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Hi all. Before we start, let me share a bit about my GMing philosophy.

This is a game. It's meant to be fun!:
Games are fun! If they're not, let's address that in the Discussion tab so we can make improvements (or find something else to do)

This is a game. There are rules:
The rules are there to streamline the fun. When everyone agrees to play by the same rules, it's more fun.

Sportsmanship and Respect are key to having fun:
Being treated with respect and courtesy by everyone else at the table helps each participant enjoy themselves.

I'm not perfect:
I'm going to make mistakes. Feel free to respectfully point them out so I can improve/correct as necessary.

Real life comes first. Stuff happens.:
We all have school/jobs/families/responsibilities. If you can, please let us know in the Discussion Tab or PM me if you won't be able to participate as agreed. Having botting instructions on your character sheet in advance can make this much easier to manage.


I will bot you under the following circumstances:

•It's combat, and 24 hours have passed;

•A skill check, map position, or other information is needed from you, and 24 hours have passed since the all for the check, map update, etc., was made;

•You tell me that you will be gone for a few days, and ask me to bot you.
IMPORTANT Please ensure you have supplied botting instructions on your character profile.

I prefer not to bot, but I want the game to keep moving. If I do bot you, it will likely be minimal. I won't use player non-renewable resources except in dire situations or with your permission (most likely, heal charges when absolutely necessary). I may take consensus and/or input from the remaining party when choosing bot actions.

Ground Rules and Logistics
1) I am based in Southeast Asia (UTC +8) so my posting hours may be unusual (especially for those in North America). I usually update at least one or twice per day. Just to keep the game moving, please post at least once every day and at least once during the weekend.

2) Please keep all posts and communication in all channels limited to a PG-13 level and be both positive and inclusive.

3) Please label all three of your actions. Even if you think what you are doing is obvious.

4) If I am unavailable for longer than 24 hours, I will let you know in the Discussion Tab. Out of respect for your fellow players and myself, I ask that you do the same.

5) Please note that on the following days, my posting can get unpredictable:
Tuesday/Thursdays - all day, as they are the 2 busiest days of my work week

6) Please complete the Macros and the Slides linked at the top of the page.

7) Questions, concerns? Feel free to share them in the Discussion tab.

8) Let's have some fun and tell a great story together! After all, that's what we are here for.