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Saturday, April 29, 2017

This week we're showing off the Court of the Crimson Throne Case Incentive for next month's Crown of Fangs set! Fully stocked with food and dressing, the Court of the Crimson Throne lets you set the scene for a decadent evil court. Starting with your own plate of food and an entire cooked turkey.

And of course, you need a table to put your food on, with chairs for guests to sit.

And pillars with torch sconces for mood lighting.

You should always have your gnome executioner standing by in case someone insults you, whether they meant too or not.

Of course, you need your throne, so that petitioners fully realize your majesty.

There should always be Doctor present, in case you fall ill. In this case Dr. Davalus, a distinguished gentleman and learned healer.

Every court, needs courtesans, that are definitely not Rakshasas.

Finally, while mimicry is considered the highest form of flattery, one could do without unscrupulous characters pretending to be your equal.

Michael Kenway
Director of Licensing

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Sovereign Court

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I'm surprised (though not disappointed) by the decision to combine the courts of Ileosa and Swastel.

I love all of this, with one slight exception.

Using the exact same throne sculpt for both is a teeny bit lazy for a case incentive.

Dark Archive

I really like the idea of combining the courtesans, the throne, and dungeon dressing in a single case incentive. I'm quite eager to see the pieces in person, as the unique nature of this set will likely have more utility than any other specials.

I am psyched!

Dark Archive

This is amazing!

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The thrones have differences. The king's besides being more faded, compared to the queen's vibrant, has tattered cloth. The top piece, I feel their must be a name for this, is bent at an angle. The relief above the head is also different, though that just may be the bending making it look so.

Silver Crusade Contributor

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If I recall, the Emperor's throne is supposed to be a facsimile of the Crimson Throne.

Yep, Kal. It's not the real one just his creation that resembles the original.

Mmm, spoilers. I know the AP is almost 10 years old, but the anniversary edition just came out...

I get that it's supposed to resemble it, but it's way too close for what he'd be able to pull off.

For one, I guarantee the guy has never seen it, being a peasant. But even if he had, it's too accurate for what he'd have on hand.

As for the drape color, sure, but that doesn't change the fact that it's the same sculpt with a couple slight changes, just at the edges.

Regardless, it's of course not a big deal, just seems kinda silly.

Eric "Boxhead" Hindley wrote:
Mmm, spoilers. I know the AP is almost 10 years old, but the anniversary edition just came out...

People worried about AP spoilers generally shouldn't be checking out a thread for minis for the set for that AP. They're gonna have a bad time in general.

Hell there's at least one spoiler in the article itself!

Grand Lodge

Oooooh, do we get a Rakshasa miniature as well??

Silver Crusade Contributor

Varun Creed wrote:
Oooooh, do we get a Rakshasa miniature as well??

If I recall...

Curse of the Crimson Throne:
The Rakshasa (with matching clothing) is in the full set itself. ^_^

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I just subscribed. Looking good. There are so many scenarios with dining encounters and parties. This will work well with them.

with three "rare" minis in the incentive, what will they be replaced with in the case?
More commons or uncommons? Dressing?


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DropBearHunter wrote:
with three "rare" minis in the incentive, what will they be replaced with in the case? More commons or uncommons? Dressing?

I think all case incentives are 'rares' so this won't effect the case count at all, as they are no more part of the base set than the Clockwork Dragon was in the last set. Thanks! Earl

Ah, it's 44 figures + 6 dressing + 1 incentive = 51
so the figures in the incentive should get numbers 45-47 (or 45-49 if sitting queen and emperor get numbered)

Dark Archive

Does anyone have a release date?

I am very excited about this set.

Sovereign Court

Ya know, instead of a turkey on that plate, they should have made it a haunch from a hippogriff.

I will say that I am disappointed that there aren't more chairs for that table and more plates and such. I was expecting a full banquet. Or, better yet, just focus on the throne room and leave out a dining table. There's nothing in the description for the throne room for the castle about a dining table or the like.

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