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It appears these officially launched yesterday.

I can appreciate you removing my post for it being baiting.

But, if possible, I would still like an answer to my original question. I'm asking for the dimensions of the listed product so I can determine whether or not it would be suitable to order a few of these for my table. Thank you.

For example, the Pathfinder 1e version of this tray is listed as: 9.5" Length x 6.75" Width x 1.5" Depth.

Is this the same dimension for the Pathfinder 2e tray?

So our Paizo Advantage 15% off only applies to the list price, not the Our Price?

Still hoping for some news on this one sometime soon...

My order is still pending.

Order 36805764

Any idea when we will see the Mwangi Expanse set? Originally it was January, then it was moved to February. Clearly it's going to be at least March, if not longer. I realize exact dates are out of the question these days, but certainly someone in the know can hazard an educated guess for an approximate release date.

So is this Pawn line dead? I'm going to assume the answer is yes, given that we've heard nothing about it in months. Are you switching formats to those 2-D Acrylic things that WizKids just put out for the D&D 5e stuff? Do you have your own alternative to Pawns besides 2-D acrylics? Do you have no alternative? Are you selling PDF-only pawns as an alternative?

I'm not looking for fancy blog posts announcing everything under the sun. I just need to know if this line--or something like it--will continue or not. If it is, great! If it is not, bummer. If indeed it is ending, and there is no Paizo alternative in the works, I'll have to make preparations in other ways for the table representation I need.

Sorry if I sound like a jerk, but we've been left hanging for months now while asking a very simple yes or no question. I don't even need hardcore specifics.. I don't have a problem waiting when I know there is something for which to wait. But at this point I don't even know if I should plan on there being some sort of Adventure Path tabletop representation. In other words, does the money I've earmarked for Pawns continue to go toward Paizo and this line or similar, or does it go elsewhere?

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For those interested, pictures of many of the minis in the new Battles set, Mwangi Expanse, can be found here:

Mwangi Expanse Pics and Info.

Still no official release date; Q1 2022 is all it says. I've had the three premiums (two Huge and one Gargantuan) and a case pre-ordered from GameNerdz for over a month now. Hopefully for those waiting for the subscription here you will get some additional info soon!

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Your lengthy response on Twitter back in September during all the chaos was, for me, a turning point. You helped answer some questions without throwing anyone under the bus. You also made me realize that if I was going to say, "yes, Paizo employees and designers should make more", then I was going to need to put my money where my mouth is and be willing to pay a bit more. You were a major driving force behind my keeping my subscriptions.

Beyond that, your name is attached to some of my favorite Paizo material. I won't insult you by pretending I know everything you are directly or partially responsible for, but I assume it's a large chunk of what I enjoy.

Regardless, here's hoping your next endeavor goes well! Clearly I'll have to look into Roll For Combat, now. I've really only encountered them from an advertisement perspective, as they are one of the sponsors for the Gallant Goblin YouTube channel that does reviews of miniatures and a few other things.

Anywho, thanks for all the work you've done for Paizo, the level of professionalism you brought to the job, and anything I've managed to forget.

Add me to the list of those wondering if this line is dead.

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Dragonhelm wrote:
Is this available in PDF format?

Is it the Wheel of Time stuff in this issue you are interested in? I know the show just recently came out, so perhaps it's piqued the interest of some RPG folks.

For anyone interested, these are also currently available for pre-order at some online retailers, like GameNerdz and BigBadToyStore.

For anyone interested, these are also currently available for pre-order at some online retailers, like GameNerdz and BigBadToyStore.

Just curious whether y'all received the rest of your products or not, or perhaps the situation is still pending?

I've got subscriptions here for my books, but once I know the Spell Cards and Maps are confirmed I can lump some pre-orders together elsewhere.

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Cori Marie wrote:
402 pages to be exact, so about 100 pages more than Mwangi Expanse which was $49.99. 100 pages for $5 is pretty good.

No doubt. I've read up on it throughout the day and it is my understanding that a very large portion of the book is lore, which makes it even better. I feel like Paizo does a great job handling their lore, and I really enjoy reading through these types of books.

