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Love all the minis!

One request though.......PLEASE make sure Urgathoa's skeletal legs are thick and strong enough to support her. The minis only downfall could be a constant bending forward due to the legs not being thick enough. The hot water treatment doesn't generally fix skeletal minis with exceptionally thin legs. I love that we're getting minis representing the gods in Pathfinder! Now that Paizo started they have to do them all! I recall WoTC making some great aspects but I don't think they ever completed all of them.

A player of mine has asked if this was possible. His lion is medium sized, although at some point it will grow to large and I'm not sure if that makes a difference in the answer. This type of ring doesn't require any verbal components to activate so can they slip it on a paw finger and gain the benefit? I couldn't find any rules on this in the SRD.

If interested in a Pathfinder RPG in SI, NY shoot me an email at to talk further. Good luck with your game if I don't hear from you.


If interested in a Pathfinder RPG in SI, NY shoot me an email at to talk further. Good luck with your game search if I don't hear from you.


If interested in a Pathfinder RPG in SI, NY shoot me an email at to talk further. Good luck with your game search if I don't hear from you. The ferry is an easy trip :)


If aby are interested in a Pathfinder RPG in SI, NY shoot me an email at to talk further. Good luck with your game search if I don't hear from you.


If interested in a Pathfinder RPG in SI, NY shoot me an email at to talk further. Good luck with your game search if I don't hear from you.


If interested in a Pathfinder RPG in SI, NY shoot me an email at to talk further. Good luck with your game search if I don't hear from you.


If interested in a Pathfinder RPG in SI, NY shoot me an email at to talk further. Your game sounds great and I wish you luck, but if you want to join another group I'd be happy to talk. Good luck with your game search if I don't hear from you.


If interested in a Pathfinder RPG in SI, NY shoot me an email at to talk further. I have a player that comes from Brooklyn. Good luck with your game search if I don't hear from you.


DeadlyUematsu wrote:
Kolokotroni wrote:
I would be interested (Bay Ridge Resident) but I am already running Runelords for my home group, so it would be difficult to actually play in it, given I've read through the whole thing.
I already have one player who's played through Books 1-2 and a bit of Book 3. The understanding is I will alter things slightly towards the beginning to keep it exciting for him. Don't know how it would work for the entire campaign though.

If interested in a Pathfinder RPG in SI, NY shoot me an email at to talk further. I have a friend who comes to my game from Bay Ridge and that's where I grew up before moving to SI! Good luck with your game search if I don't hear from you.


If interested in a Pathfinder RPG in SI, NY shoot me an email at to talk further. Good luck with your game search if I don't hear from you.


Looking for a "mature" gamer anywhere from 30-60! Yes, wide range as we don't discriminate in age as it's all about the game maturity. Play every Tuesday night from 7-11pm in Staten Island, NY. Role playing is a very, very big part of our game. If wanted one can bring a drink or two for the game. No issues there. Email me at for more details, but in the end you couldn't find a better group to hang with and play a game! The group is currently 4 players in addition to me the DM. I'd be happy to chat so shoot me an email if anywhere near and looking for a game. We just recently lost a player, but before this the group was consistent for about 5 years with the same players.

OK, I'm not a frequent poster to this site, but I do play the game! Every once in a while I come here to check out the Boards as well as the Blogs!

Now, it seems the set-up has changed and I cant find anything, including my favorite part; the Blogs! Frustrating and I wonder why such things are done? I currently play Pathfinder and see a 2nd Edition is coming out, but with this nuisance as well as other questions about the change I feel somewhat dismayed. I get worried that Paizo has gone down a "bad" path and are not the ones that took us in a great direction when they adapted the 3.0/3,5 ruleset of D&D. Maybe I'm wrong and things will be fine, but as of now I'm not loving things all around.

My plan was to always be a Paizo gamer/Pathfinder player my entire life! I hope this holds true!

I need to echo the sentiments that both the lion and tiger look way to small. Additionally, I will also echo the point that the tiger should have its rear legs attached to the base. It looks silly in this position as if it's flying. Please change this. I love the vulture and that's my favorite because I don't have one of this mini type. In truth the eagle is probably even better, but I do have that represented already in mini form.

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I understand that many are excited for the qlippoth, but for me I'm much more excited for the everyday more common figures such as the Giant Ant and yes the Metal Cobra. The metal cobra, as has been suggested has an awesome repaint opportunity and if not it still looks great! The apparatus of the Octopus is interesting and one of a kind so I like it! I've never heard of it before, but I'm open minded and t is an awesome mini which can offer great ideas!

Damn, Mark that was some detailed and great read! Much appreciated and understood. The detail and explanation that you gave was way beyond what would be required and needed! You went far beyond the calling! Thanks a bunch!

Not a frequent poster, but always looking to buy new and interesting books from Paizo! THIS IS ONE OF THEM! From the looks you're giving us pub personalities! That would be great. If not tell me more.

