Pulling Back the Curtain—PaizoCon 2016 Announcements!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Last night's PaizoCon Preview Banquet was an amazing event, full of exciting new reveals and announcements, including the unveiling of Paizo's next roleplaying game project, Starfinder, the next hardcover volumes of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, and where Pathfinders will be headed next in Pathfinder Adventure Path and Pathfinder Society organized play. I cannot stress enough how fun and palpable the excitement is during the Banquet, and how cool it is to see folks react in person. But, if you didn't make it out to the show, read on!

Dark Things in the Deep, and Shadows Around the Corner

While we're a couple weeks out from showing off the thrilling contents of Pathfinder RPG Horror Adventures, rest assured, the forces of darkness and a tenuous grasp of sanity are abound for your game!

We also announced the next *two* Pathfinder Roleplaying Game volumes at one time! Look out for the Pathfinder RPG Villain Codex, full of villainous gangs, demon knights, merry outlaws, sinister cults, new rules for each organization, and tips for using these foes in your own game later this year! And in Spring 2017, you'll have no problem pulling together an encounter on the fly with the Pathfinder RPG Encounter Codex, which will contain encounters from levels 1-20, with more details to come.

Straight on 'Til Morning

James Sutter announced a new chapter for Paizo last night as we head into worlds unknown in the Starfinder Roleplaying Game. You'll want to read his announcement blog for more details about Starfinder, which will release in August 2017.

A Return to Korvosa, and a Journey to Dungeons Yet to be Found

Fans of the classic Curse of the Crimson Throne Adventure Path may recognize a few familiar faces in the lineup below, found in the new Curse of the Crimson Throne Hardcover compilation, releasing this September.

The Strange Aeons Adventure Path launches in just a couple months at Gen Con 2016. In Strange Aeons, heroes will be up against cosmic horrors of the Cthulhu Mythos, new monsters, mind-shattering terrors, and explore far beyond the known lands of Golarion. More information and previews will be available on the Paizo blog as we get closer!

We also announced the Adventure Path that will be following Strange Aeons at the Banquet, and I got some help from star story-teller and Developer Crystal Fraiser to give you an introduction to The Ironfang Invasion:

When the PCs witness their hometown of Phaendar destroyed in the first steps of an all-out war of conquest, they begin a quest that leads them from desperate survival to heroes of legend as they push back against the monstrous Ironfang Legion. This ruthless army—helmed by the hobgoblin General Azaersi and empowered by an ancient artifact known as the Onyx Key—intend to claim both Nirmathas and Molthune while the isolated nations bicker with one another. The heroes' quest will take them deep into the fey-haunted Fangwood Forest, to the craggy bluffs of western Nirmathas, and delve deep into the earth to explore the Darklands. Can a small band of refugees grow into champions and push back against Azaersi's horde, or will the Ironfang Invasion give way to and Ironfang nation?

The Ironfang Invasion calls back to classic adventures, focusing on exploring the unknown and confronting the fantastic, all to stop a monstrous enemy from wiping out the good people of Nirmathas and Molthune. The PCs will delve into dungeons, siege well-guarded keeps, explore the wilderness, and battle some of the most iconic creatures from the 40-year history of fantasy RPGs.

Society Happenings

Organized Play Coordinator Tonya Woldridge proudly announced Season 8 of the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild: The Year of the Stolen Storm. Beginning at Gen Con 2016, Pathfinders of all levels will be able to travel to the Elemental Planes, clash with extraplanar rivals, and harness the raw energies of the Inner Sphere. Joining the Society in this endeavor will be a host of genie-kin as ifrits, oreads, sylphs, and undines become always available for play in the organized play campaign. To help kick off Season 8, the team will also release a complete set of updated Faction Journal Cards. Also look for new Pathfinder Academy—an updated and expanded Kids' Track program for young gamers—debuting at Gen Con!

The Adventure Card Guild's Season of the Runelords is in full swing, including a host of new rewards to distribute at upcoming conventions. Once we've defeated the Runelords, we're launching a new mini-season, Season of the Goblin, that follows the events of the We Be Goblins adventures. The much-anticipated Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Mummy's Mask Base Set hits stores shortly after that, and the team has announced that the Season of the Mummy will be quick to follow. Several new authors are lending their talents to the upcoming Adventure Card Guild scenarios, including Amanda Hamon Kunz, Jason Keeley, Tonya Woldridge, and Linda Zayas-Palmer.

Pathfinder Society agents, stay tuned for a more detailed update from the PFS team about these announcements on Tuesday, June 1st!

Publisher Previews

During the Banquet, Erik unveiled a number of new sculpts for the line of Pathfinder Battles miniatures. However, folks are going to have to sit tight for his preview blog this upcoming Friday for images of the just-announced sculpts from the upcoming Deadly Foes release.

We've still got another day of PaizoCon 2016! Until we meet again!

Chris Lambertz
Community & Digital Content Director

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Steve Geddes wrote:
rknop wrote:
I disagree about Wizard's Mask -- one of my (many) complaints about the novel was that it turned both Molthune and Nirmathas into caricatures that would have fit better in a Gilbert & Sullivan musical, or even a Benny Hill routine, than in Golarion. You can do humor in Golarion without turning the setting into a cardboard-cutout joke fodder. (Cf: the Lair's series.) (And I'm not even sure Wizard's Mask was trying to do it for comedic purposes; the comedy didn't work on me, if it was.) (Wizard's Mask is the only Pathfinder Tales novel that I found outright bad.)
I didn't mean to express a view on the quality (it was one of my least favorite PF Tales books too), but I think that novel is a good source if Samy is looking for more canonical information about that region. I can't think of many other places.

I don't mean to beat a dead horse here, but I would be careful about recommending Wizard's Mask as well. I loved the idea of Nirmathas and Molthune until I read that book, which completely turned me off to the regions and their conflict. It pretty much made both regions--and the people in them--out to be pathetic. I saw no redeemable qualities in the book. I remember being quite sad that it was considered canon for the conflict.

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The fact it's canon is why it's a good source for Samy to learn more about the region. Whether any of us like it or not isn't really relevant (I also didn't particularly like it, but it does provide information on both nations).

I'm not trying to persuade him it's a great region, just providing a source he can go to beyond the ISWG. I suspect he'll be even less enamored with them if he does read Wizard's Mask.

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Oh, dear, I just read the reviews for Wizard's Mask.

Liberty's Edge

Starfinder Superscriber

With luck, that will save you from reading the book. :)

There are so many good books in the Pathfinder Tales series to read instead. Most of them, in fact. My favorite is "Liar's Blade", but I'm very fond of the whole Dave Gross "Varian and Radovan" series, the Chris Jackson "Pirates" series, the two Salim books, and, well, lots of others.

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Zaister wrote:
Oh, dear, I just read the reviews for Wizard's Mask.

I think they're generally fair, unfortunately. It had some things I liked, but not a lot.

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