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Raychael wrote:
Pigraven wrote:
Sorry if I missed the announcement elsewhere, but did the price increase on the "Absolam, City of Lost Omens book?" It looks like the MSRP price is $54.99. I see the Guns & Gear book had a $49.99 MSRP, the same as the other bigger books. I'm guessing the price increased (though I don't see a similar increase for "Lost Omens: Monsters of Myth."
I'm not privy to pricing discussions or the like, BUT Absalom is a little less than twice the size of Guns & Gears, page count-wise (looking at both PDFs), if that helps!

Thank you for this information, Raychael. Can you please direct me to the person that can answer such a question or at least pass it along?

Perhaps I gave the impression I was complaining about the price increase. I wasn't. Prices are going up on everything everywhere, so it stands to reason they would on these books, too. I'm simply seeking if the increase in price is directly related to the start of future increases, or whether it's a one-off price bump for this book (presumably for a size increase). I have no problem with a price increase, regardless of the reason. But the reason itself MIGHT have an impact how I obtain my Pathfinder 2e books going forward. I'll explain..

When Absalom was first announced way back when, it was available for pre-order through multiple retailers with an MSRP showing $49.99. It remains at that MSRP level still for many retailers. If the MSRP price has increased because the size of the book increased, great, I have zero issue with that, and I can continue on with my Paizo subscriptions as normal. If the reason for the increase is that it's the beginning of a price increase for Paizo books going forward, then I might have to reconsider my subscriptions and pick them up at another retailer. That's because the price for all future Pathfinder 2e books currently available for pre-order on many sites still tops off with a $49.99 MSRP. So at the moment, if the increase in books via Paizo is permanent, it looks like the discrepancy between what I pay here and the amount I could save thanks to certain retailer discounts elsewhere increases even more.

At the moment, Paizo prices always put me behind about $5 per book vs certain retailers, despite my 15% discount here. That doesn't even account for shipping & handling, which is often free elsewhere with bulk purchases. To this date I've been okay with that. And given the recent company promises to do better by its staff and creators, I'm hopeful to continue, so that more folks see more of that money. But if all future Paizo books see a $5 increase on this site, but other retailers are still working off a lower MSRP when giving discounts, that only widens the gap of what I'm paying per book by keeping my subscriptions here. I'll at least have to consider whether it makes more sense for me to start buying my Paizo books elsewhere.

Sorry if I missed the announcement elsewhere, but did the price increase on the "Absolam, City of Lost Omens book?" It looks like the MSRP price is $54.99. I see the Guns & Gear book had a $49.99 MSRP, the same as the other bigger books. I'm guessing the price increased (though I don't see a similar increase for "Lost Omens: Monsters of Myth."

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Oh my gosh there's a Kobold to go along with the Goblin, how cute!

Do these Kobolds come in any other colors, or just the Red for now?

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This is an insta-buy for me. It's going to look great in the classroom. These are cheap and cute enough that I might pick up a few to add to gift baskets for fundraisers throughout next school year.

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This thing absolutely slays! It's a great piece that has already been declared a favorite in the classroom. I even received a complaint from a parent (on their behalf, not their child's), so I KNOW this thing deserves all the awards.

Even if you don't usually collect minis, but like displaying cool stuff, I'd encourage you to pick this one up. You can find it on other sites for a bit cheaper than here, so I'd suggest browsing around a bit for your best price.

Sorry for the really late response. I ended up with only one broken mini, one of the Rares. She was missing the arm and flaming sword, and it was nowhere in the package. So the upside is the minis were well packaged and designed well enough to prevent easy breaking via transit. The downside is this particular Rare still made it past quality control.

For what it's worth, overall I'm happy with these minis. The quality is mostly good, without any horrible paint jobs. There are a few that probably could have used more paint than just relying on colored plastic, but in most cases I think they turned out okay. And just as important to me, the multiples I received were actually

First off, this is a great guide! I have a Summoner in one of my current campaigns, and she said your guide has been a godsend for her.

I've got another player looking at Summoner for a different campaign, and we've been using this guide to get a good feel for the class. Looking into giving his Eidolon spell casting abilities, we've noticed one thing and we're unsure if it is true.