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The Nightmare Dragon is great. I have nothing like this so it's good even if it is a dragon which I'm saturated with. Obviously with the end of my last sentence you may have guessed that I'm not a big fan of the Medium Copper Dragon and the Large Blue Dragon. They look nice, but for me more of the core dragons simply means meh! Them sitting on rocks doesn't generally bother me, but I can see where it would for others.

I always wanted a Penanggalen, but I'm a little disappointed in this one. The clear peg takes away from the mini itself. The grotesque nature is not as greatly portrayed with it and this mini needs to be the leader when it comes to gross! I wish the mini could stand on the base without the clear stand. Maybe redesign it a bit with more of its entrails on the ground for a sturdier attachment. Trust me, it would do the mini justice as the rest looks pretty good, but the clear post ruins it!

Witchfire looks awesome and will be a great addition to my collection. I just hope it looks like the pic! Nice!

The JuJu Zombie might be my biggest disappointment. I recall them being more feral and nasty. That helmet, armor and weapon make them look way too regal for what I think them as. It's different, I'll give you that!

I mean no offense, but is seeing his face so important to you and your players in a game Marco? I sometimes pass around a mini because it looks so great, but at my game we are not commenting on whether we can see a face or eye detail? It all comes down to the mini representing the creature well and if it looks good overall we're good! I understand I may be (and I say maybe)in the minority about face detail, but how much time is each mini on your table for a battle where eyes are that important? Don't get me wrong, I love detail, but these are NOT display pieces and sometimes I think role playing collectors think they are?!?

I love the hat on the Halfling rogue. Gives some character! I hope Pathfinder continues to add little "extras" to many of the PC type minis as it makes them much more interesting than a simple Halfling rogue with leather armor and a dagger ready to stab. GREAT job in my opinion. The beard is an extra plus as well! It's my favorite of the three!

Now, I do have a question about the head size of gnomes and halflings in general. If you look back at previous halfling and gnome minis made the heads go from rather large to very tiny. This goes for dwarves as well. I don't think Pathfinder or WotC have decided what they want to do with the head sizes of these races. It appears from the pictures that the head size of the archer and rogue may once again fall into that inconsistent category of uncertainty. What gives?

Skeletons are always great and these three don't disappoint. I like that they're wearing pretty heavy armor and can be upped with their CR due to this. I also love the fire headed skeleton! Any skeleton with a distinct look to keep my players guessing is great! Love all three.

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It would be great to get some younger folk minis (kids). A+ for the point!

Are many playing this card game? I ask this not to antagonize, but out of curiosity? The cards look great and all and I hope it is a success, but I'm just wondering. I haven't picked it up yet, but always check the post's out.

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Yep, that's what I think most feel Kalindlara!

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I'd say the primary problem for a lot of people with the game is NOT two fold as outlined. Some skin is fine with me, and my wife I might add. I'd gather most are not bothered. Awesome work!

Hey Erik:
Usually, when I'm on vacation someone else oversees and takes on my responsibilities? They may not be able to do the job as well as I (or you in this case), but at the least they can get some things, like previews accomplished. That's the way to go Erik because when on vacation you should NOT have to worry about work no matter how much you love it.


The removable seated figure is fantastic! On first read and view I didn't realize it was removable. I still liked it, but recognized it as a 1x useful piece. With it being removable I was stoked! Now, the figure can be used in multiple seated settings as well as the throne being used for many other figures. I have a few other seated minis that would be great to place there as needed. Very, very good decision on the throne Erik!

Someone said wrote:
No to unicorns, dragons, manicures, chimeras, and other 'prestige' critters that are rarely encountered but have been produced in plastic many times

Agreed 110% and thanks for saying it!

Not really needing anymore horses, but as for riding beats a pony, mule and camel would be cool.

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All of the dungeon dressing pieces are wonderful. However, I do think you have to look at their availability per case. It seems many are interested in these pieces so why not test a separate line of simple dungeon dressing pieces? That would allow persons that don't want them to ignore these item and ones that do getting the numbers they want instead of having to try and chase them for ridiculous prices on the aftermarket? I like the idea as a terrain collector, but the Pathfinder offer has not met my needs or interest. I think the idea is fantastic, but you have to rethink the sale strategy.

The unicorn is nice, but I have way to many already that my interest is very limited. I have yet to use any that I do have.

Great minis! Very excited by all of these! As for suggestions:

-Drow (I second the Drow request. Some new rare distinct drow would be nice and needed (both male and female).

-Duergar (both rare and common)

-Derro (would be great to get some of these)

-More fey (any would be welcome)

I'm not in love with this sort of art. I apologize if this comes across rude, but I much more prefer art that doesn't come across as Anime of sorts. I could never display this at my game table for an NPC. Paizo, keep the art true gritty fantasy! Sorry for the rant.

Hey Cat-thulhu, thanks for asking. Yes, it is the coloration but also the "beefiness" (yes not really a word but I'm sure you get my point). I know WotC made them red to brown, but I always looked at hobgoblins a bit more rotund and/or musculature. Maybe it's just me. Here they could pass for gray skinned humans with elven ears.

