[ACO] PF2e 01-09 Star-Crossed Voyages (P1)

Game Master Nik B.

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CP: 15
Subtier: 3-4

Hero Points:

Cascading Rapids - 2
Welby Goodbarrel - 1
Nazsnaga - 2
Iustanus - 2
Henri Hart - 1
Pooka Palooka - 2

Symbols > Single Action (◆), Double Action (◆◆), Triple Action (◆◆◆), Free Action (◇), Reaction (↺)

Radiant Oath

Players who earlier expressed interest in playing 01-09 from the Recruitment thread will be given priority. Please confirm your interest here. Those who expressed interest:

Frozen Frost
Khaul Irontoe

Horizon Hunters

I'm also interested =)

Radiant Oath

If there's enough spillover I could potentially open a second table...

Horizon Hunters

I confirm my interest. Will check my characters who can play in this game.

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