In the Proficiencies section for Your Eidolon, it says if your Eidolon gets spellcasting, it uses your Summoner's Charisma and spellcasting proficiency. Is this stated specifically somewhere in the Summoner Class section? Because Feats like Magical Understudy, Magical Adept, Magical Master and Share Eidolon Magic mention the Eidolon's spells being innate, which would mean they use their own Charisma modifier, correct? And while they would be Trained from receiving the Cast A Spell action (as given in Magical Understudy), they would normally be expected to use that Proficiency.

It's entirely possible we've missed the part in the Summoner's section of the book that says otherwise.

It would be a shame if I'm right, and Eidolons don't use the Summoner's proficiency and Charisma modifier. It would effectively leave only the Fey Trickster, Tempter Demon, and maybe the Angelic Emissary as reasonable Eidolons for Summoners whom want their buddies to cast offensive spells.

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Well...it appears the October Subscriptions thread has been locked for some reason. It could just be me, because sometimes the pages play tricks on me in my browser. However, signing in from my phone also shows the thread as locked.

At first I thought this was an accident. But after re-reading Tonya's post (the final one in that thread), it sort of feels like an "I'm officially locking this thread" moment. Which is a strange choice for a thread with a conversation going on about...communication. Double strange, considering that we're currently in the middle of the actual month and orders are still pending/converting/shipping.

And I'm sorry for posting this in your thread, Terevalis. I'm just not entirely sure where else to post it at this point. I don't even know what I'm trying to get at? Maybe I'm trying to say that I'm tired of trying to figure this company out. It's pretty exhausting, and locking down topical threads seems like a counterproductive way of handling customer feedback.

I'll admit that not all folks are particularly good at handling their frustration when posting, and that lashing out can sometimes happen. But outside the direct mocking of other posters, most of the conversation from previous days seems pretty healthy in that thread. It's interesting to hear what others have to say on the subjects brought up, even if I don't always agree. Monthly shipping threads generally die a pretty quick death anyways, once all orders have been shipped out and most folks receive their packages. So it's not like the October thread would have lived much longer in some sort of never-ending debate. Again, I'm just a bit confused as to why the thread was closed. There's certainly a ring of punitive behavior behind it, at least in my ear.

Is this still a go for Wednesday?

What are the dimensions on this tray?

Also, do you have the shipping weight?

I can't recall if it has been mentioned, but the Pathfinder Painted Premium Figures: Wave 3 are up for pre-order on a few websites. WizKids has them listed for a November release, though as with all products that's subject to change.

I'm curious if anyone with the physical copies of these card sets stores them in something other than the original box? And if so, can you recommend the storage method?

I've been looking at alternative storage methods for most of my Pathfinder accessories, and have found something that really works for me for the Bestiary Battle Cards. However, I've yet to find anything that calls to me for these cards.

I'd like to be able to individually sleeve them, store them vertically, and keep each individual set together.

Thank you in advance for any help.

Does anyone have the Advanced GM Screen Portrait version in-hand? If so, do you like it? The one review on here talks about formatting issues, but that's for the PDF version. Does the actual physical product suffer from print that is too small?

Also, does anybody have any image of what the visual display is? Is it the four pieces of artwork shown in the picture above? Are they the full pictures, or is each panel cut off like in the picture?

I've searched YouTube and watched about 10 different YouTube videos on the Advanced GM Screen, but I can't find anything beyond a mere mention of this Portrait version. And this product page gives me next to no information beyond what's included on the back. What are the measurements on this? I understand what a portrait is, but technically a portrait only means the width dimension is smaller than its height dimension. Is this Portrait the standard paper size of 8.5" w by 11" h?

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keftiu wrote:

So far, these playtests have fit a mold: two classes for a themed book. The book on magic gave us Magus and Summoner, while a book on tech gave us Gunslinger and Inventor. I have to assume this pattern will hold true, so let’s let that shape the theorycrafting!

-Occult book with Occultist and Psychic. Occult magic feels like the least-loved of the four traditions so far in terms of player options, and I think these are guaranteed to be pretty popular.
-Nature/primal book with Kineticist and Shifter. It seems like everyone wants Kineticist back, and the Shifter deserves a second shot at life. This book could also have wilderness exploration rules in it.
-Divine book with Inquisitor and either a retooled Medium or a new class. This is the pitch I’m least clear on, but I dearly want Inquisitor back.
-Martial book with Warlord/Marshal/Commander and probably something else new? There’s a lot of demand for a Warlord-style class, and martials always love having more options. This could be a place for mass combat rules as well.