Although I think the figures look cool I just can't get my mind around these figures being an actual hobgoblin? If I do pick up a few I'd have to think of something else to call them. To me they almost appear undead. I guess I'm just old school and used to my old hobgoblin sculpts.

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Damn, that Book is awesome, especially with it being removable! Did I say DAMN! Yep, that piece is seriously one for the ages! It's not something you need everyday, but ya gotta have!

The detail on the salamander is great, but it is a bit monochromatic.

I am very happy to see huge over the gargantuan case incentive. I think this was a great idea and as was mentioned by Flurious Firestar, huge see way more action! Great choice.

My next polite question is how rare is it for "3rd party" distributers to get cases of yours? Do you ship once to them and that's all or are they able to get re-orders of your cases? I haven't gone to the Paizo case incentive yet because I'm not sure I want every case, but I do use other sources when needed. Is there a limited run on cases such as Rusty Dragon Inn or not? Thank you!

Still waiting for my set, but moving forward I would suggest terrain pieces that are only needed in limited supply. This way when we get 1 of each we are satisfied and not longing for more (I know this may not line up with your sales perspective). A nice brazier, altar, fireplace would all be welcome. Things like beds are needed in such supply that it can be frustrating.

I really think a fey set is the way to go! There are so many cool fey creature (good and evil) that need to be done. Whose game hasn't traveled through the forest and just thought of the fairy folk taking control! Fun, fun, fun! However, I can't diminish the want and desire for devil minis! I have enough demons, but would love some more devils!

I haven't had my case shipped yet because my credit card had expired on the site (who remembers to update all sites that have your credit card info until they remind you - EZPass, stores, etc). So, I received an email the other day that I needed to update it. All good. However, when I went to update it they asked for an almost $20 charge to re-update my credit card!!!! I've never heard of such a thing in my life so sent an email to customer service! That's ridiculous! I just started with my case subscription and this is what happens! When I saw the email I immediately went to update my credit card with the new expiration date, but when they said there was an almost $20 fee to do it I stopped and was quite bothered!

Erik, please tell me this additional $17+ charge is a mistake so I can get my case and continue my subscription!

All three of the center bar pieces look different? It was said 2 cases would get everything you need, but what's the deal with the three different bar looks? I can't even get 2 cases, but was curious about why there appears to be three different looks not including the end pieces? That would be insane! I hate the idea that I need two cases to get what's displayed to begin with! Please tell me I'm wrong and misguided tonight!

Thanks Vic. I appreciate the response and pic!

My question is why is he blue? Am I missing something here? I thought Pathfinder goblins were green?

I guess the dungeon dressing pieces are OK for those that have none, but most would need many, many crates and barrels. Not a fan of such simple dungeon dressing pieces not being common. Should have made more intricate pieces represented as rare for the dungeon dressing.

A unique drow would be awesome! Drow are a big draw and including one or two in a set would without question garner some interest! I have every drow ever made, but making a few rare drow minis would be a good selling point in my opinion.

I'm always looking for more of the common type creatures such as lizardfolk! That would be awesome. My choice for needed minis would be more svirfneblin and derro. I would love to get some leader type rares of these races, but I know Paizo doesn't like to make small minis rare. I'm fine with it as long as it's great!

Although I love this piece the cost is a little excessive to me for a small terrain piece (but cheaper then what they are going for elsewhere). I'll have to consider it's worth. I have 2 of the braziers from the case so although different, I'm not sure its value to me.

That's a nasty looking dire bat compared to others! I like it. In the end they all look good, but none absolutely WOW me (maybe the half-orc adept).

The Large Cobra is great due to it not only being large, but simply being a great sculpt! Large snakes are needed! The Mouth "gibbering" Horror is very nice. I can use more of this beasty!

The cruel conjurer looks cool, but I certainly don't need more than 1 of these? I'm confused why this was made uncommon. This mini is certainly a 1 needed kind. How many characters are you going to encounter all levitating on the same swirling green energy. Once again looks nice, but no need for multiples. Put it as a rare and maybe add a little something extra to it.

I also love them! It's great to bring in miniatures such as these into the mix. For me anything different is good as I've been collecting minis forever. Although a great new bugbear sculpt is cool, I love these better as I have NONE of these! I always want original, new creatures made.

Love the female dwarf idea as it is something which is seriously lacking in pre-painted minis. However, to be fair it was tough recognizing her as a female! The bug-eyed gnome is fantastic! Very nice.

Awesome that you created some of the dungeon dressing NOT on a base! Great choice! You actually follow what the fan base wants and is in the best interest of the hobby! Really great! WONDERFUL decision! It just makes sense!

I'm a huge fan of the dungeon dressing! In my opinion there is nothing wrong with more than 1 cauldron and in reality hope I do get 2-4! Prior to getting my DwarvenForge I was never a fan of terrain pieces. However, once you go in this direction there is no turning back! 3D terrain, dungeon dressing and awesome miniatures by Paizo makes some real good set-ups! I think it's a great idea for Paizo to try this out. In the end they can decide on whether it works or not!

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