat is between the PCs and only a few other combatants. Most GMs, we figured, would need just one copy of any given model.

Fastforward a few months, to when WizKids approached us about pulling some figures out of the set to release earlier as the Galactic Heroes and Galactic Villains blister packs. We now had to replace those figures, and used that opportunity to not only add a dozen creatures that didn’t make the initial cut (for what was, at the time, a 30-figure set), but also to add another two starships at the uncommon rarity. These, we knew, needed to be something that would be useful to GMs and players both (given their uncommon status) and applicable to the most possible adventures. Thus, we landed upon including the Starfinder Society’s Drake and Pegasus. Each ship was presented at a variety of tiers and were, at the time, the only two ships available to every Starfinder Society party.

White and Orange Drake ship mini figure Red Pegasus ship mini figure

We hope folks find them useful and that we get the opportunity to include a Gorgon sometime down the road.

Next week, we’ll return to previews of the myriad aliens and monsters you’ll find in Planets of Peril, so strap on your jetpacks and recharge your laser rifles. Until then, Starfinders, be safe and roll 20s.

Mark Moreland
Director of Brand Strategy

PS - WizKids really went above and beyond with the promo images they provided to show off the set’s contents. These are final production models pulled from a retail case. Let us know in the comments what you think of these (compared to the renders we’ve shown in the past, or the photos of the miniatures on plain white backgrounds) and we’ll work with WizKids to perfect future blogs. Thanks for your feedback thus far, and we look forward to continue working with the community to best promote Pathfinder and Starfinder Battles.

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Holy crow, these look amazing! These previews with production minis have pushed me from 'oh man, if only I had the money' into 'what do I give up so I can get these'.

The Pegasus and Drake look excellent!

Liberty's Edge

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Love love these pics! And looking forward to the ships!!

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Pathfinder Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

These pictures of actual product have provided a better perspective of what the final product may look like.

With the background, there is some contrast to bring out details on them, and also helps 'busy' up the area around the mini so it's not in a blank white space.

This has firmly cemented my desire to buy at least a brick.

Grand Lodge

Starfinder Superscriber

Awesome. I look forward to purchasing these. As an aside, would it be possible for Paizo to offer hex bases for use in starship combat?


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I'm really excited for this set and the pics look great! It's nice to see them somewhat in context.

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Hats off to Paizo for getting pictures up of production minis. Also, these ships look fantastic. While space fantasy isn't my jam, I'll be cherrypicking a handful or so of the monsters from this set. Here's to hoping this set goes over so well that we continue to see set after set!

I'm looking through the Alien Archives now, and there is a fair amount of crossover candidates for future sets, both unique creatures that just look too cool not to throw in my Pathfinder campaign, and even some monsters that show up in both systems. I'm excited for the future of this line!

Dark Archive

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Something i would like to know is:

-How does the rarity affect the distribution?
One booster has three minis, which means that a brick (8 boosters) has only 24 minis.

-How many rares will be in a brick and how many uncommons?
We havn't seen any common mini so far, are there even common minis in the set or only uncommon & rare ones?

-Will buying a sealed case (four bricks/32 boosters) give you one of each rare mini or two?
-How many uncommon minis will you get?
-Does a "Starship" replace a large mini or a medium one?

I mean, i want to get one of each of the 29 revealed minis at least and between two or four of some, so that is something that i would like to know before ordering.

It would be much appreciated, if you could provide some distribution numbers.
Thank you.

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I’d be keen to understand the distribution model as well.
I’d also be interested in the aimed for “completion rate” (ie: “we expect 89% of cases to include a complete set of 32 minis”).


Take my money already I so want that Pegasus!

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We should have our full case review up in the coming week. We'll try to answer all your rarity distribution questions, Marco. We're just waiting on the case to be delivered by FedEx, but we're in Texas and everything is frozen, so it may take a few more days to arrive. -Theo

Dark Archive

Street date is march 17th according to Wizkids official release schedule, that's in less than four weeks.

Thanks, Theo! :-)

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