I also do think there’s a slim chance it’s a genre book, rather than a setting element, because I can see a horror supplement with Inquisitor (for monster-hunting) and Occultist (for delving into terrible secrets) as the new classes.

You summed up my thoughts perfectly, so I'll just re-post yours here and add a +1.

I'd be happy with any of these, and probably in the order listed. I will say that I'd really like to see a dedicated Shifter class, one that leans on the Wild Shape Druid order for inspiration. I feel like that particular Druid Order leaves a lot to be desired, and the depths of Wild Shaping and Shifting could best be explored in a dedicated class.

Raychael wrote:
kcunning wrote:
Raychael wrote:
kcunning wrote:
The August thread isn't open yet buuuuut... I noticed that my US shipping costs (cheapest possible) look like they're Priority again? It says "US Postal standard", but the prices are the same as when there were issues last month.
Hm, we haven't generated subscription orders yet, so are you looking at a recently placed order or subscription orders for July?
So, if I go to My Subscriptions through My Account: https://paizo.com/paizo/account/subscriptions [...]
How odd! Doing a quick test order with the same products shows a significantly lower S&H cost for Standard Post than what that page is showing, so I'd hang tight until you get the confirmation email when orders are generated to see what the shipping looks like!

Some more information: This WAS exactly my scenario as late as this morning, right down to the same shipping and handling projection. I just checked it again and it looks like the projected shipping & handling charge is down to $7.74. This seems much more accurate for the AP & Hardcover Secrets and Magic book.

Interestingly enough, the following month's physical shipment, Pathfinder Adventure Path: Hurricane's Howl (3 of 6), is still showing the inflated $10.02 projected shipping total.

I'm posting this so Paizo knows the projected $20.83 on Standard Post wasn't an isolated case. But also to help reassure anyone concerned but not speaking up that it looks like this could just be one of those weird hiccups within the system that works itself out by the time order generations begin. Regardless, I agree that all customers should remain vigilant for any errors once they do receive their order confirmation.

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Svyatoslov wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Svyatoslov wrote:
I don't get why with all the huge shipping problems they don't just release the PDFs on time.

They do, PDFs go live on here on the street date.

For Subscribers they release when your order gets shipped, whenever that time may be.

I more meant stuff that's getting its street date pushed back because the physical books are too expensive to ship with the insane shipping container prices right now.

Just to clarify, you're asking why releases can't be put out on time digitally, when it's clearly the shipping issues holding things up? For example, Secrets of Magic, tentatively scheduled to come out August 25th, could see its release date pushed back another month due to shipping concerns. Your point is that Paizo could simply release it digitally on August 25th, as planned, and then just sell/send the books when they show up?

I think there are several reasons. As far as I know, you can only grab the PDF versions, legally speaking, through this website. Paizo would be undercutting the sales of their books by doing this, possibly even jeopardizing business relationships with their brick & mortar retailers. If the PDF is put out early in advance, it's possible that customers would flock to it first, leaving little money for the local shops once the physical books started to show up.

It would be tough on subscribers, also, because as things currently stand we wouldn't receive our PDFs at all before the books ship out. That means a person that just buys the PDF could have their copy weeks or even a month or more before we receive ours.

Of course, they could ship out the PDFs to subscribers at the same time they go live to the general public instead of waiting for the books to show up. But at that point you're just gong to get a lot of folks canceling their subscription because if they've already been sent a free PDF, why bother with the books?

One possibility is to come up with a pre-paid plan for the books, and thus the PDF. For example, my order spawns for my book, and in the process I can download the PDF on the determined release day. But instead of charging my account and sending out the book a few days later, the charge acts as a fully paid, non-refundable prepayment. In exchange for this for this full payment, I get the PDF on the date, even if the book shows up weeks or months late. This is similar to how I pay for a statue at a place like Tweeterhead, which charges me an NRD (non-refundable deposit) equal to X% of the final statue price. The NRD helps provide the company with some guaranteed money should I at some point decide to cancel my order. In this case, however, the entire cost of my order (book/s, maps, etc.) could be a NRD, ensuring Paizo that they get their money.

The above example is something I personally would be okay with, but not everyone is conformable committing money that cannot be refunded on a product they won't necessarily have in hand for weeks or months, even if they get the PDF on time. Just as important, this idea still doesn't help the relationship with retailers, as they'd be behind the curve when it comes to the ability to offer something to their book-only customers in a timely fashion.

But I don't think it's a bad question, especially when viewing the process with an eye toward the extended future. Somebody above mentioned shipping issues the world over could carry on through February 2023. That's an entire year from original estimates, and a full 18 months from now. I know you'll get some snappy answers that talk about patience; everyone is so full of preaching, pushing, and peacocking patience. And with good reason; right now things seem plenty manageable for Paizo, their products, and us customers. But folks are already showing signs of getting punchy. And it's probably a bit easier for some folks to preach and practice patience when budgeting for monthly releases may not be a big issue. Others, living paycheck-to-paycheck, with a very tight budget, might feel the strain of month-to-month start/stop delays on products much easier, or quicker. The system is fine now, but is it sustainable for another potential 18-month grind? I don't have the answers, but I definitely think it's always good to have alternative solutions, if not on hand, at least discussed, especially when it comes to businesses and their survivability.

Thrawn82 wrote:
Well up until yesterday both 2 and 3 were tagged as pre-order expected early august, not they say last week in august and sept respectively. so it looks like they were doing a lot of behind the scenes work right now. I'll be a little shocked if the 'august' shipment in ready before the first week of sept.

Interesting. So your future shippable subscription items actually have dates attached to them? Mine don't, although they fall in between my Pathfinder Society digital dates. The Society stuff does gives actual dates, though it's digital and they can just shift those around however and whenever necessary. However, My Strength of Thousands #2 and Secrets of Magic are completely missing from my Subscriptions section. And Strength of Thousands #3 just says, "1 item. Expected to ship in an unknown time frame"

While I'm prepared to see shipping delays each month, I don't necessarily think it is a guarantee. It's entirely possible Strength of Thousands #2 and Secrets of Magic both arrived shortly after the container with July's stuff, which we know was running late. How that translates to Paizo turnaround as they try to get back on schedule each month is anyone's guess. But it wouldn't shock me if we see a relatively quick turnaround month once or twice throughout the remainder of the year, sandwiched in between more potential delays.

richienvh wrote:
Actually, mine is no longer showing SoM and the part 2 of Strength of Thousands... Could be because the auth will be soon since those are the August products?

I think you've answered your own question. I know this has happened before at least once or twice that I've noticed. That said, if spawning dates are to begin soon, it would be great to get an official August thread so folks have an idea of what's shipping out and hopefully what day. However, It could be that Paizo is still waiting on some or all of the August product to arrive before revealing anything more.

Sara Marie or another CS rep is likely to update this thread sometime before the end of the Paizo business day today since it's Friday. Hopefully we'll get some insight on what to expect for the upcoming August orders, their potential spawning date, and maybe even see an August thread pop up.

FWIW, I believe a CS rep previously stated that it's entirely possible the following month's order doesn't show up in the My Subscriptions page until either closer to order creation, or perhaps even the day of.

For example, I'm missing the Strength of Thousands #2 AP and the Secrets of Magic books for this month (I'm guessing for a tentatively planned release date of late August). My assumption is that this next order is simply playing ghost in the machine right now.

Similarly, as with others, the single Adventure Path: Strength of Thousands #3 that shows up in my My Subscriptions account (presumably for a September release) shows a projected $10.+ shipping charge, slightly more than double what it should be. Again, I assume this is just some weird hiccup of the machine, and I hope future orders are able to prevent the scenario of extra charges that plagued some July releases.

It's definitely worth keeping an eye on your upcoming August shipping charge to make sure things aren't wonky again.

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It appears the shipping charge issue on my order has been fixed, so thanks Paizo. You proved once again that you're the best customer service in the business!

Here's the listing from the WizKids website for the Pathfinder Battles: Advanced Iconic Heroes miniatures. The listing has some pics of the of the minis themselves, so you get a good idea of what they will look like in-hand. The page shows a September release date, though like most any product in any industry right now I feel like it's safe to say the date is subject to change.

WizKids page with photos of Pathfinder Advanced Iconic Heroes minis

Jeff Alvarez wrote:
Pigraven wrote:

A couple online shops have started listing these singles on their website, although they aren't available for pre-order quite yet. Typically this is a sign that the set is soon to release. But it's possible they're just getting things ready because the official date on the WizKids page says August, and they don't know if that means early August or late August.

Paizo reps, can you confirm whether this is coming next week (August 4th) or the following week? Or is this still undetermined and possibly far off (like really late August or even September)?

I can confirm that NO ONE has these yet, not even WizKids, so those must be pre-orders. My guess is that everyone is still weeks away from any kind of release.

The following video was posted to YouTube on July 23rd, so it looks like bricks have at least made it to some reviewers. My guess is WizKids has an embargo on these, given confusion stemming from shipping delays, and this reviewer simply missed that email. Regardless, it's cool to see some of the "missing" minis from the set. Here's hoping we see it come out sooner than later!

Bestiary Unleashed Unboxing

Thanks so much. I know you said you'd keep us updated, but I get the feeling with WizKids stuff and some other stuff (like some of Paizo's printed material) things just sort of sail on in whenever, without any real rhyme or reason when it will show up.

I'm keeping an updated list of WizKids prepainted miniatures over on Kor's Minisgallery, so it's always nice to be able to update there, even if just to stress patience.

A couple online shops have started listing these singles on their website, although they aren't available for pre-order quite yet. Typically this is a sign that the set is soon to release. But it's possible they're just getting things ready because the official date on the WizKids page says August, and they don't know if that means early August or late August.

Paizo reps, can you confirm whether this is coming next week (August 4th) or the following week? Or is this still undetermined and possibly far off (like really late August or even September)?

The shipping on my order, Order 36607538, is $10.74., or roughly twice as much as it normally is. It's only the Pathfinder Adventure Path, selected for the cheapest shipping possible. And at only a 1 lb. ship weight, $10.74 is too much.

A closer look shows it appears to have ignored a cheaper shipping method and is instead using USPS Priority instead, as mentioned in Sara Marie's previous post.

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It's always cool to see that post by Vic. But...it's now ten years old, and the world has changed. Everything gets more digital by the day. And I'd argue that process was accelerated this past year with most folks the world over stuck in quarantine.

Would a PDF-subscription service where the PDFs are priced at higher prices than the physical subscription service be such a bad thing? I would think the majority of people who take advantage of this would be International customers, and they'd do this to eliminate the now insane shipping costs and for the early access. But those ridiculous shipping costs are what is currently keeping potential international subscribers at bay, right? So sure, some International folks would just wait for release day and buy the PDF as normal, and for a cheaper price. But certainly the chance for early access would draw entice enough folks to subscribe.

Meanwhile, I would think most US customers would stay away from such a deal, as it would be foolish to pay significantly more for a PDF, and early access, when you could get both a physical copy and the PDF for much cheaper.

If you're international clientele grows enough, then it becomes viable to look into some sort of international base of distribution. That would significantly lower the cost of shipping to most places, which would increase the number of physical book subscriptions. Alternatively, perhaps the international customer base does not grow enough this way to implement a new distribution center for physical book subscriptions. But you're still making decent profit on those higher cost PDF subscriptions that you'd have.

Maybe I'm under thinking things here.

Regardless, I can't help but think Paizo is shooting themselves in the foot by failing to find a way to make subscriptions affordable for their potential overseas customers. As others have stated, smaller companies have been able to find international solutions for their printed products.

Has Paizo made the reference cards from this box available elsewhere as an individual purchase? These are insanely popular even with my non-Beginner's Box players. I can't be the only one that sees the value in making 50-count Reference Card packs for individual purchase, right?

Such a product would easily let me provide them as a gift to every player at my table, veteran or newbie alike. I love Pathfinder 2e, and it has been my system of choice for awhile now. But it does have a reputation for being a bit overwhelming. Anything as effective as these reference cards that can help chip away at that perception, whether it's deserved or simply an illusion, should definitely be made available for the masses.

I remember this being requested in the past, but it's been awhile and I don't know if the idea was ever embraced. If they're sold separately, and I'm just missing the link, could someone please post it. And if they haven't been made available, then please mark my vote down as a +1 for it to happen. Thank you.

I feel like they've been doing a great job recently on the updates. Also, I feel like any update they do give today (Friday) will likely come at the end of their day, before they're off for the weekend. If they still have more to do beyond today, and won't resume until Monday, I think it would make more sense to give the most up-to-date information. And that likely won't be for another 12 hours or so from the time of this post.

Katina Davis wrote:
While the goblin is listed in the Battles section, it is not part of the actual Battles line and therefore should not receive the 30% discount. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! I'll work on making a less confusing place to list it on the website.

Thanks for the response! It's not really a letdown on my end, as I no longer have the Battles subscription. I was just curious. But it's in my cart at the moment and it DOES appear to have the 15% discount attached to it, so I hope that's accurate.

By chance, do you know if Paizo or WizKids has a video review of this product? I've seen a few random videos on YouTube, but most of them are shot poorly and focus more on the unboxing and less on showing off the actual piece as a whole. I know there was a blog with some great pics posted, and that was helpful. But with something so pricey it would be nice to get a much more dynamic feel for it.

I'm trying to convince myself I really need this. I even have a great place for it in the school library for next year, very visible but out of reach from grimy Elementary hands! I was building up an army of young Pathfinder 2e players prior to the lockdown, and I plan to continue in the Fall. This guy would definitely go over well! Good news is I'm 95% sure that I'm passing on a competitors case of miniatures later this summer, so financially I'm already mostly there.

As this is listed under the Pathfinder Battles line, does the Pathfinder Battles 30% discount apply on this "miniature"?

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Received my authorization and all looks great. It's been awhile and I'm very excited!

For folks interested in the Pathfinder Battles: Advanced Iconic Heroes set, you can now pre-order it online from a few of the usual suspects. The set is tentatively scheduled for a September release, but who knows if that date will hold in these crazy times.

If you don't have a Pathfinder Battles subscription, here's your chance to grab the set for as low as $37.47 (depending on where you get it). If you do have a Battles subscription, it will probably be a few dollars cheaper with the 30% off miniatures perk.

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+1 to Yoshua's request for Huge-sized miniatures more frequently than every other set. We went something like seven or eight years between Huge-sized releases in the Battles line. That was six Bestiaries of mostly missed opportunities. Pathfinder has some amazing-looking Huge creatures, and many that are exclusive to the system. It would be wonderful to finally get them at the table in pre-plastic form.

I do appreciate that T/S-M-L only sets can get us more Large creatures, and faster. But I'd much rather close the gap on Huge-sized creatures at the table, even if it means using some of the slightly outdated (in appearance) old Pathfinder 1e Larges for longer as a result of that process.

Another example is to see if WizKids is willing to try some individual sets that include Huge creatures, similar to the recent Wild Shape releases. I'm assuming some of the old Huge sets (like the Reign of Winter two-pack) weren't as popular as WizKids had hoped back in the day, or we'd have seen more of them. But that was still in the early stages of Pathfinder minis, and 5e hadn't even hit the scene yet. Since then, there has been a resurgence in ttrpgs, and it would be nice to see Pathfinder take advantage.

Speaking of things we'd like to see in the future.. Many dinosaurs are still underrepresented in PPM, both in the Pathfinder line and in other popular lines. I'd love to see Paizo knock them all out, once and for all. The bigger sizes, like Gargantuan, aren't as dire, as toy companies like Schleich and Safari Ltd. do a pretty good job covering that ground. But for as many folks that say, "just use the cheap toys" for the smaller dinosaurs, finding them to proper scale can be aggravating. I heard that Quest For The Frozen Flame is likely to have dinosaurs and/or megafauna in it? Here's hoping any Battles release around that time and help knock out some of these creatures (and any new ones appearing in those adventures).

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While we wait....yet again....here are some links to the Pathfinder Premium Figures - Wave 2.

These six figures are tentatively scheduled for a June release. They're also available for pre-order on many of the usual online hobby shops. $6.47 per mini is the cheapest I've seen them, although I believe those still with their Battles Subscriptions might be able to get them for $5.59 or $5.60 each.

It appears they listened to our feedback for more gender representation and skin tone variances. I personally really appreciate this and have ordered accordingly.

Link To Gallant Goblin Review of Pathfinder Premium Wave 2 Miniatures

Link To Kor's Minis Gallery Page Of Pathfinder Premium Wave 2 Miniatures

Here's hoping today is official answer day for this set. I'm excited!

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